September 15, 2014

Envy or Achieve?

Looking upon others' achievements, do you envy them? 
Or do you secretly wished that you could one day be like them? Then decide the next minute, you are not as smart, rich, less problems, less commitments, skilled etc as these successful people and continue with your own monotonous life.

Every one of us is special. Life is short. If you have been thinking and admiring all the good things people own and wish you can be like them, then stop postponing your greatness. 
If you don't even make ur first step, you never really know.

Start anyway. 

August 25, 2014

My Invisalign Journey

Today is exactly 1 month since I embarked on my Invisalign journey! 
Extraction of 4 teeth & wearing my first set aligners. Already 2 sets (which means 1 month) have been completed. 

Doctor added attachments to my now got little bumps on my teeth! Looks kinda weird if not gross really, feels abit bulky (like I'm eating something in my mouth) & now it feels much tighter with my 3rd set of aligners. 

He said those attachments are to move my teeth easier next time, might even turn it around if need๐Ÿ˜ฑ sounds scary but to do means got to do right? Trust him anyway. ๐Ÿ˜Š

He attached the "tooth-colored" stuff to the molars & canines that need movement & closing up the tooth gaps eventually. 

He's ever so assuring so I just gotta focus on the final positive outcome! 
He told me not to be conscious about it & just be natural! ;)
Hahaha I will try my best man! 

And yes! I just confirmed with him- he told me it's 18weeks to perfection! So it's actually 1.5years for this journey, in the name of vanity & beauty. I know it's worth it. 

So 14 weeks more to go! Woohoo~ baby, fighting!!! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘


July 26, 2014

2 Hour Natural Korean Makeup Workshop $18 (worth $200)

Dearies, If you like to learn how I did my Everyday makeup to achieve a "Korean-ised" Makeup Look, Here's a great offer for YOU! Sign up for the 2 Hour Full Hands-on Makeup Workshop where I am going to shoe & teach you step-by-step how to achieve the final look, including application of the hottest makeup item - CC Cream & why is it so popular, how to draw your Korean Brows & How to Choose the Right Pink Lipstick for your Skin Tone!

Tutorial - Online Event Management with the ticketing solution from XING EVENTS

~ xoxo, MakeUpByGelainza Beauty Editor Live Your Dream

July 24, 2014

Makeovers by Gelainza

Some of the makeovers I did for shoots & campaigns for clients. ;)

Makeovers by Gelainza

~ xoxo, MakeUpByGelainza Beauty Editor Live Your Dream

June 12, 2014

Japan ITOH Collagen Drink Review

Collagen is like diamonds.
Every girl loves it! 

As a girl reaches 22 years of age, the dermatologist shares that the skin collagen levels drop drastically. 

Our skin starts losing the bounce, firmness & suppleness that collagen gives. We start losing by day.
Hence many girls frantically buy up the collagen drinks & supplements in the store. Are u one of them? Do you wish for beauty from within?

When it comes to supplements, whether it's beauty or health, I am lazy except for my daily vitamin C tablets cos it's yummy & chewable! Either it has to be tasteless or it has to taste like fruit, then I will continue to take it regularly to see any results! 

When I saw that the ITOH 100% Pure collagen (NEW PRETTIER PACKAGING!^^) is in powder formula, I can't wait to try it! 

PLUS, its also HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by my favorite TAIWAN beauty variety show

"ๅฅณไบบๆˆ‘ๆœ€ๅคง" Kevin teacher!

Approved by FAO & WHO - hence safe to consume! 

Based on the 12-week clinical studies conducted in Japan & France, it has shown to:

  • Increase skin moisture level
  • Reduce fine lines & wrinkles
  • Improve skin suppleness, smoothness & radiance
  • Strengthen joints
  • Promote muscle flexibility
  • Healthier hair & nails

BONUS: Promotion! 
"Each pink box comes with a contest form with GRAND PRIZE to win A PAIR of return trip to THE BEAUTIFUL OSAKA JAPAN worth more than $2000! "

Each box comes with 21 sachets. 
Weight: 2000mg 

• Made in Japan 
• Main ingredient: Collagen peptide
• Health supplement 
• It's colorless & tasteless! 
• 0% fat, calorie, sugar, oil, coloring or preservative 
• It can be added to anything. Yes I mean ANYTHING! 
• Can mix with hot or cold beverages, soups, coffee, tea, milk, juices, drinks, salads, anything!  (But don't cook it to keep its benefits!) 
• 100% Fuss-free! 
• PLUS super loaded with dissolvable collagen 

So the first day I added 1 pink sachet into my homemade oatmeal porridge and started stirring. It really dissolved quickly! ^_^ due to its low-molecular particles.

And I ate in a slurp! Yummy! 

