February 7, 2014

Charged Life

If you are going to die the next instant, 3 Questions ask yourself:
1) Did I live? Did I live fully?
2) Did I love? Who is going to miss me? Who will I miss? Did I hold back?
3) Did I matter? Did I change the world or change something?
If you dont like the answers to these questions, you need to rethink about ur life.

Most people are afraid of public speaking. It isn't about me anymore. Its in service its in mission.
How do I show up everyday?
Energy, Engagement & Enthusiasm

Are there bad moments? Everyone has bad moments. Its about Perspective. We have the power of choice to decide the meaning you give to it.
Who do I want to live with tomorrow? Do I want to live with the guy who didnt fight for their dreams, who didnt direct their own destiny, who didnt decide how they are going to feel in life & march towards that?
Or do I want to live with that guy who says u know what, I'm going to charge up my life, i want to live better quality of life & I am going to take more actions. ~ xoxo, MakeUpByGelainza Beauty Editor Live Your Dream