April 29, 2011

Vanilla Skulla shoes by Gelainza - Glittery Leopard

My latest shoe creation is completed!
Last night did the final touch...& it's ready to take orders. You can further customise with lace, ribbons, etc or simply order this design.

Inspired the strength of the leopard & it's chicness, I used both femme pink & smoky grey to create this one-of-a-kind leopard print. Sweet right??
A cross between all-so-hot polka dots & leopard prints!

Each art piece retails at SGD 69.90.


Vanilla Skulla shoes by Gelainza - Glittery Leopard
(now known as House of Jiang)

April 26, 2011

Wanna learn smokey eyes all along but never get to it?

Click click --->>

Here goes! My fave guru!
She's a Korean!

You should be able to "get the look" below!

Items used:
• Muji eyeshadow palette in sexy browns $14 only!!!
• pop beauty bedazzled black (outer corners)
• k palette 24hr liner in ultra black
• Anna sui full volume mascara (top & bottom lash)
• Coastal scents coral pink blush from 10color blush palette
• Essence stay with me lip gloss in cupcake
• Face: skin79 bb cream hot pink set with bareminerals mineral veil!
• Concealer: urban decay 24/7 concealer in FBI

~ xoxo,
Beauty Editor
Live Your Dream

April 22, 2011

HOT trend now --> Cream lipcolor

How do you use your body language to tell a guy you like him?
--> Lick your lips slowly & subtly

How do you make him wanna come closer and kiss you? 
--> Bite your lower lips & smile sweetly

Before all this can happen... you need a a pair of scissors.... kissable lips! :D

How do you prepare to create a pair of kissable lips?

The HOT trend we notice around... the big brands, the runways, the magazines...

Lipsticks are traditional right?
Lip color in a stick form.
Then came lip color in a stain.
Then now....
the most hottest thing you can put on ---> Cream lip color
Rich smooth creamy lipstick texture in a creamy formula and texture
= Easier better blending and longer lasting!
Their packaging look like lip gloss, but they smear on like lipstick and runs creamy!

Isn't this awesomeness???

Exactly how I luve it!

Lip stains vs creme lip stains/colors
Lip stains
They are more runny in texture. Very much like liquid dyes and it stains your lips without the feel of anything on ur lips!
  • Benefit Benetint
  • Pop Beauty Apples of the cheeks
  • Etude house Choc tint

Creme lip stains
You'll be ultra impressed by Sephora SS'11 creme lip stains ($24 available in 9 different shades!)
because they stay on (i kid you not!) for more than 10-12 hours! Tried & tested! Try rubbing it once it dries.... ;D
The color may fade a little if you drink, eat & kiss.. however you still have color on your lips! The creme lip stains are not fluidy watery. It is a cream so it applies more like a lipstick and dries down to a stained matte finish.

Topshop SS11 - Sandstorm also features 2 colors to choose from!

Hourglass Aura lip stains

That also means that creme blushes are another HOT Trend to look out for!
Textures that last and last.

 I do anything to look younger than my age! ;D
Well... seriously i didnt do anything. Until I realised that I need to do something about anti -aging. Who likes aging?
If you have dry skin, you may even be more prone to fine lines & wrinkles. Start early on your anti -aging skincare routine if you haven't done so!
Today, teenagers are wearing makeup more and earlier than we used to... at 14- 16yrs old?
And they didnt know how to properly remove the makeup piled on, cleanse and moisturise.
As a result, everyday at Sephora stores, we spot some teenagers who look older than their age... and we want to help them be educated on how-to take care of skin.

So if you have any anti-aging questions, pls feel free to drop a comment or post your question on Sephora Singapore Facebook and we will be most glad to help you out!

~ xoxo,

Beauty Editor
Live Your Dream

Thirst for younger supple skin?

When my skin is begging for water by rebelling with "dry flaky red skin",
What I do is to listen to it intently and find out its specific needs!

If you like me work in Sephora for years now (since 2008), u will by now build a mini Sephora at home.
There, I will search for skin remedies from dullness, breakouts, dryness, dehydration, aging, dark circles to pigmentation.

These few days I've been training alot about hydration especially when I myself need it!

I use #Sephora triple action cleansing water to remove my waterproof makeup & #Clarisonic Plus for 1-min efficient deep pore cleansing!

