April 29, 2012


Sundays are dedicated as "Family day" and "Me-time" and I usually allow nothing to replace them. Like nothing.

Unless its for workshops that were already scheduled. I keep my Sundays open ONLY for family & myself and planning for the new week.

So I had my planning and action plans for next week.
Now I am pampering my feet and my legs with the Satin HANDS Spa set by Mary Kay as they are feeling kinda dry after these days rushing around town or walking for hours.

Also did my Petal Lip spa by Mary Kay.
My lips feel so cushiony soft so kissable!!! ;p

Popping out in a while with family! See ya babes!

~ xoxo, MakeUpByGelainza Beauty Editor Live Your Dream

Unexpected Love

Girls still hate guys to lie.
Honest guys are still the best.
Rainie looks so endearing in here. ;)

~ xoxo, MakeUpByGelainza Beauty Editor Live Your Dream

April 27, 2012

LOTD: Pink Candy (Korean) Look

It's a bed of roses today, all saccharine sweet honey and lovely! ;p

#Makeup Brand of the Day: Smashbox

3 Keys to looking sweet:

1) Choose pale/ light colors in the mix
Colors: Pink, Mint, Baby Blue

2) Add natural false lashes or just keep to mascara. Too thick lashes can look vampish. Not sweet.

3) Practise SMILE, without showing teeth. Remember those days when you wear braces? Ahh that kind of smile.
Very coy & cute.

Last but not least,
The Ultimate Key to sweetness:
Drink some honey for a week you find yourself turning into lollipop candy.


April 18, 2012

Are you from USA?

It's incredibly interesting to note that 62% of my readers are from USA! ;)
Hihi! How are you? The rest comes from Singapore, Japan, Malaysia...
It has become rather consistent over 150- 200 views daily.

So what have you liked reading on my blog?

Share with me if you enjoy reading, via an anonymous or named comment, and I mighta consider writing about it more.

Till later.

~ xoxo, MakeUpByGelainza Beauty Editor Live Your Dream

April 16, 2012

CAN YOU DEFY or STOP AGING? (Japanese Skincare Secrets revealed...)

How to Stay Looking Ageless?? 

When I was 16 years old, I look like a 10 years old.When I was 21 years old, they thought I was still in secondary school.So I dressed up to look a little more mature & professional when I started working. I wanted others to see my mature image.Then when I reached 27, their *eyes pop & jaws drop when I revealed my age. They guessed 16 years old. Almost 10 years lesser than my real age. At 25, I already dropped the silly idea of dressing up to look mature. I mean you can still look professional without donning on "old" looking clothes. I love professional timeless classic pieces mixed with some contemporary style so its refreshing & more memorable!

I graciously, openly & happily accepted the FACT that I was bestowed the GIFT OF YOUTH, petite figure and sweet demure features. Haha!
They say,
"if you have it, FLAUNT it!"
Hence, I am gratified for the gift and want to glorify the gift by sharing with you readers

Gelainza's 7 Ageless Head to Toe Secrets! 

1) Short stylish hair looks younger 
Cut your hair and cut years off! It's true.

Also take into account your height.
If you are short, your hair should also be short to lengthen your frame.
If you are medium height, your hair should also be medium length.
If you are tall, you can take short or long hair.

Get a good hairstylist (my good friend Aaron @Decorum, Cuppage is very good!) who can design a style that suits you. I luve buying "Hairstyles" or Vivi Jap magazines to flip through for stylo ideas!

2) Simple & tailor-made skincare routine 
It has to be simple. Too much hassle or rich products might stress your skin.

Tailor-made refers to using the Right products, be it ladies or gentlemen. Best if you can get a personal skincare consultation to find out your skin type, your skin concerns and the brands suitable for your unique conditions. You can look for ME! ;) Ha! Of course!

3) Fashionista forever
Always stay in trend. But don't copy trends blindly and look like a clown.
Wear classy clothes with a dash of fashion sense.
People always tell me I look very current & stylish, because I'm skinny, most clothes look good on me.

If you meet me often enough, you observe I follow trends that suit me and not everything by the book A-Z.
For instance, leopard prints.It's all the craze and wildly popular. Yet some designs look a tad too cheap. So be careful.

