October 19, 2015

I started on my Invisalign Journey to Perfect Smile!

"I have My Chanel Bag in My Mouth!"

Growing up, I always wished I had perfect straight teeth like my sister! But everyone would compliment that my 😁teeth gave me that cute Jap face! 
I love to smile & they always say my smile can light up the darkest places. 

Until watching THE global makeup video I 📷filmed on E! Entertainment for Sephora, i made up my mind! And so my #Invisalign journey began~ 

No, I didn't choose Invisalign because it's MORE expensive (cost: $8-10k) than traditional braces. Over that Chanel bag. 
I didn't choose #veneers cos that's too shortcut! 

{Traditional braces vs Invisalign}
I easily chose Invisalign for 3 main reasons:
1) Avoid ulcers
2) Image: Look less like an adolescent
3) Won't get veggies stuck in between

1 year on, as compared to traditional braces, #Invisalign is a tad slower. Instead of metal on the teeth, I have 12 little resin attachments to my teeth. 
During mealtimes, I must remove my "aligners" (retainers alike) before I can eat. Initially it was such a disruptive new thing in my snack-loving life. Optimum wear 22 hours but I still scrape through daily with 18hours! Now I'm so used to it, part of me. 

👑👸🏻Beauty Bonus: My face became slimmer O! Haha
And yes 1 more year to go! 
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  1. How much it cost dear if u dont mind sharing. ThankQ..

  2. How much it cost dear if u dont mind sharing. ThankQ..

  3. Hi dearies, it cost $7k for me. I had it done in Singapore west coast. ;)