July 31, 2012

BEAUTY SALES!!! Brands to expect: Fresh, Boscia, Soap & Glory, Velds, Bliss, Urban Decay, etc

Hey dearies,

as you all know I have bought too many products, more than I can even finish, so decided to sell those I bought as extra stocks at irresistible discounted prices here!
Mostly only one piece left!

Brands: Urban Decay, velds, boscia, soapandglory, Fresh, For Beloved One, Strivectin

They are in good condition, just like you walk in Sephora stores to buy them tomorrow.

If you are concerned with serious stretch marks after pregnancy without going for surgery, the stretch mark cream is one of the dermatologists' highly recommended solution (with 8% niacin & peptide) to reduce serious stretch marks in 2-8weeks clinically proven! With time, the results keep improving. 
Use twice daily massage on skin. Recommended for expectant moms to use after pregnancy & new moms. 
Paraben free, non comedogenic 

For more info, http://www.strivectin.com/sd.html/

Price: S$85 (RP S$125) save $40!!! - One piece only

Product: Velds AGE KILLER
If you have been plagued by the wrinkles & furrows on ur face & haven't got a big budget for Botox or injections or fillers (ie $6000 per shot which lasts ard 6months) aka cosmetic surgery, pls consider this. 

It is made with ferox, a superior concentrate that delivers an "electricshock" to ur skin cells, awakening youthfulness in 28days. 
Product made in Paris labs. 

Price: S$98 (RP S$150) - One piece only

Boscia Purifying cleansing gel
Formulated For combi/oily skin who often gets clogged pores, blackheads & breakouts. 
Helps purify the pores daily as cleanser. Product from Japan. 

Price: S$22 (RP S$35) - One piece only

Product: Urban Decay Ammo Palette
Top 10 best selling palettes of Urban decay, known for their highly pigmented colors.
Comprises of 10 best selling shades in 1 palette! 
Switch from a sophisticated office lady to a demure romantic girlfriend to a Sexy Smokey eye party babe in a flash! ^_~

Price: S$50 (RP S$63) 20% off! - one piece only!!!

Product: Caudalie Vinosource Quenching sorbet cream created specially for those super dehydrated skin to replenish water & soothe instantly!
Made of pure superior grape extracts from Paris. 

Price: S$40 (RP: S$65) - One piece only

Product: Soap & Glory Catch a Wrinkle in Time day moisturizer 
The oldest soap & glory fan, 80 years old grandmother uses this and she looks more like 60years old. Incredible time-stopper! 

Price: S$20 (RP S$28) -One piece only

Product: For Beloved One brand is well known in Taiwan along the A-list celebrities for their masks! You can dance to lady gaga songs & the masks will still adhere to skin (like a boss!) 

FBO Melasleep Whitening BB cream (Taiwan's best selling BB cream that whitens & brightens skin as it gives good coverage)

Price: S$40 (RP S$50) - One piece only

Are you one who likes fuss free, soap free, fragrance free skincare routine? 

Product: Fresh soy face cleanser is extra gentle & washes off all impurities & makeup & also perfect for sensitive skin! 

For more info, http://www.fresh.com/skincare/cleanser/soy-face-cleanser-150ml

Price: S$15 (RP S$23) - One piece only

Product: Velds Pure Pulp Facial Replumper Dense Gel

Lacking of elasticity, water & suppleness, Pure Pulp has incredible hydrating & soothing properties for irritated skin, dehydration, sunburn & breakouts. 
Results: Skin looks replumped from within & soothed. 
Product made in Paris labs.

Price: S$100 (RP: S$140) - One piece only

Item: Urban Decay Vegan Palette
Sale Price: $43 (UP $63)
What: 6 huge Highly pigmented, creamy & great blendability shadows
Who: Suitable for daily office looks & smokey eye looks


Money saved is money earned! ;)

~ xoxo, MakeUpByGelainza Beauty Editor Live Your Dream

July 21, 2012

Getting married?? Are you married?

Yes I do get this question so often.
Never did it bug me much (even if everyone around me still puzzled with my singledom) since career is more important.

Until recently I decided to set a long term goal that I will set aside time & set priorities for my love life. That I will get married in 2 years time.
At the end of the day, I do want someone to hug, to take care of me & love me with all his heart and me doing the same for him too. It has to be the right man.

Have i got someone special in mind?
Have anyone captured my heart yet?

2 years means u need to be attached now!

