March 28, 2012

Maximize your me-time

The clock ticks 12 midnight and I have just came back from a meeting and an evening workshop.
As soon as i got home, i completed cleansing my face & applying 5 Step Skincare Regimen (my secret beauty routine which I will ONLY share in my skincare /makeup workshops!)

Then I went on to pamper my feet by doing the foot spa set from softener to scrub to balm. (Another beauty secret of mine I share with my students in skincare classes! If u wanna attend my classes, send an enquiry email to

Then applied lash & brow growth serum which I am trying out these 2weeks!

And that's NOT all!!!

Rolling along my face contours, laugh lines, thighs & arms with ReFa Pro as I check & reply my emails and plan the next day's work!

Being a woman is not easy.
Staying a beautiful woman is even more challenging in this fast paced lifestyle.
Yet nothing is impossible as long as you want it badly.

I always tell people around me.
"There is no ugly women, only lazy women who take beauty for granted or not wanted."- Gelainza

I will never allow myself to look disheveled even if the world crumbles & the sky falls, I will strive to look as composed, slim & immaculate and this is my lifetime personal standard I set for myself. No less.

Perhaps Japanese blood runs in my veins... I heard Japanese women never leave home without makeup as bare-faced deemed to be disrespectful of people you meet, even if its just outside your house. On average, they spend 1.5 - 2hours on their 13-step rigorous skincare routine. READ: ROUTINE. Many women I know are often too lazy to even wash off their makeup when they got home, or slap on some basic moisturiser! They are really taking their youth or beauty for granted!? Well, soon they will REGRET. But girls, why YOU want to leave it till there's no turning back and you turn to BOTOX!? You scream when the cream I recommended cost $50... by the time you realise the lines on your face, when you are not so lazy to stare yourself in the mirror, you need $5,000 for the BOTOX procedure, my friend.

Becos you are my friend, I tell you this.
Beauty loves or leaves you depending on how badly you want it.

i've seen average women become stunning and charming once they choose to love and take more care about their face & body.
And also seen beautiful women wasted their god-given beauty for the exchange of laziness.


March 22, 2012

Photoshoot with Seventeen Magazine

Makeup by Gelainza
Model: Blenda/ AVE

Using colors from Coastal Scents, Make Up For Ever & Urban Decay

The RED Warrior

Heh yesterday a whole bottle of MAGENTA PAINT & RED WINE drenched my head And now my hair is cheerfully RED!!! Perhaps part of the grooming decorums to sport red hair...or so I declare. ;p Rejuvenating! My hair even looks lusciously shiny sleek & healthier than it already was!

Hair by Aaron Ng, Decorum
Absolutely luve his cosy boudoir salon (B1-23 Cuppage Plaza). He's damn good, patiently detailed & funny! Imagine coloring your tresses while relieving your stresses. Say you are my friend he might give you discount haha ^_~

~ xoxo, MakeUpByGelainzaBeauty EditorLive Your Dream

March 19, 2012

The Ultimate Entertainment

BIGBANG - Intro + Blue + Bad Boy + Ain't No Fun + Fantastic Baby What can I say? *totally awed ~ xoxo, MakeUpByGelainza Beauty Editor Live Your Dream

"How to ERASE years off your face" workshop and Late Night Friday Shopping



Click on the link TGIF: Fuchsia Lane's Beauty Workshop and find the details all you NEED to know about this not-to-be-missed ultimate beauty workshop!

Collaborating with my good friend, Vivienne, the talented young designer behind the seams of beautiful Fuchsia Lane chinoiserie detailing. Check out her late night shopping spree too! Its too good to be missed girls! I am her makeup artist from her 1st collection till Pearl of Orient (except Portrait of a lady). ;) My great pleasure to work with her!

Do you start to realise the fine lines & deep wrinkles around your eyes, lips when you smile?
Are you experiencing sensitive skin?
Do you feel that your skin is uncomfortably tight after cleansing?

You will find out WHY at our TGIF: Fuchsia Lane's Beauty Workshop!

Miss this chance and you WILL miss out on all the invaluable priceless anti-aging secrets that I am gonna generously dish out, bare all about ANTI-aging and how NOT to look older than your age! Better yet, how to look 10 years younger than your actual age!!! Many of my friends I saw them age... and its scary. But only people who are close to me are not. Because I share with them my secrets and continue to inspire, influence and install in them/students the best of the best beauty secrets you would pay $10,000 & up to hear about it!

