September 16, 2013


A person who has made up her mind walks in a more positive way. You hear conviction and belief in her voice and you see determination in her eyes. She moves with power toward her goal. She has made up her mind, turned on the ignition, and got on her way toward becoming a star. This can be your story. Let nothing deter you. You can do it. ~ Mary Kay Ash ~ xoxo, MakeUpByGelainza Beauty Editor Live Your Dream

August 10, 2013

Reflections : Merely existing

10 Aug Reflections:

No sparks or fireworks. I felt nothing.
Am I settling & existing in normal complacency? 

What's the kind of life in all aspects I dream of? Love, financial, spiritual.
This doesn't seem to be the right path there... 

Something inside me knows its missing.
That sometimes I am pretending its there.
The love I want has to be passionate, wild & consuming! It's not coming from me.

Dreams... The kind of life I want to enjoy. Are my daily actions bringing me there? Or am I getting complacent & lazy? 
Can't have it! No! 
I need to be excited & getting in all sorts of activities & events out there to be seen & heard & play more. But the past year I haven't done much so. 

Gel hasn't been playing much & stretching much. She's staying quite in a comfort zone, not who she is. Where's the risk taker she once was? Where's her big dreams? Where's the earth-shaker & mover she dreams to become before she leaves this world? 
She wants to help millions of people & inspire many more! She needs a great mentor to push her, to encourage her & lifts her. 

She is created in this world to shine, to be proud of whoever she is. 
She wants to change the world.

A little girl with ginormous dreams.

She is unstoppable.

You are my inspiration ;)))

my hair stands on ends when i watched this video... i did nothing but ...something inside me stirs... and i can only smile. Michelle, em are emazing! ~ xoxo, MakeUpByGelainza Beauty Editor Live Your Dream

July 29, 2013

Today's OOTD 29.7.2013

The Cost of Higher Confidence with Smile

Smiledesign will improve the positioning of my teeth & show the top set of my teeth instead of bottom set.
New shorter haircut! ;) Can be styled 3 ways! Leaving office for appointments

In an "off-duty model" OOTD: cotton tee, blazer, leggings

People ask me,
"If there's one thing you would change on ur face, 
What would it be?"

I would reply, "MY TEETH!"

I like my straight small nose.
My eyes i'm fine with it.

For years, I didn't want to do braces it's becos it's ugly
And the process takes 2years.
It would be 2 years of "metal" things on my teeth when I smile.
And I wouldn't want to endure it.

That push factor that makes me reconsider the reconstruction of my
teeth is seein myself on videos & I hated it.

"It's cute!" 
"It's you!"
"Japanese girls all look like that!"

All these replies I used to hear from my ex-boyfriends & friends
When I said I want straighter teeth!

I don't really wanna be cute as I grow older.
Who says it won't be "me" anymore just because I "upgraded" my teeth??
I wanna smile better any angle, so what if I don't look japanese anymore?  

Then there is another group of friends who are more real will tell me,
"Why you still not doing ur teeth?"
"Have you ever thought of doing braces?"
"You should go do braces!"

I really want a better SMILE! & looks great from any angle 
when I talk or speak in front of large audiences.

So I started to brace myself and seriously thinking abt it. 
SO I did some SERIOUS research. It's so expensive! 

My 4 options:
• Invisalign 
• Smiledesign
• Traditional Braces (lowest preference as its a metal smile)

So I went past a dental clinic that day near my house.
Went in & asked abt Invisalign.
Basically its invisible braces over ur teeth and works the same as braces.
Need extraction for most cases.
== Cost $7-8K, 12-mth instalment available & takes 2-2.5yrs.
(Singapore Dental Centre @SGH = $8-10k)

Smiledesign Consultation:
Today I went for my consultation with Dentist@Orchard
(Starhub Centre is where I used to take my ACCA degree)
And once i sat down at the dentist chair, 
I was immobilised for a FULL 30mins sales talk. *shudders

He went on non stop like a broken record 
Oh well I mean very practiced pitch.
He's professional and am sure he's good at what he does.
But just the sales talk like verbal vomit going on 
and on doesn't make my visit felt better or wanna sign up.

