July 6, 2016

Mary Kay Singapore's 1st ESSD!

ESSD Success Story ( website featured story)


Because of a lipstick, I walked into Mary Kay world. 

Overworked & lost, I resigned from Ernst & Young Audit Supervisor job to follow my dreams. I joined Sephora as their Chief Trainer travelling to Paris & Asia Pacific for 4 years. Much a workaholic with no life, I went freelance as a professional makeup artist. Entrepreneurship was lonely with competitors & no mentors. I chanced upon Mary Kay through a popular beauty magazine & attended my mentor's fun skincare class. I fell in love with its unique go-give culture & started conducting my own small classes after MK trainings! In 8 months, I debuted as a sales director, picking up leadership skills & earning free trips including Dallas, Hongkong, Hangzhou. Duplicating Mary Kay simple system, I helped Mary Kay produce 5 wonderful sales directors (they achieved it with their vision & commitment!) & even earned Mary Kay Singapore's 1st Pink Office in town & Singapore's 1st director to achieve Top Director's Trip to dream destination Budapest Hungary with my amazing unit leaders' performance! Today I also became Singapore's 1st Independent Executive Senior Sales Director, enjoying an increasing 5-figure monthly income. Time & Financial freedom used to be delusive & I'm now living my dream. Yet, the biggest paycheck is the paycheck from the heart. When a beauty consultant sends me her updates of how she shared the dreams, helped another woman look beautiful, when a customer excitedly texts me to share her skin improvements & happiness, that's true satisfaction money cannot buy. I live for that! 

My life motto: Dream BIG & GIVE more!


~ Love, Gel

July 4, 2016

What's a Beauty Career with Dreams?

🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻I'm recruiting part/full time beauty consultants (housewives, mommies, office ladies, lady bosses, HR personnel all welcome! 🏆FREE Trainings step by step all provided! 
✌🏻️I will groom U into my next sales directors! Are u next?
*P.S. 2016 is half gone! Stop pushing back ur beautiful future. 

👠Unhappy with ur current job? Do u feel u deserve more pay & bonus at work?
👠Do u desire a higher quality of life? 
👠Have u ever pondered on starting ur own business? 
✈💜I always wanted more free me-time, more 👫👨👩👧👦family time, more travel, unlimited income potential $20k above, more relaxed environment filled with laughter & love in my work place. 

🚦If u like me, was at crossroads, disillusioned at ur life, lost for directions, low in savings, crave time & financial freedom & true happiness at ur work, PM me for ☕️🍷coffee/tea! Lets make things happen! 💥💥💥💥

July 2, 2016


你打工往往是 --> 薪水不够、工作压力高、人际关系复杂双面、没有发挥潜能的机会。再多给你十年,结果还是如此。
我改变的勇气来自于内心期待~ 过着美好豪华的未来⛴🏠🏡🏌
我用一年从0经验的化妆师成为Sephora Paris 的亚洲主培训师,离开Sephora University,用了8个月当上MARY KAY督导2013,开始有美丽,有生活,有快乐的玫琳凯事业!今天,我在全Mary Kay Singapore最高的职位 ~ 执行业务督导 (Executive Senior Sales Director), 团队最大规模的 #QueenofEaglesFamily 



👸🏻👸🏻👸🏻女王的人生有你主宰! 今天开始!
Join my exploding #QueenofEaglesFamily!!! We all welcome U! (真的写了正个早上!)