Workshop fee is only $68. What good does a $100 dress you bought make when you can't even look young & pretty in it?

Come learn about beauty because you only have one face this lifetime you are going to live every second with it... learn how you can love it more ...
Do you know?
An online survey proves that when a gorgeous lady walks in the room, our eyes immediately fixate on her face, rather than the expensive dress she is wearing. So spend more time & money on your face, girls! Its worth it! ;) Purchase your ticket to beauty now! TGIF: Fuchsia Lane's Beauty Workshop


~ xoxo, MakeUpByGelainza Beauty Editor Live Your Dream

March 13, 2012

Why is G-Dragon so HOT???

Taking a 2mins break from work to rejuvenate my energy by listening to none other than Big Bang's latest album "Alive"!

Why is G-Dragon so HOT???

Watch this video and you realise it.

Totally rogue-ish arrogant attitude in that devil-may-care nonchalance is what turns me on.

Not to say I like bad boys.
Totally not.

I just like the way he is so confident about himself that he doesn't care if you like him anot. He still continue his groove, so contagious so passionate you wonder what's going on in his head, this super duper creative guy! Yet he is only 22yrs old.

The leader of Big Bang, and the main composer of music & lyrics for most of Big bang top hits. Isn't he talented??? Forget about the controversy he created and his "delinquent" ways of handling things, I still render him the BEST.
And because of him, big bang is always No.1.

Some may say Super Junior boys are the No.1. But I chose to differ, as many of you would too! ;)

Enjoy & rock along!
inspires me to pick up hip hop next mth!!!

March 12, 2012

Thank YOU

SCCCI IWD "Voices of Women Leaders"
Heart filled with gratitude is the best feeling anyone can have while jealousy, sour feelings or envy are not.
So I wanna thank you for your generous & gracious love & support for me.

This very fact that you're even reading my blog already proves you still do care.
And because of that, I somehow felt it and want to do more.

I am blessed to have people around me who are always helping me silently, openly & graciously. I've meet so many sweet & amazing people who help without asking for any returns. That's why I will always love you all!

Sharing the good news with you! 

I am extremely humbled when I received nomination for "2012 Most Inspiring Women" organised by Cozycot, one of the most influential online beauty & lifestyle forum!!! Thanks for your (you know who you are!) recognition. One of the greatest GIFTS I've received from sharing God's gifts.

If your heart or mind says
YES I have inspired YOU in any way, in any part of your life - My contagious passion, actions, courage, my works, conversations, sharings, advice, laughter, jokes, ideas, chance meetings, friendships...Feel free to go to this Cozycot IWD website link to vote for me. No obligations though ;p Thanks in advance! 

Many of my dearest friends knew the life story of this feisty little lady who always has that fire.
Famously left a cushy high paying respectable finance career in Big Four after 6-7years to pursue my life passion in beauty. Always defying the norms to push the boundaries. Disillusioned & tired from the maddening rat race, kinda like life RESET to start something totally new. The lure of a more enriching life was the main push factor for that courageous plunge! Committing 101% myself to my core objective, both mentally, physically, financially and spiritually to achieve what I want in the shortest period of time. As i look back now, I am happy to just go for it! I may not have met you if I didn't. So perhaps you wanna thank God too? ;p 

Was at SCCCI Networking forum yesterday having an enriching day enriching the lives of others. Its great to give ;) and my pleasure to meet with so many amazing ladies!

Luve, Gelainza ;)

March 8, 2012

It's my LIFE! Its now or never!

In celebration of International Women's Day today, I would like to share something invaluable with you. YOU who come back here daily if not regularly to read my blog. Thanks because I know you care. Care for what I am doing right now in my life. Care enough to read although may not find a good enough reason to catch up with me in person ...yet I still wish you can receive inspiration from here as many people can.

Have you done your life review? Your life audit? A lot of things you used to think about yourself, your past, your mistakes, your achievements, your accomplishments, your relationships, your life right now... are these thinkings yours? Or are they what others want you to be? Notions people put on you in the past?
It reminds me of what my mentor once told me, "If you don't plan your life, someone else will plan it for you. And it may not be God's plan."
Jane Fonda at TedTalks is speaking about Rebirth.
"Today, people are living longer... 35years longer than our grandparents. It's like we gain an extra adult life. Yet, are we living life fullest?"

