August 10, 2013

Reflections : Merely existing

10 Aug Reflections:

No sparks or fireworks. I felt nothing.
Am I settling & existing in normal complacency? 

What's the kind of life in all aspects I dream of? Love, financial, spiritual.
This doesn't seem to be the right path there... 

Something inside me knows its missing.
That sometimes I am pretending its there.
The love I want has to be passionate, wild & consuming! It's not coming from me.

Dreams... The kind of life I want to enjoy. Are my daily actions bringing me there? Or am I getting complacent & lazy? 
Can't have it! No! 
I need to be excited & getting in all sorts of activities & events out there to be seen & heard & play more. But the past year I haven't done much so. 

Gel hasn't been playing much & stretching much. She's staying quite in a comfort zone, not who she is. Where's the risk taker she once was? Where's her big dreams? Where's the earth-shaker & mover she dreams to become before she leaves this world? 
She wants to help millions of people & inspire many more! She needs a great mentor to push her, to encourage her & lifts her. 

She is created in this world to shine, to be proud of whoever she is. 
She wants to change the world.

A little girl with ginormous dreams.

She is unstoppable.

You are my inspiration ;)))

my hair stands on ends when i watched this video... i did nothing but ...something inside me stirs... and i can only smile. Michelle, em are emazing! ~ xoxo, MakeUpByGelainza Beauty Editor Live Your Dream