April 13, 2013

LADUREE x Uniqlo Sweetest Tees for Girls

My eyes totally literally lit up at the online post I saw that day written abt this collab! Quickly went over to uniqlo website to check out the laduree collection and loved it! They are oh too cute to resist or wait for! Especially when I'm always into the cute pastel tees matched with shorts, skorts, skirts & leggings/ skinny pants for casual off work ensembles.

LADUREE is a must-visit best in the world french macarons boutique/ pattiserie to grab some colorful pretty pastels melt-in-mouth sweeties (its subtly sweet, not as nauseating sweet as some macarons out there) while strolling after lunch in Paris! I was having it everyday whenever I was in Paris. ;) And love the French pattiserie decor that makes any unromantic person become all romantic gushy mood!

When I heard LADUREE is opening its 1st singapore outlet here on Apr 15 @ Takashimaya, I was yelping with glee!!! OMGGG finally it's happening!
And they collaborated with Uniqlo to launch a cute macarons collection droolworthy! Moreover, profits from proceeds of tees will be donated to IVY charity in Japan, helping children affected by 2011 Tsunami Japan.

Can u imagine how excited I was?? ;))) Though already pretty tired after workshop, yet I went down from IP to ION to get my must-have sweet fix!

So haha guess which one (s) I got??


April 9, 2013

Product Review: OLAY Regenerist micro- sculpting cream Moisturiser

People who know me know that I am all keyed in when the subject "ANTI-AGING" comes up!

Ask anybody "Which makeup artist or beauty guru doesn't look anywhere near her age?" and most people who know me has my name pops up in their heads!

2 Saturdays ago, I was standing at The Arena, Clarke Quay before my friend signing us in, I was asked to show my IC! (AGAIN?!!! as always, I am the only one out of my group, any group of friends, even though younger than me, I will end up being the one to be checked IC!) Haha I look a good 10 years OFF my age!

There's no wonder I am in FASHION & BEAUTY LINE! They always say, I am a walking advertisement & everything on me just looks so gurrd. ;p
I always fantasize of a day I will stand before the TV screen in front of everyone and tell all my beauty youthful SECRETS with YOU! ;) That would be awesome, isnt it? *Can't wait!
Everyone knows I am very generous.

Every beauty guru out there knows & will continue to try out beauty products. For me, its more for market research. I need to know what's out there and to share with my clients & bridal customers when they enquire about their beauty routine. Hence the need to try out all kinds of beauty products out there! ;)


I was given the great chance to try out the new OLAY Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream Moisturiser,
touted to renew the skin and plump up the skin to firm & tone.

Opening up the huge jar of cream & anticipating....

I like the red color. It kinda reminds me of SK-II luxury brand feel. The heavy jar seems to promise something great inside!

Taking a whiff at the white cream, I take in a faint floral scent that is pleasant & easy to the nose. I like creams that smell like these. Not like overwhelming.

It has this smooth rich texture, quite like ice cream. ;) Smoothing it onto the back of my palms and it absorbs quite easily & quickly, quite unexpected for a cream like this.

THE EXPERIENCE & THE RESULTS (After 2 weeks' trial)
I used it for 2 weeks every night and my skin feels slightly firmer around the jawline where I focus on with this micro-sculpting cream. My skin is also calm & not oilier than usual the morning after, although I noticed a slightly glowing outlook in midday.

Would recommend this cream to those who wants an affordable cream and to achieve a firmer & toned skin. Probably would need around 90 days to see the results as skin is regenerating every 30 days, depending on your age. It's said that as we pass age of 35 years old, the skin regenerates in only 60 days, instead of 28days!!! So better start some anti-aging going on ladies & gentlemen!

Ideal age to start anti-aging: 
I would suggest...
22 years old (as technology advances & our quality of food supply these days, our skin lacks many nutrients it needs. So start preparing yourself on guard against aging!)

~ xoxo, MakeUpByGelainza
Beauty Editor
Live Your Dream slowly but surely

April 7, 2013

GWIYOMI SONG (addictively catchy!)

Getting addicted to this cutie song is not surprising! Just some girlish gestures girls & boys get all swooned over ;) I am not immune, just very amused! !+1 = Gwiyomi 2+2= Gwiyomi ... lets do a pinky promise... LOL ~ xoxo, MakeUpByGelainza Beauty Editor Live Your Dream