You must also consider your own body shape, height & proportions 1st before coveting any magazine clippings!When in doubt, just add a small element of it and see if you are comfortable with it.

4) Exercise baby
For me, it's yoga & stretching, 30 minutes 3 times a week.
You can choose any kind of activity, even making out with your boyfriend or girlfriend ;p.
Something fun such as dance or cycling.

5) Eat less fatty meats & thick sauce 
Meats are really sometimes too heavy on our system. Eat more fish, seafood & veges darlings! ;)

6) Lip Spa
Lip lines are ugly and make you look 10 years older.
Exfoliate regularly and your boyfriend won't want to let go of you when you are together and think of your baby soft lips at night!
I am using Mary Kay Lip Spa set! (I can get this direct from supplier at SGD 50*)
Ever since i started using, people have been asking me if I did some collagen fillers (cost $1,000). I won't need to! NO amount of lip gloss or lip balm can match this!

7) Hands Spa
Can you ever resist touching baby hands? They are so soft, smooth & tender right? Don't you wish you have baby hands? Unattended hands give away your real age!
Pamper them with Mary Kay Hands Spa set (SGD 75*) and get ready to say good bye to your dead skin & say hello to 10 years younger looking hands. Let them continue guessing... ;p

If you have $75, buy the set which gives you 70 sessions. Each session cost you only $1!
While 1 session of paraffin wax salon treatment already costs you $70!

*If you are interested to get any Mary Kay products, drop me an email or text to order. ;) Its special price stated here. I also provide clear simple instructions on how to use! ;)

Oh yes, I vow to share this video i just watched online.永保青春的美魔女傳奇 (Bimajo in Japanese)

For numerous centuries, Japanese women are known to take really good care of their skin and certainly efforts pay off!

DO YOU KNOW? They take 2 hours, 13 steps to maintaining their skin in tip top condition??
Seriously, there is no UGLY women in this world, only lazy women. Don't complain or dismiss your aging old looking skin. They are screaming for your attention... just 10 mins of your day, is it that DIFFICULT???

Look at this lady below. Her skin looks and feels like 20 yrs old girls.My inspiration to stay young;)水谷雅子 43岁 - The famous No.1 bimajo in Japan
~ xoxo, MakeUp By GelainzaBeauty EditorLive Your Dream

April 13, 2012

Makeup Demystified: Korean Smoky Eyes

Question: How to look sexy with makeup?
Answer: Smoky Eyes

EVERY GIRL, i mean EVERY GIRL wants to learn Smoky Eyes!

Everytime I receive a fashion or bridal makeup request, Smoky Eyes is the Number 1 most asked for look. Now you are crying and groaning. "Smoky eyes is also the Number 1 most difficult look!!!"

Smoky Eyes is ....

The dark sooty black eyeshadow look?
The panda-ish look?
Every attempt brings you close to lots of eyeshadow fallouts but nothing near sexy?

Most girls gave up after 1-2 attempts of smokey eyes. Don't give up!

Here are some examples of my popular versions of SMOKEY EYES!
See! Smokey eyes doesn't really have to be BLACK!
It can be any color - green, blue, purple, gold, brown.

To achieve an effortless gradient smokey eyes, you need 3 colors - Light, Medium & Dark. 

For example: Basic Brown Smoky Eyes


1st Color : We call it the Base color. Usually a nudish beige or pearlised color or even gold.
2nd Color: Mid Tone. Choose a copper brown.
3rd Color: Dark Tone. Choose a midnight navy blue.

To get the smooth blended effect, EYE PRIMER is a MUST!
My current favorite is Mary Kay Eye Primer. Urban Decay works very well too.

Apply the Base color on your eyelids all the way to the browbone.
Apply the Mid Tone from the lashline to your double eyelid line. If you are single-lidded, apply it from the lashline to your imaginary double eyelid line. ;)
Apply the Dark Tone along the lashline.

Gently blend the edges to avoid harsh lines.
The reason its called smoky eyes is because it looks like smoke, blurry and gradient.

Add Black liner & false lashes and Voila! The look is complete! ;)
Smoky eyes must go with false lashes especially since the look is kinda intense.