So readers, when do we start living? Must it be when we face death? As what Steve Jobs famously say? Live your life, live your dream.

Stop kidding yourself that you are happy with the money you are earning.
Stop kidding yourself that as long as the ricebowl is filled, you are contented already.
YOU Of all people, know it best, when the lights go out, you are facing no one but yourself.
Ask yourself this, are you in truth, contented with the life you currently live right now? The relationship you are in, the job you are having, the life you are living..

Routine is very tempting, because it is comfortable. Most people stayed at their jobs, because its difficult and uncomfortable to make changes if not abrupt. Afraid of the economy, afraid of the turbulences, afraid of steppingout, they rather continue dissatisfied at status quo.
Dreams are very tempting too, because it is exhilarating. Yet to get to that, there are some risks to take, leaps to jump, and new territories to conquer.
Notice that Routine is about the past & current? You are using your brain to look back.
And Dreams are about the future? Your heart wants to look forward.

You probably want to review your life now, no matter where you are now, how old you already are, who you are, or think you are, re-look at your life closely. Are you fitting in, blending in, becoming a subject of others' lives, not knowing who you are?
Fighting the mold others want us to fit in for their ideals is not an easy feat, but a truly fulfilling battle for yourself.
Fighting the mold others want us to fit in for their own purposes is not selfish, but its because you know nothing about yourself.
Not until you see it for yourself, who you are, the authentic you you have hidden, you wont be able to enjoy life and worry less.

Is there something you always wanted to do? But still fearing the unknown?
Today may be the day you step out and walk bravely.

~ xoxo, MakeUpByGelainza
Beauty Editor
Live Your Dream

March 7, 2012

Fantastic baby bad boy alive

This is what I call "PHENOMENAL"! I clicked on the "Play" button and then my jaw dropped... held open for the entire 4 minutes...and mouth dry, licking my lips and continue watching in awe. Hats off thumbs up hands down... BIG BANG IS SIMPLY DA BEST!

 1) They POSSESS Super Groooovee! Cant help but groove whenever I hear their songs. Hip hop & R&B influences rox!

2) Their styling always surpassed the others. Original. Some may say INSANE. OUTRAGEOUS. I LOVE IT: ENTERTAINING IN PURE BOLDNESS

3) G Dragon pens lyrics & composes music for almost all the songs! What more can I say? He's the BEST!!! The kind of nonchalent arrogant attitude just so seexxxxyyy....

 ~ xoxo, MakeUpByGelainza Beauty Editor Live Your Dream

March 2, 2012

De-Art Thou?

Do you feel this way?

I do.
Quite often in fact.

Especially when I really in love with the eyeshadow colors I wear that day, I would be so reluctant to take it off! I would wanna meet you, meet her, meet him and meet everyone before I come home... and when I reach home, I would stare in the mirror for a long time before i FINALLY remove it.


I heard you.

Heh I was just kidding. About the last part. 

But the rest is true. I feel kinda "upset" when I had to wipe the beautiful blended colors off at the end of the day. Be it on myself or on my models...
I feel that sometimes makeup is so short term art. 
The beauty makeup has is that you wont have to regret once you tried it, cos you can easily remove it if you dont like it.
The advantage is also the disadvantage.
Because it is not permanent.
That is also why I feel the urge to take pictures for keepsake & journaling.

I really love painting. Waving the brushes around weaving magic has got to be heaven's gift to me. Thanks.
"It makes me a very very happy girl, and I am thrilled to be making a living from doing what I love. I am truly blessed. Thank you all for allowing me to touch your lives, through your faces."~ Gelainza

~ xoxo, MakeUpByGelainza Beauty Editor Live Your Dream

March 1, 2012

5 Minutes with Gelainza

People have been asking me about me, my life after Sephora, my passion, my dream, what I see myself going, in the next few years.... and mostly, describe myself.

So I rounded up the questions here they usually ask.


So you are INTERESTED. ^_~
Pretty plainly extremely so... if not you won't even be on my blog anyway! ;p

In that case, here's an invite to bring your eyes across the sentence to the right and then to the left now.


Haha ok!

