December 31, 2011

PictureBook: The Last of 2011

25.12.2011 Dimanche 
Hohoho anyoung haseyo! ;)
It's Xmas mood!

The fresh-faced Korean look is the look of now that's on me at the moment.

26.12.2011 Lundi
Sprinkled pretty in fairy dust, this petite magician will continue to weave magic on lucky people around her... ^_~

Clothes: Fuchsia Lane 's silk black & red cheongsum jumpsuit (thumbs up! super sexy!)

28.12.2011 Mercredi
Tu me plait beaucoup~ 

#LOTD: Zara cream white pullover
Black white boudoir collar
Orange cigar pants
JPG long chain scented necklace

29.12.2011 Jeudi
C'mon in! House of Gelainza is opening its doors soon! 

What's inside??? ;) *winks

30.12.2011 vendredi
Feelin naughty! (90% of the time!) then got serious to focus on admin's a party! Let's get WILD! 

#LOTD: leopard prints prints are what my nails & feet all clad with.

31.12.2011 samedi
Waxing at Fabulous Asthetics @holland village

It was an awesome journey as counting down to the days of freedom. ;-)

~ xoxo, MakeUpByGelainza Beauty Editor Live Your Dream

She's a Charmer!

~ xoxo, MakeUpByGelainza Beauty Editor Live Your Dream

December 30, 2011

Organise Your Makeup

Junkies Alert! If you google for "Makeup organisation" more than you kiss your boyfriend, haha i'm just kidding! ;p Well, you know what I mean. Too much makeup? Too much skincare products? Unfinished products laying around? Unopened products in the drawers? You can take a cue from here for your organisation cure! ~ xoxo, MakeUpByGelainza Beauty Editor Live Your Dream

Gadget Review: MacBook Air 11"

Cant tell you how much I adore my MacBook Air baby!

The best notebook i own by far. World's thinnest notebook.
There's (defnitely) something in the Air.

The Single MOST important reason for this adoration is I can claim anywhere my workplace and still look incredibly stylish with MacBook Air!

I have been a Windows user for the longest time since Bill Gates created one... haha
and all these years using Windows, I always wanted to try out MacBook and didnt have the chance to because of the reviews people always give : Not friendly interface, programs difficult to use, functionality very different from Windows OS, not compatible programs with most users....

3 years ago i wanted to get a MacBook but ended up getting a HP mini notebook!
For those who know me well, knew I luve everything BIG & chunky! Ahem! i mean my accessories like rings, necklaces, bracelets & homme watches!

But when it comes to laptops, I always luve smaller portable ones so I can bring them out.
I am one who is more productive in outdoor environments such as cafes (Starbucks - my FAVE!!!, Breko cafe also luves) to study, work and chill! Somehow, ideas flow to me easily when I am in Starbucks and always have been! I could finish up my presentation for concept after concept in like 3-4 hours as compared to trying to work at home, late at night, and spending more than 5-6hours for the whole week and getting nothing done! Haha! But its true! Oh of cos I used to work in McDonalds - King Albert Park was my fave too! Pls dun stalk me... ;p

So here's my MacBook Air review!

My baby! My new toy!


It costs S$1288 for this 64gb, 11inch notebook that has the capacity of a laptop.
Seriously I think its a steal! ;P wonderful price for a Mac!

In fact, as I looked around, I saw notebooks retailing at $799 ... yet since I love Apple products, I shall get a Mac! And moreover, I have someone who kept going on & on about how awesome MacBooks are...;p one of the factors prolly would be to look cOOLer!!! Hahaha

It loads up super fast - 3 seconds I am ready to work on any documents or apps immediately!
Kid you not when I say 3 seconds! I can start opening my Google Chrome. Talk about split seconds! Woohoo!

It has all the technical functions as a normal laptop should have.
Not very keen on the keyboard, yet with my high level of adaptability, I now type as fast as I can on my IBM/ HP mini.

If you like Apple iPhones, you will love MacBook and Apple makes it so cool to use!
Especially dig these lovely features!
1) Swishing with 4 fingers to pan across different desktops. You can have 4 desktops of different applications running if you are someone who are guilty of opening too many applications at one time, super multi-tasker!

2) Scrolling up & down is so easy peasy, lemon squeezy!
I really enjoy the scrolling so much I just scroll sometimes for FUN!

3) Enlarging the screen or any webpage instantly without having to go to settings.
Simply using the same finger movements as you would on your iPhone, you can zoom in and out! ;) Isnt that cool!?