To remove face & eye makeup 1st... This cleansing water utilises the latest no-rinse technology for face & eye waterproof makeup. I still recommend using Sephora waterproof eye makeup remover (S$18) becos it's so easy, no rubbing required & it's really a makeup eraser!!! Becos our eye area is 7x thinner than our face! Hence expects our special care.

Then using a cleanser, Boscia purifying cleanser, with Clarisonic Plus ($375) to remove 6x more makeup than normal manual cleansing! I can't live without this cleansing brush! ^_~ it cleans out my pores so well everyday!
When I divide the cost of using it over 2 years everyday, it's only a freaking meagre amount of $0.04/ usage!
You will save facial sessions from this skinvestment! ;) trust me!

Then I use Sephora refreshing toner ($20) on cotton pads to double cleanse & mist on Caudalie beauty elixir ($75). This is very hydrating & soothing! ;) super like! I also use it set my makeup too! Luve the scent of essential oils!

Serums are a must step especially with age, many late nights and aiding cell repair.
Serums are able to supply nutrients to the cells.

I am currently using my No.1 fave anti aging/hydrating serum!
Sephora Super Loaded Age Defy Serum ($58) which contains Timecode® & Matrixyl® - 2 extremely powerful anti wrinkle peptides to target DNA (most advanced technology) of skin cells, to reverse aging!

It also stimulates cell repair, firming, lifting & increases collagen production to bring your skin back to its smoother youthful hydrated state again!
I called it "ultimate facelift in a bottle"!!
It's sitting right at the same glamorous stage as Dior One essential, Lancome Genefique, Estee lauder Advanced night repair. Yet it is much more accessible, pricing & texture wise!

Results: (dermatologist tested)
After 1month, 91% less visible wrinkles & 97% firmer skin!

Alway complete serum with a moisturizer on top to seal in all the benefits! Moisturizer acts as a protective layer to soften and moisturise the top layer (epidermis) while Serum penetrates deeper to support cell repair.

I like to use Shiffa tamanu moisturizing cream as I'm more a normal dry skin.

If you are combi-oily, you want to try Bliss Triple oxygen+c energizing cream! It's packed with vitamin C & oxygen to recharge tired dull uneven skin tone and eventually brightens & hydrates skin. You'll luve the grapefruit citrusy spa scent! ;)

Other top favorite is Boscia Oil-free hydrating moisturizer SPF15.
Its lightweight formula is a winner plus it absorbs your excess oil sebum to keep shine away! With deep sea marine minerals, jojoba leaf & willowherb plant extracts, your skin will become smoother & calmer, less prone to breakouts.

Skincare Tip®:
Do ur skincare every morning & night. Your skin will reward you!
Trust me...it is a very responsive system like a child.
If you treat it well, it will be very nice & tamed.
If ill treated, it will throw you tantrums!


April 17, 2011

Why dry shampoos

You must have heard that many people are crazy about dry shampoos...
especially people who live in the very cold countries and winter times are just too cold to step into the shower or bathtub and freeze to ice!

Japanese girls love using them to achieve instant volume to fluff up the flat, limp, lifeless hair!

Hot babes in hot humid countries swear by them to stay smelling fresh & feeling refreshed in hot summer all year long!

If You havent heard of dry shampoos, WHERE were you all along???

Ok kidding! It happens, sometimes ;p

So... lets get to it! So you know whether you should go out and get one too!

Shampoo hair without water! It gives instant lift from the roots & creates volume.
It refreshes oily/ smelly scalp/ hair. You immediately feel so clean & sexy!
It clears product buildup especially you are heavy on styling everyday. Clogged follicles = > hair loss!!!

In between washes, anytime you need a boost, partying, easy styling. Didn’t pay water bill.

  • Everyone
  • All hair types
  • All hair lengths
  • Lazy people
  • Very busy people

  • Oscar Blandi dry shampoo powder/ spray/ spray invisible
  • Sephora Detox waterfree shampoo/ Express shampoo

Simply section your hair and spray the powder/ mist directly onto the parting onto your scalp. 
Continue to section another part and spray on scalp.
Then massage scalp with fingers as if washing hair. This action will distribute the powder around to absorb the excess oil sebum your scalp produces.
Use a large round hair brush and brush through your hair. This will brush out all the powder that absorbed your dirt, oil sebum and impurities, leaving your scalp refreshed & clean! 