I also love teaching Smoky Eyes in my workshops! ^_~

~ xoxo, MakeUpByGelainza Beauty Editor Live Your Dream

Skincare Review of the Month: Cetaphil

Those of you who frequent Youtube as daily source of entertainment or inspiration would at least seen this brand running ads BEFORE each video you watch.

Research shows that people would watch the Cetaphil vid the first or second time it appears.

What is it about?

  • For over 60 years, it is the No.1 selling dermatologist recommended brand for itchy, flaky, sensitive dry skin such as eczema, rosacea skin. 
  • It is gentle yet effective
  • Provides intensive moisturisation & long lasting hydration up to 24 hours 

  • Non greasy
  • Paraben & Fragrance free

Review Product: Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion
Review Period: 2 weeks

First use: 
Immediately my sensitive dry skin feels recharged and soothed.
Due to the hot weather & coming in and out of airconditioned rooms, my skin often suffers.
So trying this out was a great experience and now I'm kinda hooked!
It is really what my skin needs now.

After 2 weeks:
It feels so soft and smooth. Reduced redness around the nose is visible improvement what Cetaphil has worked on my skin! Definitely gonna use it with my powerful anti-aging serums. ;)

It's for keeps! My skin tells me it likes it very much and want me to keep using!

It's a MUST TRY if you have sensitive & dry skin.

~ xoxo, MakeUpByGelainza
Beauty Editor
Live Your Dream

April 11, 2012

Beautiful People~

~ xoxo, MakeUpByGelainza Beauty Editor Live Your Dream

Big Bang Alive! 2

Nothing inspires me more than BIG BANG, back with a BIG BANG for sho!
EGO FEELING CM : Yamaha Bike Fantastic Baby on Inkigayo ~ They always succeed in bringing something fresh to the stage no matter how many times they sing the same song! Bad boy on Inkigayo

~ xoxo, MakeUpByGelainza Beauty Editor Live Your Dream


People become more conscious bout themselves (eg. how they look) around good looking people.
For instance, they start to shift themselves when a hot babe walks past.

Either they got reminded or inspired.
And some do nothing about it, totally indifferent.

Those who got reminded of the minimum dress codes. Although Singaporeans are known to be sloppy, many times I'm still heartened to see a growing minority dressing up and look delicious & tasteful. Thanks i know you want to say I belong to this beautiful minority. Join me? ;)

While those who got inspired when you see a good looking girl or guy, that only means somewhere deep inside you knows that you are one of the distinguished pack. Dressing up doesn't take a lot (of money or time or brains) once you learn the tricks & rules about style. After which, you really can't go wrong! Better yet, you can even develop a kind of arrogance people grow to become addicted & want to see more of you. Ask GDragon & TOP. They know best. ;)

Yes funny thing, guys are my role models in styling up! My unique difference is I'm all about mixing soft femininity appeal with androgynous lure. ^_~

If you are clueless or can't be bothered, seriously, where is your brain? Ha! I'm just kidding.

Everyone is born different. Some are born with a silver spoon, some are born with a silver lining while others are born to follow those with the above.

Try flipping a stack of 10 fashion magazines such as vogue, men folio, l'officiel, bazaar, vivi to get some inspiration! ;D
I'm pretty
Sure you will find something and get inspired!

Honestly, answer this question.

Which are you?
Reminded, Inspired or Indifferent?

April 7, 2012

Sweet Romantic Makeup

Happened to chance upon this TV series that day and gotten mesmerisied by these beautiful ladies in 宫—锁心玉.
Especially Qing Chuan (actress Yang Mi) the leading lady in this Chinese drama back in Kangxi days. A kind hearted, pretty & clever girl who accidentally travelled back in time and caught between the love of 2 princes, 8th Prince (Feng Shaofeng) & 4th Prince (Mickey He), also the Kangxi Emperor.

Absolutely adore their Makeup Theme! --> Pink soft natural and eyeliner, very simple, using very natural faux lashes. Overall very subtle sweetness. All the ladies in this drama has the same makeup theme!

;) Enjoy!
 Ep 29 Theme Song 爱的供养 (Yang Mi is singing the female version from 3:52) ~ xoxo, MakeUpByGelainza Beauty Editor Live Your Dream

April 5, 2012

10 Days of My Ultra Hydration Journey - Day 3

Me: "Hello skin!
How are you feeling today?"

