January 12, 2014

One Life. Live it!

Hi everyone!

Its been a while since i blogged about life as I am busy living my life!

As with the current fast pace, I have been micro-blogging about life through Facebook & Instagram with short posts & pictures of daily life, I hardly use this blog.

On reflection.
After watching this above clip, brought me to think about my own life. And also about those whom I love. I always want the best for you. I love to see that I have positively, drammatically influenced your life to stretch your potential I saw buried within yearning to come out and i have always this urge to draw it out. Love it when you set challenges for yourself & achieve it, one after another!

It still amazes me much whenever I watch movies. They are produced by people with dreams & visions and influence many to see what they saw. With no absolute guarantee what will the box office results be UNTIL the movie finally open, they are willing to invest up front all the costs they will incur to achieve the special effects & surreal visual experience.

Watched Hercules last night and I really love the show!!! The half God, Hercules thought he is mere mortal all his life. He was ostracised by his own Dad (or whom he thought is) & brother since the day he was born. Nonetheless, he dares to love & be himself, & believe in others. Until one day, his princess love is about to be snatched away from him. He was all fired up! He wanted to save his love. His father even wanted to banish him to Eypt and sent massive armed troops to have him dea, removed him as a threat.
HOWEVER, His will to survive & get back what belongs to him is his only MAJOR reason he stays alive. He fights with all he has. One day, his mum told him he is Son of God & is sent by God to reign the world. He didnt believe her.
Until he was told yet again by the mysterious lady. He was told that until he accepts the truth that he is son of Zeus and his powess will be set free & that he is as strong as he believes he is.
The day he saw his people die in front of him tore him apart inside so much he knew he had to.
Looking up to the sky, he accepts who he is.
And he draws strength from his source.
And he won & protect his people.

It still amazes me how CHOICES we made in our life, due to the people who crossed our paths, the dreams we have about our lives, CAN CHANGE OUR LIVES TOTALLY. Your dream can be ur reality. Why not go all out & have all the fun living ur dream? Why cant it be a reality in this one life you have? We only have one reality. Why not make it everything you want it to be? Why not create your own fate? It's all up to you. The big screen? The Top Charts? The proud achievements? How about now visualise what is your ideal one life? What will you be doing? Who will you be with? What kind of life are you living?
Make sure you CHOOSE to live the one you want.

As i reflected back the choices i made, i realised a human mind can be infinitely strong.
Once we are clear about what we want,
once we decide to do something for ourselves or for others, there is no one to stop you but you. I am 100% responsible for all the things happening in my life and everything happens for a reason.
To lead me to my life purpose. To Serve Others. To Make a Difference. To be valuable to the society. To inspire others to be who they want to be. To lead by example. To fulfil my dreams, first in the mind, then in reality. Bit by bit, with courage, determination & strong will, we get there.
To discover what you love.... and then do it with all your mind, body, heart & soul.

Love you all,
xoxo, GEL

~ xoxo, MakeUpByGelainza Beauty Editor Live Your Dream