July 26, 2015

Bangkok Travel Diary

Bangkok here i come!!!

Love Bangkok for the cheap everything hahahaha ;p

Bangkok had always been an awesome getaway for Singaporeans cos of its low priced everything & 2.5hours flight away! 

Spent 3 full days in Bangkok to 

10 foods you must eat at Bangkok:

1. Annette Ice cream sticks just outside Platinum Mall! 

2. Ice Manias at Union Mall 
I chose the green tea rum raisin chocolate chips chocolate sauce combo! 
Minus the choco chips, everything is perfect! 

3. Mango Tango @Siam Square Soi 3
We had a full dinner after Ban Khum Mae & headed over for this refreshing heaven! 
It's packed with people although it's quite late already. 

Cool ambience I love it! 

4. Hello Kitty Sanrio Cafe @Siam Square One
Waffles & ice creams! Plus everything pink! 

5. After You Cafe 
(Siam Square One) 
The hottest coolest hangout place seen here really popular for couples, friends & family & u gotta go early to queue! 
But it's not too long a wait. 
The Shibuya honey toast with ur chosen toppings are well worth the wait! 

Crispy on outside soft moist inside.
And the servings are very generous with 2 scoops of ice cream. Great for two to share! 

6. Crabmeat wonton noodles
(At a roadside stall, at Thong Lo station outside Soi 38) 
Bangkok is famous with its roadside stalls & this crabmeat wonton Mee is my first! It is surprising easy to love with the fresh crabmeat & egg! The noodles portion is very small. Suggest to eat this for high tea snack time! 

This one we found just by walking the streets outside Union Mall & was served by this Thai Chinese family who are really hospitable & friendly. Generous portions of 6 wontons, lean pieces of char siew & again the noodles are soft & can be finished in 1 mouthful if ur mouth is big! Haha 

7. Ban Khun Mae
(At Siam Square Soi 3)

It's a huge restaurant & a lot of Singaporeans know this I guess. Cos we met many inside. 

The prices are very affordable & that HUGE fish is only S$14.65 (360baht) & I had so much happy moments savoring the whole of it to the last bits of bones, not sparing even the cheek flesh my fave! 

And the other fave is the fried mushroom! Oh my god! I could eat this everyday!!! 

Gotta try! 

We had the chef recommendation chicken satay too. It's kinda too much for me cos my tummy filled with fish. 
But the flesh is tender & char grilled to just nice. 
Don't like the sauteed kangkong (spinach they call it) as the plate is mainly stalks rather than leaves. 

8. Fried rice with Juicy Shrimps
(Centara watergate hotel plaza top level) 

I like my fried rice kinda moist & soft & this is just right! 
Cleared the whole plate, what do u think?
Plus there was Kpop dance practice by the school girls as side entertainment ;) 

9. Lee Cafe
(Suvarnabhumi Airport)
This is a restaurant of over 30years & served international food from western to Thai to Chinese. 
Couldn't resist the Tom yum goong lobster & it's soo worth it!! For its price S$14, definitely more than thumbs up! 
The lobsters are huge & the soup I'm missing it now! Not too spicy & we finished till the last drop! 

And I finally had my Phad Thai & this is the first time with Crabmeat!!! Oh my god! This is just heaven! I polished the plate yet again! 

10. Fresh Coconut 
What's Bangkok without coconut & Phad Thai? 
And it's the scorching heat u wanna combat with this coconut! 

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