Le Skin: "I'm better! You are so sweet!! Feeding me nutrients & water these days when I'm so stressed up dehydrated...now I feel so much softer & plumped up! Thanks for taking good care of me.
I like the new collagen mask u are using today. "

That's what my skin will tell me if it can talk!

On the Day 3 of my Hydration Journey, I am wearing Collagen Infusion Mask from Leaders' Clinic Korea.

Contains: Marine collagen & elastin, Vitamin E - helps rejuvenate skin, improves elasticity & suppleness, restores firmness & smoothes skin texture.
Material: Silk cellulose - fits snugly to my skin & I tried nodding profusely it stayed put. What this means is the delivery of the essence will be much much more efficiently absorbed, hence your money is well spent!

This mask is suitable for daily use, even for sensitive skin & dermatologist tested!

I feel very happy and smiling from ear to ear because my skin feels bouncy supple & well replenished! New collagen inside!! ;p

The design on packaging makes u wanna open it up quick! ;) so cute!


April 3, 2012

10 Days of My Hydration Journey - Day 1 & 2

Been feeling a little dehydrated, more so lately and I wonder why.

Being a Beauty Trainer, this can't happen.

Not allowing it affect my work, I had to take things into my hands, or rather, into my pores.

I decided on a 10 Days Hydration Journey!

The best & fastest way for my skin cells to receive its much- needed h2O, I decided to bank on serums & masks for the next 10 days. Yes consecutively 10 days. It's just like a 10 Days Detox Retreat when you are feeling too stressed.

So here are my 2 masks used since Monday.

Day One: 2 April, Monday
U- care Sheer Radiance Mask
It's a bio- cellulose tissue like mask, adheres so well to my face and almost see through. It claims to deliver the essence better since its so thin!
I notice my skin feels calmer & less redness after that. ;) Happy skin.

Day Two : 3 April, Tuesday
Étude House O2 mask
It's a brightening mask, great for dull tired skin, like giving oxygen shots to the pores, energising them!!! Best used as wake me up masks just before functions or events. It does reduce the amt of foundation I used today. In fact, as much as reduce 30%!

Here's an awesome Tip for masks which many girls still dunno.
-->> You should Use a gentle exfoliation scrub before applying mask. It helps unclog impurities & remove the dead skin cells for more effective & deeper penetration. ;)
Or else, ur mask will be just a useless piece of shit! I mean sheet. ;p


April 1, 2012

Gadget Rave of the Month: ReFa PRO Roller JAPAN

Are you looking to :

  • Improve skin tone & contours
  • Improve skin elasticity
  • Reduce appearance of enlarged pores
  • Stimulate slackened blood circulation
  • Reduce dark circles & fine lines, laugh lines
  • Stimulate collagen production
  • Stimulate lymphatic drainage
  • Age gracefully without a trace of aging
  • and many more

If you answered YES to any or all of the above, YOU MUST READ ON.

Product Review: ReFa Pro
Duration: 2 weeks

• Overall, I especially adore the ergonomic design of ReFa. It gives a good grip even for those who are new to gadgets.


Endorsed by many esteemed aestheticians & doctors, international celebrities, cosmetic dermatologists & top beauty experts!

Who needs this? EVERYONE.
Because everyone wants to age gracefully.
With the stress levels of the corporate race or businessmen & sluggish metabolism of today's population, how to age gracefully without help?? One needs to boost the blood flow and stimulate the muscles before it's too late. Luckily, with ReFa, it means it won't be too late.

• Being instruction-free, you can roll it in any direction or style you desire.

• It is waterproof so there is no danger of electric shock in contact with water. I can bring it into the bathroom to work on areas like the butt since gadget can't work optimumly over clothes.

• Battery Free! Working on solar power is not only ingenious, very convenient and 100% environmentally-friendly. How often we wanted to use something but it ran out of battery, then we had to wait till it's charged?!

• Ultra lightweight and super portable for travel or short getaways.

• It comes with a useful guidebook on how to use ReFa head to toe.

• Can use on ANY part of your body. WHEREVER, WHENEVER. Really, any part you please. ;)

• The product is entirely 100% made & manufactured in Japan! So quality 100% guaranteed!!!

