October 27, 2011

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Thu, Oct 27, 2011
The Business Times

Makeup call
by Melissa Lwee
IT USED to be that makeup was purely an aesthetic solution and often, even bad for your skin. For women, who have previously eschewed makeup for precisely that reason, that is, thankfully, no longer the case. Advances in technology have allowed a growing trend in the makeup industry - cosmetics that incorporate extra ingredients to provide (the once elusive) skincare benefits.

'Many people lead busy lifestyles these days and products that come with multiple benefits are a huge time saver for them,' observes Carolyn Khiu, brand general manager of Clinique Singapore.

'It is easy to understand why consumers are excited about makeup with skincare properties - for a single price, they get to enjoy a product that delivers multiple benefits. Take for example, blemishes and imperfections - not only do consumers want to conceal them, they also want to heal them at the same time.

'This has accounted for the growing popularity of multipurpose products with added benefits, like makeup with skincare properties. Being the first line of defence for the skin and the outermost layer in contact with the environment, makeup with skincare properties brings value to customers looking for all-in-one products.'

Gelainza Kong, trainer and makeup artist for the mega-beauty store Sephora has similarly observed this growing phenomenon: 'Skincare-infused Makeup' . . . is a really hot trend! Foundation that is acne-healing and makeup base or eyeshadows rich in antioxidants are what people are buying now. Some of these also heal most sensitive skins and hydrate dry skins, which are common skin issues caused by work stress and the environment.'

In truth, the idea of makeup with skincare properties is not a new one, having been introduced by super luxury beauty brands as a differentiating factor. One such pioneer in the idustry is By Terry.

'By Terry was a pioneer, innovator, launching lipsticks, foundations, loose powders, lip glosses that all combine skincare benefits,' declares its founder Terry de Gunzburg, who introduced products such as the cult favourite Light-Expert foundation ($98 from Escentials) that combines new generation hydra-smoothing hyaluronic acid microspheres with seven anti-aging substances.

'In what I call le luxe intègre - integrate and honest luxury - it is no longer an option to launch a makeup product that contains no skincare benefits.'

The problem - as to be expected - was that these products came at a price, so only a very select group of individuals could afford them. That is, until mineral makeup - makeup made of natural minerals to minimise the risk of allergic reaction - and the Korean sensation BB (blemish balm) creams exploded into the beauty market.

In the last five years or so, the meteoric rise in popularity of mineral makeup brands, such as Bare Escentuals and Jane Iredale, and the proliferation of BB creams from Korea have helped to develop an awareness among consumers that one's skin need not suffer when wearing makeup. As a result, the rest of the players - luxury and mass alike - had to rethink their strategies, precipitating a plethora of skincare-infused makeup onto the market.

One such mass brand that has jumped on this bandwagon is L'Oreal Paris that launched the second generation of its True Match Super-Blendable foundation which contains hyaluronic acid to boost moisture in the skin.

'From our market researches done globally, we discovered that there is a demand from consumers for foundation that has skincare benefits, such as more moisturising effect, natural formulation and light finish,' says L'Oreal Paris marketing manager Grace Tan.

'L'Oreal Paris True Match Super-Blendable foundation will definitely not be the last makeup product with skincare property from L'Oreal Paris. Look out for more in 2010. L'Oreal is able to do so because of our strong commitment (3 per cent of total revenue) to R&D and product innovations. Therefore, mass brands under the L'Oreal group - L'Oreal Paris, is able to produce products like True Match, that not only have strong product innovations, but with comparable levels of quality to high-end makeup brands.'

As image consultant Sharon Connolly points out: 'The thing is, beauty consumers are very brand loyal and they will always patronise their favourite brand when they are looking to buy something.

'Now, the beauty brands understand that, but they also know that in order to keep that loyalty, they have to keep up with the times. Think about it this way, if a woman walks to the counter of her favourite brand and asks for, say, a mineral foundation and the brand does not offer that, she will move on somewhere else. That is why, everyone has jumped on this 'makeup with skincare properties' bandwagon.'

The recent economic crisis has similarly inspired increased attention on this category of products. Adds Ms Connolly: 'What these products offer is greater value for money. If consumers can buy a product that works as a foundation and also help with anti-aging, it gives them more of a reason to pick it up, especially in these tough times!'

That said, Calvin Chan, medical director of Calvin Chan Aesthetic & Laser Clinic, warns that not all makeup that purport to be good for your skin fulfil their promises and goes on to advice that buyers should still check the ingredients carefully.