He showed me the computer as he felt its time
And case studies proof of people's teeth from crooked to straight
And I actually liked mostly what I saw.  

He says smiledesign its like renovation.
He will do a mock up with the sculpting of a mold.
The original teeth won't be weakened.
Using crowns & porcelain veneers & some gum surgery.
No extraction needed.
Might need to remove 2 nerves for my bottom 2 teeth.
Removing the nerves ==> 1) Blood wont flow to those 2 teeth anymore, 
which means might discolor over the years, but since will be covered in the 
new veneers, so wont be seen by others. 2) I wont feel pain on those 2 teeth anymore.
Today I learnt that teeth are dead things, just like our hair & skin on the surface, called the epidermis.
I know hair is dead and I only knew epidermis is the outermost layer on our skin. 
Didnt know it incld teeth & hair! 

The front will be pushed in & the rest fill up.
The crowns, veneers & inlays will be used to fill in & some shaving of teeth is required.
It wont weaken the teeth according to him.

OOTD 29jul - Blazer, V neck tee & leggings
Pain will be minimal with anaestesia.
Should not be eating hard stuff from them on.
Eg. Crab pincers, nuts & seeds.
Well I'm fine with that! 

He says will improve my smile & makes my lips look nicer.
It will also make my face look slimmer cos currently my jaw muscles are pretty prominent 
and big as compared to my face shape in proportion and he says its due to me 
clenching my jaws while i sleep?! (why i do that?)
Besides that, he says will also make my dark circles & eye bags go away, 
neck no more strain when i wake up. Haha plastic surgery ah?! 
The crowns & veneers will generally last 15-20yrs.

It will take ONLY 2 weeks for my teeth renovation.
== Total cost $8K, 12mth installment available.

Singapore Dental Centre @SGH = Around $3.8- 6.2k depending on individual cases and would take 2 years at least.



Luve my makeup today! 
Look at my smile! I want straighter & perfect teeth although I already look pretty they say.

July 17, 2013

Why G-Dragon is the perfect male K-Pop star (Source: Xin msn)

Just as i was looking for some real inspiration.. I got it. Thanks XinMsn!
Sharing what I read with you here, hope you get inspired too ;)
Dreams do come true for those who are willing to work tirelessly behind the scenes for years and finally able to showcase their talents when their time is due.

I strongly believe that, "PASSION MEETS OPPORTUNITY = LUCK"