• Comes with 1 year warranty. Given its superior quality of germanium & tourmaline, it should last at least 5-6 years if you take good care of it. Ie. Don't use it as a frisbee.

• Oh, did I mention, its unisex. Anyone who wants a sexy, slim & toned silhouette. C'mon, even grandma wants too.

A The V-shaped design that replicates the procedure the expert aesthetician’s hands deliver at a 131.8o angle.
The aesthetician’s procedure has been successfully replicated. Offering just the right fit, the gentle sucking motion cares for your jaw line, your waist, your feet, and such in a gentle, soothing manner.
A photo

ReFa gives a total salon treatment in one handy device
The instant you roll it lightly over your bare skin, you are already visualizing the new beautiful you and you feel uplifted. The two-pronged rollers glide along your lines of your face and the curves of your body gently suctioning like the pleasant feel of the massage of an aesthetician’s hands. Just a little, over those spots that you want to treat While watching TV, or in the bathroom. When you are most relaxed, anywhere you happen to be, you can enjoy an aesthetician’s treatment. That freedom is just one more aspect of the peace of mind you get from ReFa PRO.

Product Technical information [Source: ReFa Japan site]

Micro-current was first used in the 1980s as a mandatory treatment for stroke victims and other patients suffering from partial paralysis on their face. This treatment has helped to lift droopy, paralysed muscles back into position, improving physical appearance. Since then, micro-current treatment was adapted by medical professionals for use in non-surgical and cosmetic enhancement.

Our human skin has a natural, extremely low electrical bio-current that flows through. 
As we age, our bio-current levels decreases and skin loses its elasticity and shine. ReFa Pro Platinum Electronic Roller acts as a daily micro-current maintenance treatment that compensates for low bio-current levels with age while rejuvenating our skin and reactivating skin cells to youth.

[Targeted areas]
Areas of usage: Face contours, laugh lines, neck & thighs
Time: 10mins at night

Immediate results
- I notice my face looks more V-shaped even though it's already slim.

After 2 weeks
- My face appeared sharper and more V- shaped! I heard that if your face is more chubby, the results are even more obvious & faster!

- My thighs appeared slightly more toned as my skinny jeans feel comfortably fit.
I would recommend those who are already slim to invest in one for figure maintenance.

- Having one at home is as good as having a masseuse at home! Without using much pressure, I can feel tension around neck, shoulders ease away when I use it at night!

My advice:

> Buy this gadget! It's a small investment $490 compared to all those useless slimming products you had bought (>thousands $) and still buying over the counter/online but yet to find a truly effective one!

> What's more, it is not only use on the tummy, thighs, flabby arms or fat cheeks, it CAN be used ANYWHERE on your body, head to toe. Slimmer feet, anyone? ;p

> Not need to charge before use, no electronic waves, guaranteed safe to use, use anytime you want, and is super convenient. Often slimming creams or slimming treatments at the spas are either uncomfortable, hot or sticky, or wrapped up like a mummy. ReFa gives you a very pleasurable time. ;)

> Happily roll the gadget UPWARDS in the direction, towards your heart.
This motion greatly helps for increasing blood circulation & better blood flow, in turns brings many health benefits!

If you DECIDE TO BUY, you can get your ReFA through me (limited period ONLY). 
I can show you my secrets on how I use it to roll away all your unwanted fats & unsightly areas getting you ready for your wedding, your next date with your boyfriend, surprise your husband, or just to fit into that gorgeous dress you saw at the shop window and wish you could wear that too..... NOW YOU CAN DREAM AND MAKE YOUR DREAM COME TRUE! I can give you a free live demo as well!

Definitely more cost-effective than ur slimming sessions or package which can be 10 sessions $2000- $3000 at any decent slimming spas. Which is $200-300 per session. WOW!

If you are using Refa, it only cost you $490 for a lifetime gorgeousness. THAT'S A SMART LADY OR GUY you are!

If reading this long post, you still have queries, which some might, just comment below, dearies. I will help you answer the question. If I can't, I will consult the Japan experts to get you your answer.
You will certainly love it!

I have also found some useful links online for your viewing pleasure.