YOU: What’s your passion?
GK: Since young, I have a very very strong passion for VANITY! I started wearing lipstick & cheek blush as a little girl visiting relatives during CNY at age of 7-8. Love rummaging through my auntie's (who was working in the hotel line) cosmetics pouch and find stuff to play. My first brands YSL & Bourjois, were from her. And started using foundation when I was 14. Gosh I was THAT VAIN!
I remembered I just wanted to play & paint. Fave subject has always been Art, getting my fingers dirty...with paint! And then toyed with a Maybelline eyeliner at 15. Guess that little girl in me always wanted to look like a DOLL.
Remember those days after exams but still needed go back to school, everyone would bring their toys to school? The girls would bring barbie dolls and polly pockets. 

YOU: Wow! That was so interesting! Do you still play with dolls?
GK: Haha now I create dolls. Transforming a simple face to a magical doll-like face with makeup give me the THRILL. Nothing beats this satisfaction! Make magic using all my heart and love for people. The process of creation is just soooo indulging. I just see myself doing this for a long time. Better yet I get paid doing what I LOVE. ;) 

YOU: Now let’s hear the easy stuff. What do you do to relax?
GK: When I’m not working, I usually head out to Orchard to browse, to get inspiration, to simply feast my eyes on beautiful things, to touch them - clothes, MAKEUP (I go totally delirious when I see makeup!) & anything that catches my eye. I am like a little girl in a candy store when I walk into boutiques that have my favorite things. Other than shopping, love chillout over tea & frapps for afternoons or meeting like-minded people. Enjoys chatting with people, listening to people's stories and sharing things we like in common together. Love people-watching immensely too. On the streets. They inspire me for either because they are stylish or stylo!) or damn Singaporeans! (Ok, kidding!)

At home, sipping a hot cup of rose tea and paint shoes, paint my face, paint the face charts, play with my makeup swatching and musing over looks I can create. There are simply so many things to do. I love strolling in the parks and picnics too. Love the zoo and science centre, museums... ;p I love yoga too. That's like a lot of things I love...

YOU: Yoga? No wonder you look so slim.
GK: Yeah I love it. Kinda my body wants it. Wakes up and naturally goes into the flow to stretch. My mum used to say I stretch like a cat, rising from her nap. Btw not many people know this, I am also a certified yoga master ;)

YOU: Oh wow! You are a tiny package of all sorts! What else do we not know about you?
GK: Haha just love learning new things. It keeps me feeling alive! I was formerly / formally trained in accountancy, auditing, financials before making the insane career switch from earning a good income to starting from scratch, a counter girl at beauty brands. All my close friends told me I am outta my mind. But if I didnt do that, i wont be living a fruitful life as I am right now, meeting awesome creative people who inspire me and having lots of laughter, fun and ideas! I love my life now. Not that I hated it when i was in finance, but then again, that have toughened me up alot and starting from ground zero totally humbled me too. I am quite blessed to have advanced in a new industry considerably on the fastest lane to success & recognition. Yet all these came because I was prepared. And eager to learn. I am a girl 24/7 on beauty stuff & fashion. You can say I am breathing beauty & fashion 24/7. nothing less. 

YOU: I’m sure all the guys would like to know if this gorgeous babe is currently already taken or available.
GK: Yes I am. Single now. But not in a hurry to find love. Unless I meet someone who is serious and feels right. 

YOU: So your ideal guy would be...?
GK: Someone who is confident & driven. Doing something he loves & pursuing his dream. I think a guy is most attractive when he is serious at work and working intently on his goals. 

Men who are honest and with integrity and a sense of humour. I love a good laugh. They always say my laugh is super infectious! And he must be 100% faithful & takes good care of me. Ultimately, I dont go by the list. I go with my instincts. I am quite visual too. 
Is it really that rare to find in Singapore? They always say, these guys are already married or never exist. Tell me! Are they really all married & only in the dreams?

YOU: Do you think most guys get intimidated by your strong qualities?
GK: Yeah I get that very often. My girlfriends always tell me that most guys like those soft spoken girls, girls who are simple and not so high achievers. And I always get mistaken as already taken. So often guys also won't even dare to date me. But that's not true. Guys still ask, cos they are just guys.

Fortunately I am very good-humoured and amiable. I make friends easily. People who don't know me well, sometimes might think I look sweet. But I am very firm and always have my voice on my beliefs. 

YOU: Would you ever pursue a guy?
GK: It's the new age era perhaps. Don't be deceived by my modernista appearance, I am still quite traditional at heart when it comes to dating. 

~ xoxo, MakeUpByGelainza Beauty Editor Live Your Dream