  There’s just something about G-Dragon’s androgyny and couldnt-care-less bad boy attitude that appeals in this age of picture-perfect idols branded by pristine images. He speaks his mind and stays true to himself, which are ultimately qualities that will resonate and make him relatable to people from all walks of life. Unpredictable and always full of surprises (just like his ever-changing hair colour), G-Dragon oozes swagger with every move he makes. An artiste with a great affinity for the stage, he takes audiences into his world and keeps them captivated with his presence and charisma – whether he is in his whimsy world surrounded by larger than life butterflies or slouching in his specially-created embellished throne. Not many K-Pop artistes can stand on their own without their group members. In this case, G-Dragon succeeds in doing so even without the presence of his fellow Big Bang “brothers”. How does he do it? With lots of talent, charisma, and help from label mates as guest performers and world-renowned concert producers, Stacy Walker and Travis Payne, who have both worked on the late King of Pop’s This Is It concert. He's fashion forward. Meaning he doesnt follow trends. He sets his own style & trends. Be it men’s or women’s fashion wear, he embraces them all and rocks it with panache. In fact, he is his own. A G-Dragon fashion label, YES! A very strong BRANDING indeed! He makes his own music Beneath his pretty façade and good singing voice, G-Dragon’s boasts of a few impressive talents too: songwriting, composing and producing. He’s been at it since his Big Bang days in 2007 and has come a long way to establish a rock-solid reputation for himself in the Korean music business. On top of composing his own 'uniquely G-Dragon' songs and for his label mates, G-Dragon also wrote and rapped on the soundtrack for Mugler’s Fall 2013 runway collection. PS: He has also been working on an upcoming music album despite being on the road and urged fans to keep a lookout for it this August during the concert. Now, is there anything this guy is not capable of? So sexyyy.... Substance over style. Luve it! When asked, "how successful do you think you are now and how far you want to go?" He replied, “I think I’m on the right track, but I’d always want more and more [accomplishments]. I don’t know how much further I can go, but I’m always working hard. I will continue to make music I prefer. I know this may be selfish of me, but I hope everyone will still like me and support me. ” said G-Dragon. “I just hope the public takes to what I like,” added the ever-cool chap. He stays true to his “One Of A Kind” personality. He definitely has good taste, we reckon, for his work has been nothing short of fantastic and award-winning. This guy has a clear idea of where he is heading to. Speaking on his ideal collaboration partners, the singer-songwriter maintained that “it is not about the big names”. “To work together, we need to have common goals and direction,” he explained. And what we really adore about G-Dragon, is his warm and grateful personality in real life despite the “aloof feeling” that he gives off.

 ~ xoxo, MakeUpByGelainza Beauty Editor Live Your Dream

July 9, 2013


and i heard "Johnny Depp"!

Shall I do a makeup video of Park Bom or Minzy? ;)

~ xoxo, MakeUpByGelainzaBeauty EditorLive Your Dream

Makeup Demystified: 2NE1 CL Makeup in "The Baddest Female" MV

Screams The Female G-Dragon Version!
I see so many images of GD in her, and oh well, WHO isnt in luve with that guy?
Smart guys are just soooo sexyyyy huh...

Currently the hottest, the Coolest Female Singer in today's music industry title undoubtedly GOES TO Chae Lin (better known as "CL"), leader & rapper for 2NE1, the alternative Kpop girl group who is fashion-forward, individualistic daring fashion tastes & styles since their 1st debut & have stayed true to their styles. Awesome JY marketing there!

Aren't we just sick of a whole bunch of tooooo saccharine sweet girls who are just pretty to look at with almost zero substance? You know what i mean.
At times, it's nice. After a while, it doesn't last.

Still prefer the COOL STYLO girl with LOADS of 'couldnt care less' attitude than the sweet fresh-faced girl anytime! 

Makeup in korean MVs always set the trends- fashion & MAKEUP!
Luve watching the new music vidz for inspirations & transform into them! 

CL's styling in the "The Baddest Female" video is all "GIZIBED Gold" glittery glitzy glam! Think LOUD. Think GOLD.

Whereas the makeup is kept kinda clean & chic. 


Flawless smooth face. Perfect.

To achieve this, a good base or primer is a MUST. I cannot stress how important primers are. Not using primers are just like a building without a good foundation - will collapse anytime. Primers give an awesome smooth blending result such that foundation goes on effortlessly & lesser amount will be needed. It also help protect skin from the direct contact with the makeup, hence prevent skin from aging. I can talk for hours about Primers. People all know I am "Queen of Primers"! Haha

#Recommendation List: 
1) Mary Kay Foundation Primer SPF 15 -> Available through email
2) Lancome UV Base SPF 50 -> Available at Lancome counters or Sephora stores
3) Make Up For Ever Primer HD Primer (only for special occasions) -> Available at Sephora


High winged cat eyes, using jet black liquid eyeliner
Lower eyelid winged out, using pencil eyeliner to create a fish-tail effect, I like to call it "Fin-Eyes". 

This effect makes the eyes look 2X BIGGER & WIDER, without the heavy eyeshadow dosage. 