>> Recommended to drink 3 sachets daily. Can be taken before or after meals. Best time is before sleeptime! ;) 

Trying to pose like the model on the box! 

So I added to literally everything I drink or eat with my meals! It's super convenient right?? All u need to do is to bring ur sachets out! When u order a drink from anywhere, simply add it to any juices, drinks hot or cold you want & it won't change the original taste of it! I love adding it to my Yakult at night when I had too late a supper or dinner! 

The thought of smoother, firmer & more supple skin looking skin makes me sleep so much better at night! Of cos you still need to do your skincare! 

My preference is to add it to healthy natural food such as yakult, oatmeal, juices, tea to retain its health benefits. ;) 

Here's my face after 7 days of drinking up the whole box! 7 days is still too early to see any obvious results. But I like the idea that I have been loading up on collagen everyday! My goal is to drink till I look like a baby! ๐Ÿ˜

Hear this babes! I'm giving away a full box of ITOH 100% collagen powder to my LUCKY blog reader! Anyone is welcome to join! ^_~

All you need to do is 
-->> simply email me ur full name, ur age, contact number & why u like to try it to by 18 JUNE 2014 & then I will select the lucky girl on 21 JUNE 2014 and announce the winner on this blog or IG to come collect your prize of a complimentary box of collagen! 

Who wants samples???
CozyCot is currently giving away 2x sampling sachets for each of my readers (limited to first 200 readers redemption only). Simply sign up now at!

Come join the beautiful people at ITOH x Cozycot Launch Event for even more exciting deals! 

The details of ITOH 100% Pure Collagen Launch Event are as follows:


Venue: Level 1, Cathay Cineleisure Orchard

Date: 20 – 22 June 2014

Time: 12:00 pm – 8:30pm

Get Sure-Win Lucky Dip with every purchase of ITOH 100% Pure Collagen!!! 



March 22, 2014

Cozycot X Freshkon Review

This is something that has become part of my life now.
So much so that without thinking about it, it's a necessity.
What am I talking about?

YES its my beloved FreshKon cosmetic contact lenses!

I have been wearing it for 15 years (OMGGGG I just used my calculator to calculate!)! And none of the other brands gave me such total comfort & colors like FRESHKON! The ONLY BRAND I TRUST MY EYES IN IS FRESHKON!

I have always been a vain girl and vanity is my middle name! So very early, I have started wearing contact lens since I was in college days. Then my first job I started wearing FreshKon Colors Fusion lens, I still remembered FreshKon Colors Fusion in Misty Grey is always my favorite! All the guys say they can't help but gaze into my eyes... yet they are afraid because my eyes look seductive they lose their senses! LOL ;p

Becoming a true blue FreshKon Official Ambassador & Makeup Artist seems to be the MOST NATURAL THING! I had the pleasure & honour to work with FreshKon lens for an event while working at Sephora as their Trainer. The FreshKon Team is a breeze to work with! After that, I also did a photoshoot lookbook for them & their magazine/ newsletter! It is my pleasure to be their Official Ambassador. The Oculus team people are such an honour to work with. I love my FreshKons.
I have tried so many other brands such as Acuvue, Maxi Eyes, Geo Lens... yet nothing like FreshKon for a refreshing pair of eyes! Lol ;)
I always boast to my friends that my lenses are so comfortable and last throughout the day till past midnight!

MY EVERYDAY ROUTINE includes reaching out for FreshKon Alluring Eyes 1-Day Lens everytime I go out. There are 3 colors - Mystical Black, Winsome Brown, Magnetic Grey &....and my #1 favourite is "Mystical Black"! They also have a more subtle black shade which is only available in the monthly modality.

A lot of people wear the lens too black or too big, making their eyes look spaced out instead of attractive. I like FreshKon lenses as it feels as though you didn't wear anything but your eyes are beautifully enhanced!
Especially on days when I worked late into the nights and wake up with tired droopy eyes, I am very blessed to have FreshKon to brighten & perk up my otherwise tired eyes!

Black is also my go-to color because it matches any of my eye makeup I wear - be it colors or style I am dressed in. For meetings - I wear Mystical Black for its professionalism.
For conducting classes, I wear Mystical Black for its endearing personality & instant confidence. For weekends, I chose Winsome Brown for its subtle simple beauty! For fashionista days, I choose "Magnetic Grey"!

Now let us just allow the pictures do the talking!
Here are some photos of me wearing FreshKon Alluring Eyes on different occasions & meetings.



Just last thursday I was in Bali for a conference & training event, I took my FreshKon lens with me!
A few times I was traumatised when my solution got confiscated at the customs checking my handcarry on short vacations! The thought of no lens to wear for the next day or how to contain my lens at night!?
And those times when i was going to an island or resort where shops are scarce and perhaps 1-2hours away... can be quite mood-spoilers!