1) ReFa on How To Use  
For more instructions for body, neck, butt, click on http://www.refausa.com/lesson.html

Facial Line Treatment
Facial ph1
Roll along your jaw line from your chin to your temple. Try using a light nipping motion in this area.
Facial ph2
Change the direction of ReFa PRO and roll from the edge of the mouth on either side to the ear. Try pulling up the skin of you cheeks and around you jaw area.

2) Cozycot's Instructions 
ReFa Pro Platinum Electronic Roller is luxurious beauty device designed to serve total face and body wellness

Face : Starting from your chin, roll device along your jawline to your temple, gliding it down gently when in downwards motion. Roll device in upwards motion for forehead treatment.

Neck : Starting from the nape of the neck, roll device in upwards motion along the clavicle, gliding it down gently when moving in downwards motion.

Waist : With slight pressure, roll device horizontally across your navel. For more defined waist contour, roll device in upwards and downwards motion along the side of your waist.

Underarm & Hip : Roll device in upwards motion along the contours of your arms and hip, gliding it down gently when moving in downwards motion.

Leg : Starting from your ankle, roll device along your calf, up to the nook behind the knee in upwards and downwards motion.
Credits: Refausa.com, Cozycot.com (information texted in blue)


Your No.1 Beauty Guru

PictureBook: The Royal March

17.03.2012 Samedi: Workshop Day
I'm always that Smokey blue-eyed girl you know! Truly loyal to royal blues ~

It was an awesome day when I really feel myself once again... great to be in tune & away from you.

12.03.2012 Lundi: Project Play@My Facial Gym!
Expressions from professional to kawaii to silly to bored.. 
This is how i maintain my youthful look! ;p You all know that I don't go facials at all. I rely on my beauty fingers & flexible facial muscles...Join me if you like! Heh

20.03.2012 In love with my newly rejuvenated hair! Dyed it magenta red wine RED!!! ;) it's dark indoors & noticeably bright outdoors! At my good friend's cosy boudoir salon Decorum, Cuppage Plaza B1-23. He's damn good & patient ;) Quote my name & get a good discount! 

21.03.2012 The Red Code
Hair Advertisement ;p 
My hair still looks sleek shiny after dye

~ xoxo, MakeUpByGelainza Beauty Editor Live Your Dream

PictureBook: March into my Goals (Korean Makeup)

Getting a headstart... making a comeback... working a deadline....

1.3.2012 Korean SNSD look- Taeyeon
Korean Makeup Theme is on my list these days. Even my brush can't resist that soft romantic allure of pinks, purples & soft blues... ;)
2.3.2012 Frosty smokey silver with forest green depths

3.3.2012 Delicate feminine look
Eye colors using blue & purple from M.A.C

5.3.2012 Rainy day
Makeup: Still feeling big bang "blue" ;)

Hair: Playing with flirty feminine clip-on extensions for a change! ^_~

6.3.2012 mardi
I'm singing my blues...

7.3.2012 Mercredi
Charming Utopian roses ~ you are all I need

8.3.2012 Jeudi
Grecian gold & royal blue

Its a glorious cheerful day!

9.3.2012 vendredi
Rich & frothy blue mountain cafe in skinny denims

10.03.2012 International Women's Day @SCCCI Part 1
The high you get when God's gifts are shared...;)

#LOTD: Shoulder-padded black blazer with european lace interiors & lace trims at cuffs, sequined white long blouse & soft leather pants

#Makeup: eyes using hues of ash greys Shiseido colors, lips in NYX matte lip cream

10.03.2012 International Women's Day @SCCCI Part 2 : The Dinner

The amazing talks, the gorgeous makeup, the wonder ladies, the mesmerising dance, the sumptuous seared codfish, the beautiful smiles ;D in one meaningful day!

13.03.2012 Mardi
By now, you can almost sworn I luve violets?!! 

14.03.2012 Mercredi
While waiting... Reminiscing about the charming museums, indulging in golden angels and remembering love...

15.03.2012 Jeudi
So delicious!

#LOTD: baby carrot top, eggy omelette handbag, black caviar shorts

#FOTD: Pan fried salmon fillet, corn cob, juicy tomato

Let your subconscious mind lead you to where you wanna go.
Don't let anyone take ur dreams away.

~ xoxo, MakeUpByGelainza Beauty Editor Live Your Dream