Try it! It gets kinda addictive actually. ;p

In my version below, I didn't extend the cat eyes too high up as I am going for meetings. If on weekends, I would be BOLDER to go more curved in the Cat Eyes! *wink

#Recommendation List: 
1) Rose des Versailles Liquid Eyeliner (made in Japan) -> Available at Guardians
2) Lancome UV Base SPF 50 -> Available at Lancome counters or Sephora stores
3) Make Up For Ever Primer HD Primer (only for special occasions) -> Available at Sephora


She wore little blush, almost non-existent. Could see a faint peach blush on her apples of the cheeks.
Bronzer is key in this makeup, to make her looking more American-ised glowy makeup. 
No matter how the Koreans deny their attempts to look like Americans, they are indulgently influenced by the vibrant happening LA culture.
Who isn't, since fashion is majorly dictated there? 

To get chiseled right away (even if you have a bloated face), Suck in your cheeks, sweep bronzer up & under your cheekbones to sculpt!

#Recommendation List: 
1) Mary Kay Sheer Pressed Mineral Powder in Bronze -> Available through email
2) Urban Decay Toasted Bronzer -> Available at Sephora stores
3) Make Up For Ever Primer Sculpting Duo -> Available at Sephora stores


In the palest lightest softest pink ever.
If you have naturally darker lips, use a concealer or foundation and dab a little to lighten lip color.
Apply a light petal pink gloss to top & bottom lips. DO NOT purse ur lips together. Leave them looking glossy & juicy.

#Recommendation List: 
1) Mary Kay Limited Edition Nourishine Lip Gloss in 'Celebrate' -> Available through email
2) Givenchy Gloss Interdit Ultra Shiny Color Plumping in "Impertinent Nude" -> Available at Givenchy stores
3) Make Up For Ever Super Lip Gloss in 'Rosewood' -> Available at Sephora stores

Unveiling now...

"So this is for all my bad girls around the world. Not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good you know. So light it up and let it burn like we don't care. Let them know how it feels damn good to be bad...."

My very own version of this Super Wearable Sexy Makeup Look! Everyone who saw me that day or saw my Instagram post told me they totally dig it & literally beg for classes to be opened to teach them hands-on!! Oooo....
Wore it to meetings with brands and clients and now I have clinched another deal for the alternative classes!
God, keep me playing with makeup!

Close-up on the eyes (yes naturally i have freckles on my cheeks)

The Lips are so juicy I know...;)


July 6, 2013

How Smooth Can You Go?

Relaxing to the smoothness of these....

life's good!
Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody

Sada - Still in Love with You Carmen Cuesta - You Still Dont Know Me Oooo... how classics made us reminisce about the ol' times ;))) Missing...

~ xoxo, MakeUpByGelainza Beauty Editor Live Your Dream

July 4, 2013

Product Review: Etude House NEW Organic "I'm blooming" cleansers

Am very excited about PINK stuff!

Always enthused about testing out & researching new items in the market! So much so that sometimes even if it mean staying up late to compile information about beauty products, I would gladly chuck my pillow aside and do it forgetting the time. 

Hence really looking forward to Korea's famous brand, Etude House's range of cleansers under "I'm Blooming" collection. 
Yes all baby pink bottles! 👶

The 3 bottles are 100% Tested Organic & Natural.

From left to right: Moisture Cleansing Foam, Brightening Wash-off Gel & Clear Cleansing Water.


What it is:
This lotion like formula bubbles up to create a moderate white lather.

What it does:
Gently removes impurities & trapped dirt in pores & gives hydration at the same time. This lotion like formula bubbles up to create a moderate white lather.

How it works:
Dispense a 50-cent sized of the formula and cleanse face in circular motions. Wash off thoroughly. 

My Experience:
Although it looks & feels like a lotion, but the texture after cleansing would be more ideal for those with combination to oily skin types as it helps remove excess oil sebum & dirt in enlarged pores.
I am more of a normal dry skin type, so ain't really what I am looking for. 