4) Going "Back" to the previous browsing pages haven't been so much easier!
Just use 2 fingers to swipe right to left will bring you instantly to the previous page you visited! ;) WOW!

5) Love the "Search" at the right hand top corner. Like the iPhone, you can search for any keyword and you find your documents right away!

I purchased the additional Microsoft Office package and got "reprimanded" by my brother for wasting money! Could have downloaded it online!
Well I bought it because
- since its my new baby
- online programs run the risk of being virus prone
- after being advised by the Epicentre sales assistant that cost of downloading iWorks from app store (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) would be about the same price as buying Microsoft Office package and that converting iWorks files to Office version is not as compatible since some images or functions may be lost
- most users out there use Office documents so its easier to transfer files

Super duper hyper portable!!! Super shiok to find out that most of my handbags and tote bags can easily fit in my Air (its light as air!) and a lot of other items a girl would bring when they go out!
If you are wondering what, I bring along with me all the time my essentials in a pouch
- 1 lip product (lip gloss/ lipstick/ lip balm)
- 1 fragrance spray
- 1 K Palette eyeliner
- 1 retractable loose powder brush with loose powder loaded
Funny thing is, apart from the lip balm, I hardly need to touch ups with my makeup application routine!

Some of my favorite pouches to carry:
my Longchamp navy pouch, Anna Sui velvet pouch, Jean Paul Gaultier cosmetic pouch, black organza sheer pouch!

It fits nicely into my black leather envelope clutch, my nude beige doctor bag, my camel nubuck travel tote, celine cabas, and others! ;p

And have you seen the MacBook air advert? The Air was sent in a Manilla envelope, no need for parcel! How clever advertising is that! Yes everyone commented that it looks damn SLEEK (like me!!!) & skinny like a folder! ;)

NOw I just have one thing to do: Find a suitable, reasonably-priced (& still sleek / pretty) MacBook air sleeve to protect it and keep it in pristine condition!

VERDICT: Absolute LOVE! 
Thumbs up!
Rating: 4.5/5

Why not perfect score?
1) Where's my Paint program?
2) Office version slightly different - working on presentations are kinda slower cos I'm trying to get used to it. However this flaw is downplayed by the available creative & handy presentation formats they offer!
3) You can drag & drop programs & files here and there... yet not all the time. Do this only in the Finder program.

~ xoxo, MakeUpByGelainzaBeauty EditorLive Your Dream

December 29, 2011

Make a difference

Feels exuberant when you know that.. as you dedicate your life to grooming people, each time you leave others feeling & looking BETTER, improved version & more confident than before they met you, you knew you have made a difference to people's lives. That feeling is better than ... ;p

Have you have this feeling before?
I hope you do...or will eventually do.

Xoxo, Gelainza

~The Midas Touch~

Isn't this pretty??? Luve it! Gorgeous!

December 28, 2011

Picturebook: Look Du Jour 27 dec 2011

Slip into my sexy pair of midnight blue denim jeans!

~using Sephora jumbo eye pencils in grey & blue on Urban Decay Sin Primer Potion

Embrace the blooming garden of roses, sunflowers & green tulips!

- using coastal scents 88 palette colors
Maldives paradise - time to take flight to exotic lands!!!

-using Tokidoki colors

JP Shoot! ;)

Lingering in soft Greys+ashes


Leafy greens +violets 

It's those quiet times before dawn...

17.12.2011 Samedi
Fashion Shoot + Packing up!

 19.12.2011 Lundi

The sheer taste of exquisite!!! ;p

 21.12.2011 mercredi

She walks in the air & dance lightly

~using dolly lashes from Taiwan & lips stained in nyx soft matte lip cream "Milan"

 22.12.2011 Jeudi

Festive glitter green + egg york yellow

~Using eye colors from Urban Decay 15th yr anniversary palette "Vanilla & Deep End" & Lips in Too Faced Glamour Gloss "This is Pretty!"

 23.12.2011 Vendredi

The Return To Innocence

~eyes using bareMinerals primer shadow gunmetal, k palette black liner & ardell natural lashes, 
lips using Fresh sugar honey lip balm (yummy!)

 24.12.2011 samedi

Eve of X'mas in polka dots! 

Exciting journey to be continued......


~ xoxo, MakeUpByGelainza, Beauty Editor "Live Your Dream"

December 9, 2011

Photoshoot for Avenue Image

Models: Jasmine Lam, Yuki Shuhui, Aden Liu
Photography: Leo G
Makeup By Gelainza

~ xoxo, MakeUpByGelainza Beauty Editor Live Your Dream