June 12, 2014

Japan ITOH Collagen Drink Review

Collagen is like diamonds.
Every girl loves it! 

As a girl reaches 22 years of age, the dermatologist shares that the skin collagen levels drop drastically. 

Our skin starts losing the bounce, firmness & suppleness that collagen gives. We start losing beauty...day by day.
Hence many girls frantically buy up the collagen drinks & supplements in the store. Are u one of them? Do you wish for beauty from within?

When it comes to supplements, whether it's beauty or health, I am lazy except for my daily vitamin C tablets cos it's yummy & chewable! Either it has to be tasteless or it has to taste like fruit, then I will continue to take it regularly to see any results! 

When I saw that the ITOH 100% Pure collagen (NEW PRETTIER PACKAGING!^^) is in powder formula, I can't wait to try it! 

PLUS, its also HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by my favorite TAIWAN beauty variety show

"女人我最大" Kevin teacher!

Approved by FAO & WHO - hence safe to consume! 

Based on the 12-week clinical studies conducted in Japan & France, it has shown to:

  • Increase skin moisture level
  • Reduce fine lines & wrinkles
  • Improve skin suppleness, smoothness & radiance
  • Strengthen joints
  • Promote muscle flexibility
  • Healthier hair & nails

BONUS: Promotion! 
"Each pink box comes with a contest form with GRAND PRIZE to win A PAIR of return trip to THE BEAUTIFUL OSAKA JAPAN worth more than $2000! "

Each box comes with 21 sachets. 
Weight: 2000mg 

• Made in Japan 
• Main ingredient: Collagen peptide
• Health supplement 
• It's colorless & tasteless! 
• 0% fat, calorie, sugar, oil, coloring or preservative 
• It can be added to anything. Yes I mean ANYTHING! 
• Can mix with hot or cold beverages, soups, coffee, tea, milk, juices, drinks, salads, anything!  (But don't cook it to keep its benefits!) 
• 100% Fuss-free! 
• PLUS super loaded with dissolvable collagen 

So the first day I added 1 pink sachet into my homemade oatmeal porridge and started stirring. It really dissolved quickly! ^_^ due to its low-molecular particles.

And I ate in a slurp! Yummy! 

>> Recommended to drink 3 sachets daily. Can be taken before or after meals. Best time is before sleeptime! ;) 

Trying to pose like the model on the box! 

So I added to literally everything I drink or eat with my meals! It's super convenient right?? All u need to do is to bring ur sachets out! When u order a drink from anywhere, simply add it to any juices, drinks hot or cold you want & it won't change the original taste of it! I love adding it to my Yakult at night when I had too late a supper or dinner! 

The thought of smoother, firmer & more supple skin looking skin makes me sleep so much better at night! Of cos you still need to do your skincare! 

My preference is to add it to healthy natural food such as yakult, oatmeal, juices, tea to retain its health benefits. ;) 

Here's my face after 7 days of drinking up the whole box! 7 days is still too early to see any obvious results. But I like the idea that I have been loading up on collagen everyday! My goal is to drink till I look like a baby! 😝

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