'I think a good one to look for is sun protection, which can be incorporated effectively into makeup, as well as moisturisers. Another group is anti-aging ingredients like antioxidants A, C and E that can also be effective in makeup and foundations. Vitamin E in particular is also a natural preservative that can help extend the shelf life of the product in question.

'AHAs are also effective in keeping skin tone bright and even and preventing pores from clogging and have been used successfully in cover-up as well as tinted moisturisers and foundations. A common skincare ingredient in liquid foundations is hyaluronic acid, which is also used in moisturisers to hydrate and bind moisture to the skin.'

And despite the benefits that these products can bring to your skin, he still believes that the use of real skincare products are still necessary.

'I do recommend that my patients still use skincare products that address their particular skincare concerns under their makeup,' says Dr Chan. 'Even if the makeup does purport to serve additional functions other than just provide good coverage, I would see that as a bonus effect rather than rely on it solely.'

Agrees Ms de Gunzburg who concludes: 'Because makeup offers more in formula today does not mean that using the appropriate day cream, for instance, would not make a difference.

'For example, aging skin is a little more demanding and I make sure I use the right day cream in the morning . . . Using appropriate skincare will really help in getting a flawless makeup result!'

This article was first published in The Business Times

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October 17, 2011

Self love

Putting yourself first means that it may be necessary to say no to someone else in order to say yes to yourself.

We have all heard the instructions of a flight attendant reminding us to put on our own oxygen mask before we help anyone else with theirs.

This advice is often cited as a metaphor for self-care because it so accurately expresses why it is important. It seems to say, ironically, that if you can’t take care of yourself for yourself, do it for others.

Few situations in our daily lives mimic the wake-up call of an airplane emergency, so it’s easy to keep putting self-care off—easy, that is, until we get sick, overwhelmed, or exhausted, and suddenly don’t have the energy to care for the people who count on us. That’s when we realize we haven’t been getting the oxygen we need to sustain ourselves.

We begin to understand that taking care of ourselves is neither selfish nor indulgent; it’s just plain practical.

Putting yourself first means that it may be necessary to say no to someone else in order to say yes to yourself. For many of us, there is always something we feel we could be doing for someone else, and it helps to remember the oxygen metaphor.

You can even encourage yourself by saying “I am caring for myself so that I am better able to care for others” or some other mantra that will encourage you.

It also helps to remember that self-care doesn’t have to be composed of massively time-consuming acts.

In fact, the best prescription for taking care of yourself is probably small, daily rituals; for example, taking one half-hour for yourself at the beginning and end of the day to meditate, journal, or just be. You might also transform the occasional daily shower or bath into a half-hour self-pampering session.

Whatever you decide, making some small gesture where you put yourself first every day will pay off in spades for you and the ones you love.
The oxygen you need is all around you; sometimes you just need to be reminded to breathe.

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October 16, 2011



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Photography loves

Stephane Coutelle


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October 14, 2011

A Charm

知性小资女人: 【成熟的女人,会散发出专属于她的魅力】10、她珍爱自己的身体。9、她对某些事情的热情超过对他的需要。8、她相当自信。7、她保持幽默感。6、自主安排自己的时间。5、不让他看见自己的狼狈相。4、她不会让他心急难堪。3、神秘莫测。2、不纠缠对方。1、保持独立。 你够成熟么?

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【7 种方法爱自己 】LOVE MYSELF

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October 6, 2011

Fashion Philosophy

Fashion is the visual, materialized interpretation of all our life's influences, whether they be positive, significant or otherwise.
Style is derived from our own imaginations, as a self-creating evolution to show the world who we are, who we want to be, and where we wish to go.

I'm aware of those stares that I receive for dressing the way I do sometimes. I'm not hiding behind my clothes, I'm living in them. I'm living my life. If I'm going to be free in what I pursue, what I dream, what I eat, who I speak to, and who I love ... I choose to clothe myself in.

Much of fashion consists of story-telling, poetry, geometry, artistry, movement, creativity, construction, technology, architecture, nostalgia, and emotion!

You can wear your anger and your rebellion. You can wear depression. You can wear playfulness like a scarf in the wind! You can wear sexuality. You can wear your happiness. You can wear a memory like a souvenir.

Where do you think fashion comes from?

I'm living liberated.

What's your fashion philosophy?

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