Watch video here ---> http://www.sephora.com/browse/brand_hierarchy.jhtml;jsessionid=ZKRDYMK35U5NOCV0KQRQX0Q?brandId=5681&contentId=C21152

So you have clean fresh nice smelling hair, ready to go out in 5mins!

Frequently asked question :
" Can I use dry shampoos everyday?"

I dunno why you are so lazy!! but no, I dont recommend you to substitute dry shampoo for permanent waterless shampooing!

In summary, you still need to do your regular washing.
Dry shampoos are refreshing your scalp on the no-shampoo days.
Its great for a hairlift when you have dull lifeless hair.
Its great if you are going hiking and no water for you to bathe ur hair.
Its great for pregnant mothers.
Its great when you are lazy & sick of bathing.
Its great when you woke up late, look like a mess and no time to wash ur hair.

~ xoxo,
Beauty Editor
Live Your Dream

Kose Esprique (endorsed by Namie Amuro)

OMGGG its my school days' idol!
She looks not a year older since then!
Like me! Lol!
Cute isnt she?

After marriage, a child, divorce...and back to entertainment industry, she looks fresher than ever! ;)


~ xoxo, Beauty Editor Live Your Dream

Why use PRIMERS?

If there is one thing that I succeeded most at in Sephora, it's preaching about the MAGIC OF PRIMERS and
this preaching becomes the No.1 must have & must recommend item of all our beauty advisors I have trained and colleagues I have shared. Like a legacy i leave....

The one thing I believe deeply in : Primers make all the difference.

"Primers are to me, like tweaks & tucks. You will never stop once you try it. I guarantee you'll get addicted and feel naked without it!" - Gelainza, Trainer of Sephora

"It's a crime not to prime." - Jerrod Blandino, Too Faced Founder

Primers have been a buzzword for the beauty industry in recent years and makeup artists' secret for many years.

Why use primers?
  • Act as a protective layer over skincare to prevent makeup from clogging your pores
  • Smooth out skin texture instantly for better foundation blending
  • Highly effective in oil/ shine control hence makeup hold up longer for at least 8 hours
  • Usually contain dimethicone & cyclomethicone (which are silicones) hides fine lines & wrinkles
  • Can reduce uneven skin tone hence we require lesser foundation coverage
  • Hides pores & flaws to achieve flawless poreless finish
  • Prevent oxidation of makeup on skin that is oily or prone to shine, hence solve the problem of makeup turning darker after lunch!
  • You will look like airbrushed to perfection!

When to apply primers?
> After applying your skincare routine, after your sunscreen of at least SPF 35.
> 1 Pump of Primer onto back of palm, dot 5 dots on nose, forehead, cheeks and chin
> Smooth all over face to create a thin layer of primer on skin.

Who should use primers?
  • Everyone anybody can use a primer.
  • Especially if your makeup doesnt last through the day as flawless as you want it.
  • Especially if your makeup tends to become shiny, cakey and messy during the day.
  • Especially if you have combi or oily skin.
  • Especially your makeup always oxidises.
How to choose the right primer for your skin?

  1. Clear - Usually this kind is a gel type made of silicon such as dimethicone and cyclomethicone. Get this if you want to control oil, minimise enlarged pores, lines & smooth out your skin texture. Options --> Sephora Smoothing & Matifying primer, Smashbox Photofinish primer, BareMinerals Primetime primer, Urban Decay Pore perfecting primer  
  2. Pink - If you are looking to make your skin look more pinkish glowing. More like japanese girls. Options --> Sephora Illuminating primer, Benefit That gal primer, Sephora Perfection primer
  3. Pearly-white - This is usually like a makeup base effect where it counteracts uneven dull skin tone. Pearlised finish gives a luminating brightening radiance to skin and instantly look younger. Suits dry skin. Options --> Hourglass Mineral primer, Urban decay Brightening face primer
  4. Purple - On the color wheel of artists, purple neutralises yellow. Yellow = sallow. Dull sallow skin tone can be corrected with this colored primer. Everyone can use this. 
  5. Green - For reducing redness around the nose, cheeks and any sensitive areas so that concealing is easier and more effective. Options --> Make Up For Ever Primer in green, Smashbox Photofinish primer in adjust.