Not necessarily. For me, to know well & become comfortable with someone is quite fast.
Once I'm comfortable, I open up my heart easily.
If you haven't get through that stage, there is a barrier you need to first break. Might be a challenge for most guys. (my gfs yesterday say in the mouse-cheese race, you need to at least let the mouse take a snif at the cheese to know if the cheese is worth the chase! & I apparently don't even give them the chance to come near, let alone sniff!) There u go, i luve honest feedback!

One guy friend of mine told me that day over coffee while we were talking abt each other's love lives, that I give people the impression I am either "happily taken" or a signal to guys "dont bother come near"! He said I am a super confident, smart & attractive woman who has most guys' dream girl attributes but I'm like high up on the heavenly altar & won't let anyone come close! I didn't realise that! So how exactly did I do that?? Share with me?

Its a whole different story once we are a couple. I can only say, my affections are 200% worth persisting for. ;p seriously. I'm both passionate about my career & the love of my life.

I somehow have a penchance for men in sales/ business becos somehow people with same selling skills just clicked! I believe mindsets & values are important in building a strong relationship.

I strongly feel that women shouldn't be bound by biological clock. I'm in no rush to get attached & be pressured into one. I believe the right person would show up in time, according to God's plans. He will show me the way. And it will all feel just right.


Makeup Demystified: Harajuku Japanese Makeup @Haraju-Cute Corner (All cult brands unite at Guardians SG)

Going out for dinner ;p

The top cult brands from Japan are finally HERE!

As we all know, Japanese are renowned for their superior unprecedented quality & perfectionist attitude since history.
We see Japanese products as hallmarks of quality & workmanship.

Same goes to cosmetics.

They make the best waterproof eyeliners, mascaras, eyeshadows & super kawaii packaging!

I luve the Japanese - makeup, food, beauty
so no doubt when I see Japanese makeup, my first instinct is squeal with ecstasy!

Go check out Guardians now!

CULT JAP BRANDS you can expect :

Brigitte, Diamond Beauty, Heat Jewel, Harajucute corner, Guardian, Bonavoce, Avance, Bandai Rose de Versailles, AB Beauty Mezical fibre and more!!!

Brigitte cheek blush (white rose hot stamped on - so pretty right?!!!)
Manga drawing of me drawn by a Japanese manga artist, Maruko-chan
At the Media Event as invited speaker & makeup artist performing magic at 30mins makeup demo cum PR event. All dressed in cream lace dress with pearls & more pearls ;) There is a chameleon in me - versatile to change into whatever image I want anytime. So having me is just like having 10 different girls in one hahahaha LOL

 I was honored to be invited to be the Speaker & Makeup Artist for their PR event at Paragon, 
Brigitte faux lashes - very good quality
Diamond beauty cream cheek, cream shadow, romantic eyeshadow palette
The drawing ;) Look like me???
Brigitte Romantic Prologue Cheek color - Peach & Pink
The Japanese Gyaru Makeup Look using the amazing eyeliners *luve!!!
Super extended cat eyes are the Japanese Girls' fave! Jet black liners are a MUST! ;)

Lightened my brows like the Japanese do - using the Eyebrow concealer by Diamond Beauty
Cant live without playing different looks with my eyes ;p

Have you heard of AB Mezical fibre? Endorsed by Kevin Teacher from Taiwan, this is hot seller in Japan for 43 weeks and now its in Singapore! ;)

Quick go check out the gorgeous stuff at Haraju-cute corners in more than 30 Guardians nationwide.
I know Clementi & Paragon have!



July 17, 2012

Manly Makeovers, anyone?

Image Transformations are great, aren't they? People, whether female or male, would look good once they get"fitted" in the right clothes. Men who care about their dressing will attract alot of confident women, really gone are the days when spending more time on dressing up means you are gay. Metrosexuals are just so sexyyy... at least to me! haha I just love guys being vain. Talk to me about fashion, I'm all keyed in! ;)

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

This video shares Summer Trends 2012 for Men! WHITE is refreshingly in!

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

~ xoxo, MakeUpByGelainza Beauty Editor Live Your Dream

July 15, 2012

Attended Miss Singapore International 2012 Pageant Finals & Charity Dinner last night as an invited guest with my team!