What it is:
This transparent gel has the similar texture of the well known "Ginvera exfoliator"/ Exfoliating Gel. Contains jasmine & rose extracts for brightening results.

What it does:
Effectively removes dead skin cells & smoothen skin surface.

How it works:
Dispense a 50-cent sized of the formula and exfoliate damp face in small circular motions to work the dead skin off, especially nose sides. Wash off thoroughly. 

My Experience:
It looks rather mild & soft. Yet with the exfoliating "fibre-like" particles in the gel when massaging, the result is my skin reveals a brighter smoother skin texture after about 3 mins of massage.
I quite like the resulting smoother skin texture. ;)


What it is:
This colorless clear water is a highly effective makeup remover, even the most stubborn waterproof makeup comes off quickly.
It is also a non-rinse formula. 

What it does:
Effectively removes all traces of makeup without tugging or rubbing.

How it works:
Pour cleansing water onto a cotton pad. Sweep across the makeup outwards from chin upwards to remove makeup. For eyes area, press gently on eye makeup to allow for dissolving. 

My Experience:
Effective at removing the last trace of makeup without the oiliness. 
Also easily removes my waterproof mascara as I wear that everyday.
Definitely my favorite out of the 3!!!

Etude House is known for their girlish packaging and I am obsessed with pretty packaging too! Which girl doesn't?! 
My top fave product is "Cleansing water" because it is super convenient & really effective, oil free and easy to use.

Moisture Cleansing Foam -> Suitable for very busy people who want to look well-groomed. Skin type = Combination/ Oily
Brightening Wash -off Gel -> Can enhance uneven skin tone with this gel in the morning and oily/combi skin. Skin type = Various
Clear Cleansing Water -> Great for fuss-free makeup removal. Great for those with adventurous thrills ahead! 

Choose the texture you prefer! ;)

xoxo, Gelainza

May 3, 2013

USAIN BOLT: Feeling The Fastest Man in the World

LUCKY? 'Cos I never give up.
GIFTED? 'Cos I never take shortcuts.

Inspired by his words...

What a legend Usain Bolt is.
Athletes always succeed in pushing my limits. ;)

The mistaken assumption used to be that Bolt simply needed to turn up, mug for the camera with some dance-hall steppin', and then run and win, before reaching for his arrow-shooting victory pose. "What can I do?" he says. "You can only do your work and let people believe what they want. I work my hardest because I know what it takes to be a champion. I know what I want and I'm focused on what I need to do to win."

after enduring unfamiliar adversity, he has become mentally stronger. "Yeah, definitely. It gets annoying but, after a while, you get used to people making their own comments and just judging you. But I'm always positive. I know what I want. I know what I am capable of. But it makes you stronger when you have to work so hard to get better and you have to go through all these trials. So I don't stress. I just focus on what is necessary."

"it's always good to lose. It wakes you up." (The fastest man in the world also has his darkest moments.

Was Bolt shocked to suffer successive defeats to Blake? "You can't say it's a shock. For me, it's good to have your eyes opened wide. To have ups and downs so you can really evaluate what you did wrong or what you need to do to get back where you need to be. It was extremely good it happened at the trials so I could refocus.

"My hunger is always there," Bolt says coolly. "Things happen throughout the season that throw you off sometimes but you have to learn from your mistakes. I just need to put things in place to make sure it doesn't happen at the Olympics. I just try and get over it and get my confidence up to a level where I'm comfortable at the Games."
Bolt was not physically at his best, and struggling with a tight hamstring, but he refuses to excuse his successive losses in Jamaica. Great sprinters, after all, require great rivals to lend gravitas to their legacy. 
"I've definitely worked hard for these Olympics," Bolt says. "Really hard. You have to put a lot behind you and it's all about sacrifice. You must sacrifice a lot."

~ xoxo, MakeUpByGelainza
Beauty Editor
Live Your Dream