So I am super THRILLED when FreshKon launches its cosmetic lens available in black, grey & brown in the "DAILY LENS" version: "1-Day" Alluring Eyes!
How convenient never to worry that my solution will exceed 100ml in my handcarry & get confiscated! Here are some gorgeous photos from Laguna Beach Resort & Spa in Nusa Dua Bali where everyone there so warm & friendly just like the weather! ;) I felt like a celebrity whenever they greet me every metre of the resort! ^_~ Thumbs up for that awesome first-class service in a five star resort. Laguna resorts are owned by Starwood Hotels Group, who brings you St Regis Hotel too, one of my top favorite hotels!

ENJOY THE PHOTOS. They are taken with iPhone 4S with no filter and flash.
Just its natural beauty.

Stay Fresh & Happy always,

February 7, 2014

Charged Life

If you are going to die the next instant, 3 Questions ask yourself:
1) Did I live? Did I live fully?
2) Did I love? Who is going to miss me? Who will I miss? Did I hold back?
3) Did I matter? Did I change the world or change something?
If you dont like the answers to these questions, you need to rethink about ur life.

Most people are afraid of public speaking. It isn't about me anymore. Its in service its in mission.
How do I show up everyday?
Energy, Engagement & Enthusiasm

Are there bad moments? Everyone has bad moments. Its about Perspective. We have the power of choice to decide the meaning you give to it.
Who do I want to live with tomorrow? Do I want to live with the guy who didnt fight for their dreams, who didnt direct their own destiny, who didnt decide how they are going to feel in life & march towards that?
Or do I want to live with that guy who says u know what, I'm going to charge up my life, i want to live better quality of life & I am going to take more actions. ~ xoxo, MakeUpByGelainza Beauty Editor Live Your Dream

January 12, 2014

One Life. Live it!

Hi everyone!

Its been a while since i blogged about life as I am busy living my life!

As with the current fast pace, I have been micro-blogging about life through Facebook & Instagram with short posts & pictures of daily life, I hardly use this blog.

On reflection.
After watching this above clip, brought me to think about my own life. And also about those whom I love. I always want the best for you. I love to see that I have positively, drammatically influenced your life to stretch your potential I saw buried within yearning to come out and i have always this urge to draw it out. Love it when you set challenges for yourself & achieve it, one after another!

It still amazes me much whenever I watch movies. They are produced by people with dreams & visions and influence many to see what they saw. With no absolute guarantee what will the box office results be UNTIL the movie finally open, they are willing to invest up front all the costs they will incur to achieve the special effects & surreal visual experience.

Watched Hercules last night and I really love the show!!! The half God, Hercules thought he is mere mortal all his life. He was ostracised by his own Dad (or whom he thought is) & brother since the day he was born. Nonetheless, he dares to love & be himself, & believe in others. Until one day, his princess love is about to be snatched away from him. He was all fired up! He wanted to save his love. His father even wanted to banish him to Eypt and sent massive armed troops to have him dea, removed him as a threat.
HOWEVER, His will to survive & get back what belongs to him is his only MAJOR reason he stays alive. He fights with all he has. One day, his mum told him he is Son of God & is sent by God to reign the world. He didnt believe her.
Until he was told yet again by the mysterious lady. He was told that until he accepts the truth that he is son of Zeus and his powess will be set free & that he is as strong as he believes he is.
The day he saw his people die in front of him tore him apart inside so much he knew he had to.
Looking up to the sky, he accepts who he is.
And he draws strength from his source.
And he won & protect his people.

It still amazes me how CHOICES we made in our life, due to the people who crossed our paths, the dreams we have about our lives, CAN CHANGE OUR LIVES TOTALLY. Your dream can be ur reality. Why not go all out & have all the fun living ur dream? Why cant it be a reality in this one life you have? We only have one reality. Why not make it everything you want it to be? Why not create your own fate? It's all up to you. The big screen? The Top Charts? The proud achievements? How about now visualise what is your ideal one life? What will you be doing? Who will you be with? What kind of life are you living?
Make sure you CHOOSE to live the one you want.

As i reflected back the choices i made, i realised a human mind can be infinitely strong.
Once we are clear about what we want,
once we decide to do something for ourselves or for others, there is no one to stop you but you. I am 100% responsible for all the things happening in my life and everything happens for a reason.
To lead me to my life purpose. To Serve Others. To Make a Difference. To be valuable to the society. To inspire others to be who they want to be. To lead by example. To fulfil my dreams, first in the mind, then in reality. Bit by bit, with courage, determination & strong will, we get there.
To discover what you love.... and then do it with all your mind, body, heart & soul.

Love you all,
xoxo, GEL

~ xoxo, MakeUpByGelainza Beauty Editor Live Your Dream