About to announce the awards
The Beauty Queen 2012 is born!
The Sponsors
Before it starts
Held at Raffles Town Club

The event ends 1230am! overrun... 
Wonderful turnout & performance ;)

Miss elegance- shine koh 
Miss crowning glory- Florence lim 
Miss body beautiful - christina Ng
Miss personality - Christina Ng 
Miss popularity - leong ying mae 
Miss photogenic- leong ying mae

4th runner up: vanessa lim 
3rd runner up: peggy koh 
2nd runner up: shine Koh 
1st runner up: Christina

And Miss Singapore International 2012 goes to Leong Ying Mae! 
My fave ;) I guessed the right winner!
But didnt win the lucky draw.

July 7, 2012

Makeup Demystified: Korean Nude Makeup

Question: How to look sexy with "no makeup"?
Answer: Korean Natural/ Nude Eyes

It's the IT trend now. "No Makeup Makeup" Look that's seen on every magazine cover in Japan, Korea, USA, Hongkong and even Singapore! Just look at every guy's fantasy girl is any girl in Girls Generation. They all look demure & sweet.

Yet to achieve that "flawless" look, you need makeup to achieve. Naked eyes cant see, but expert eyes can tell you if the celebrity uses makeup to enhance her features!

Everytime I receive a fashion or bridal makeup request, it used to be Smokey Eyes. Now its "Nude Eyes" being the Number 1 most asked for look. Now you are crying and groaning. "Nude eyes is also the Number 1 most difficult look!!!"

Nude Eyes is ....

The "nothing on" eyes?
The clean look?
Every attempt you tried just makes your eyes look spaced out but nothing near sexy?

Most girls gave up after 1-2 attempts of nude eyes. Don't give up!

Here are some examples of my popular versions of NUDE EYES!
See! Nude eyes doesn't really have to be BLANK!
It can be so fuss free!

To achieve an effortless Nude eyes, all you need 3 items - Eye Primer, 1 Nude Brown Eyeshadow & Black Eyeliner.



To get the smooth blended effect, EYE PRIMER is a MUST! Primer keeps the lids clean and brighter looking.
Colors last longer for more than 8 hours.
My current favorite is Mary Kay Eye Primer. Urban Decay works very well too.

Apply the nude brown shadow all over the eyelid.

Using eyeliner to define eyes are the quickest method.

Add Black liner & false lashes and Voila! The look is complete! ;)
Nude eyes must go with natural false lashes.

I also love teaching Korean Nude Eyes in my workshops! ^_~

Complete the lips with natural pink gloss & cheeks with princess pink blush!

~ xoxo, MakeUpByGelainza Beauty Editor Live Your Dream

July 6, 2012

The Body Shop x Lily Cole Limited Edition Makeup Collection 2012

Have you always wanted to play with makeup like in your childhood days?

Once upon a time...

When Little G is growing up, she often sees her mommy putting on "strange" powders & "weird" sticks and voila her mommy looks interesting! She also observes this even stranger change.
As if black magic happens, after her mommy does this beauty ritual everytime she goes out, her mommy radiates with happiness, smiles more and looks at her adoringly. When she asks for a toy she wants, mommy will either buy for her or tell her nicely that she will buy another time. She especially loves mommy like this.
So she waits patiently for these moments. She also associates these moments with happiness and treasures them.  
Hence that beautiful image stays stuck on her mind ever since. 

As she grows up, slowly becoming a teenager, turning adult, she starts to develop a natural instinct to reach out for makeup. Subconsciously, she knows it makes her happy & radiant too. 

And she too reaches out for some makeup... and more she receives & been blessed with ^_~
The beautiful tale begins.....

Body Shop X Lily Cole Makeup

Body Shop X Lily Cole Makeup

The Body Shop X Lily Cole Makeup is born from a true collaboration of similar interests.
Lily Cole, a young English Top SuperModel & Actress who has one of those iconic faces appeared on Vogue magazines, Tiffany ads & everywhere else. She walks for many top names such as Alexander McQueen, Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Moschino, Prada, etc and holds a cosmetics contract endorsement with Rimmel London. 
Due to her passion in fair trade & sustainable business, she only works on projects she believes in.

This cute collection is 100% Cruelty Free makeup! No animals are harmed in the making of these cuties!

My Honest Professional Review:

Radiance Primer

Primers are my top secret weapons (by now, everyone who know me knows I preach it like a broken record!) to any flawless & poreless complexion on any model or celebrity's face I have the chance to apply makeup on!
As you know, most people have enlarged pores and they are so tired of concealing them with powder that didn't seem to help. Their pores get clogged easily and their makeup don't ever last.

