March 22, 2014

Cozycot X Freshkon Review

This is something that has become part of my life now.
So much so that without thinking about it, it's a necessity.
What am I talking about?

YES its my beloved FreshKon cosmetic contact lenses!

I have been wearing it for 15 years (OMGGGG I just used my calculator to calculate!)! And none of the other brands gave me such total comfort & colors like FRESHKON! The ONLY BRAND I TRUST MY EYES IN IS FRESHKON!

I have always been a vain girl and vanity is my middle name! So very early, I have started wearing contact lens since I was in college days. Then my first job I started wearing FreshKon Colors Fusion lens, I still remembered FreshKon Colors Fusion in Misty Grey is always my favorite! All the guys say they can't help but gaze into my eyes... yet they are afraid because my eyes look seductive they lose their senses! LOL ;p

Becoming a true blue FreshKon Official Ambassador & Makeup Artist seems to be the MOST NATURAL THING! I had the pleasure & honour to work with FreshKon lens for an event while working at Sephora as their Trainer. The FreshKon Team is a breeze to work with! After that, I also did a photoshoot lookbook for them & their magazine/ newsletter! It is my pleasure to be their Official Ambassador. The Oculus team people are such an honour to work with. I love my FreshKons.
I have tried so many other brands such as Acuvue, Maxi Eyes, Geo Lens... yet nothing like FreshKon for a refreshing pair of eyes! Lol ;)
I always boast to my friends that my lenses are so comfortable and last throughout the day till past midnight!

MY EVERYDAY ROUTINE includes reaching out for FreshKon Alluring Eyes 1-Day Lens everytime I go out. There are 3 colors - Mystical Black, Winsome Brown, Magnetic Grey &....and my #1 favourite is "Mystical Black"! They also have a more subtle black shade which is only available in the monthly modality.

A lot of people wear the lens too black or too big, making their eyes look spaced out instead of attractive. I like FreshKon lenses as it feels as though you didn't wear anything but your eyes are beautifully enhanced!
Especially on days when I worked late into the nights and wake up with tired droopy eyes, I am very blessed to have FreshKon to brighten & perk up my otherwise tired eyes!

Black is also my go-to color because it matches any of my eye makeup I wear - be it colors or style I am dressed in. For meetings - I wear Mystical Black for its professionalism.
For conducting classes, I wear Mystical Black for its endearing personality & instant confidence. For weekends, I chose Winsome Brown for its subtle simple beauty! For fashionista days, I choose "Magnetic Grey"!

Now let us just allow the pictures do the talking!
Here are some photos of me wearing FreshKon Alluring Eyes on different occasions & meetings.



Just last thursday I was in Bali for a conference & training event, I took my FreshKon lens with me!
A few times I was traumatised when my solution got confiscated at the customs checking my handcarry on short vacations! The thought of no lens to wear for the next day or how to contain my lens at night!?
And those times when i was going to an island or resort where shops are scarce and perhaps 1-2hours away... can be quite mood-spoilers!

So I am super THRILLED when FreshKon launches its cosmetic lens available in black, grey & brown in the "DAILY LENS" version: "1-Day" Alluring Eyes!
How convenient never to worry that my solution will exceed 100ml in my handcarry & get confiscated! Here are some gorgeous photos from Laguna Beach Resort & Spa in Nusa Dua Bali where everyone there so warm & friendly just like the weather! ;) I felt like a celebrity whenever they greet me every metre of the resort! ^_~ Thumbs up for that awesome first-class service in a five star resort. Laguna resorts are owned by Starwood Hotels Group, who brings you St Regis Hotel too, one of my top favorite hotels!

ENJOY THE PHOTOS. They are taken with iPhone 4S with no filter and flash.
Just its natural beauty.

Stay Fresh & Happy always,