MY Solution: USE A PRIMER. (sandpaper or blotting paper or touching up foundation)
Apply it before foundation after sunscreen.
Say bye bye to oiliness & smudging!

Body Shop X Lily Cole Makeup - Pearl Radiance Primer
This mousse like texture is kinda strange to me (least favorite of all). But the effect is quite nice. You see a slightly brighter complexion with little specks of radiance. Use only a little as the mousse like texture can take a while to blend!

  • Brighter skin
  • Smoother skin texture

Lip & Cheek Dome

Most people would look at this dome and find it intimidating!
Body Shop X Lily Cole Makeup - Lip & Cheek Dome
Apply after your foundation is done by dabbing and then blend with fingers. Yes it won't smear or destroy your makeup. Fast & easy!
I like how the color cutely glides on smoothly over my cheeks!

  • Glides smoothly
  • Easy to blend
Body Shop X Lily Cole Makeup - Lip & Cheek Dome

Puff on Radiance

Body Shop X Lily Cole Makeup - Puff on Radiance
I especially LUVE this the most! The reason : It smells so nice!!! Reminds me of the toys from childhood days. And the little balls inside are so fun. I keep dropping one or two and giggles about it. Trust me, makeup becomes like playtime.

  • Smells like candy floss
  • Fun to use!
  • Makes me happy
  • Pretty glow

Body Shop X Lily Cole Makeup - Puff poof away!
I like to use it after the lip & cheek dome to set the cheek/blusher!

Shimmer Cubes Palette

This is the first time I tried eyeshadows in such a packaging! Can anyone tell me if there is any other palettes like these???
Each eyeshadow is stored individually in a cube and all 4 cubes are put into a box together!
Body Shop X Lily Cole Makeup - Shimmer Cubes Palette (Eyes)
How to use?
Just pick the color you like and open the lid of cube, and using your fingers or brush, apply the colors on!

Body Shop X Lily Cole Makeup - Profile Picture with The Final Look

I luve the new way of applying eyeshadows for a change!
What you need to know: Highly pigmented colors & smoooth to blend, low fallout possibility, cruelty free
4 Colors : Beautiful pearl shimmer, lilac frost shimmer, bronze shimmer & plum shimmer.

Downside: Not advisable for travel. Concern with it messing up my travel pouch!
  • Highly pigmented colors
  • Interestingly cute packaging
  • Smooth to blend

Liquid Purple Eyeliner

My top favorite from the collection is this fine tipped liner that gives a pretty purplish line I think its so sexy!
Easy to draw & last all day! No smudging or fading throughout 8 hours.
  • Easy to draw
  • Firm tip
  • No smudge / fade
  • Last all day 8 hours

Hi Shine Lip Treatment
Body Shop X Lily Cole Makeup - Hi Shine Lip Treatment

These cute yummy smelling lippies are so sweet!!!
4 Colors : Nude, Rose, Purple...
High shine & glossy, yet not sticky. It feels very comfortable!
Your boyfriend/hubby will luve it too ^_~
Use it over your own lipstick to boost radiance and enhance pout factor
or just on its own.

  • Non sticky lip gloss
  • Treatment + gloss = Great!
  • Smells yummy too!


At first glance, you may think it is for little girls' playAfter trying these out with an open positive mind, you will realise these items are just so much fun to play with! 
The childhood scents, the pretty cute lightweight packaging, the pigmented smooth quality of makeup, and the beautiful results you can see... CAN really get you addicted to it! 

My Top 3 Favorites: 

  1. Liquid Purple Eyeliner
  2. Puff on Radiance 
  3. Hi Shine Lip Treatment in Purple


These products are happily sponsored by Cozycot, Singapore's Number 1 Women's online beauty forum and marketplace. I have been raving about them to my friends and been using the products everyday since.

So, which are your Favorites?


The final Look!
P.S. One of the posts I posted so many of my faces! Haha if you look at my face now, you can still see I am in utter glee like a little child given her toys! ;) I just luve playing with makeup!

Gelainza Kong is also one of the "Most Inspiring Women" recently nominated by Cozycot 2012.

She left a comfortable high flying finance career for her ultimate passion in life, Beauty. 

Who she wants to be known as:
A Makeover Champion: To inspire, enrich lives & make millions of beautiful faces

~ xoxo, MakeUpByGelainza
Beauty Editor
Live Your Dream