Hourglass Mineral Primer - This primer has been 3 years my fave and still going strong! It is white in color and immediately makes me look like I have glowing skin when I apply this!
You can wear this alone or under makeup! Instant skin brightener!

It has a mineral sunscreen of titanium dioxide & zinc oxide = broad spectrum of UVA/UVB sun protection = you dont have to wait 30mins for the sunscreen to take effect!

I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THIS PRIMER! You girls must try it!
Makeup really stays for hours! And I am one girl who hates touch-ups so you know this is really godamnit effective!
S$76 and totally worth it!

~ xoxo, Beauty Editor Live Your Dream

April 16, 2011

Instant manicure in 5mins flat!

Gothic black Manicure in 5 mins flat! ;) @Sephora nail patch in 08 jet black! Manicure has never been more fun than this!

I wanna play with cuter nail patchs & that's coming in summer 2011 Sephora!!! Hahha can't wait! Will definitely show pics soon!

Nail patches look & feel the same as normal nail polishes and removes just the same way too!

But its millions times waayyyyyy better!!!

Say no to waiting time, drying time, calling time, sitting there like an idiot, hands outstretched under that fan that didn't seem to dry my nails!

Nail patch looks instantly chic, professionally done & u r ready to rush out for ur partying/ date/ dinner in 5 mins!

I tried once to do it all on the bus otw to work& marvel at the beautifully manicured hands like magic done it!

I'm addicted. Max.

#Lookdujour: smokey pink black eyes, complete with black eyeliner & My signature cat eyes!

They always tell me they get inspired by my cat eyes!


Leopard printed design

It's done!!! ^_~

My latest creation: Bling leopard printed shoes designed by Gelainza!

I was so inspired that nite & pulled out my white canvas shoes, my acryllic paints, brushes, palette, water & my brains (lol) and had to paint!!!

Till 230am that nite becos of the sparkles spillage!

Pink & grey blend is such a pretty combination! ;)

xoxo, gk

Solving the flakiness puzzle!

Flaky skin peels off really like a piece of puzzle... Sometimes the pieces ain't complete!

Whatever it is, back to basics is always my cure!
Since I came back from much-polluted Malaysia air, my nose & face were all thirst of hydration & moisture!
Reminds me yet again to appreciate my Singapore fresh humid air!

I always preach to my staff/ friends/ clients to Customise ur skincare to ur skin needs which infinitely change when air, water & temperature change around us.

I have a store of products at home so now looking thru the stuffs to see what can help me!

I 1st exfoliate my skin with a powerful yet gentle facial scrub with exfoliating beads
@Soap&glory scrub ur nose in it is my cure!

And then use a antiAging serum with hydrating ingredients!
@Sephora super loaded age defy serum to the rescue!

(did a Sephora review 6/6 stars for this product!) Read it here --->

And complete with moisturiser to lock in all the benefits from serum!
I luve Soap&glory catch a wrinkle in time day moisturizer!
Also my current fave: Skinz UV white day cream.

Pls Remember to use a sunscreen!
I was appalled over last night dinner with my girlfriends that some didn't use daily sunscreen!
Double OMGG!!!
I love loreal uv expert or boscia illuminating spf30 sunscreen!

In the evening after work, I use #Shiffa tamanu moisturizing creme.

Put on a super water mask for 15mins and massage a little to allow the mask to sink in more. Usually I don't wash it off.

Get the look:
• Skin79 bb creme hot pink
• urban decay 24/7 concealer in FBI
• amazing cosmetics powder set
• Shu Uemura brow pencil
• k palette (no.1 in japan) 24hr liquid eyeliner
• faux lashes
• essence stay with me lip gloss in me & my icecream


April 3, 2011

Training robot!

Been mad busy churning out trainings like a robot! I realize I like doing & training abt products & techniques
but not the admin part of work like emailing ppl for trainings & updating records that drain me.
That took away so much of my time that could have been better spent on research on beauty & makeup stuffs, study different products in our database and create more useful tools to help my girls in selling.
If she cant employ another trainer, then hire an admin to do those work! I left accounts becos i hated admin and mundane work!
People get to outsource their work out to new positions, I still have to do everything.

So tired. Battery depleting.
I need Paris to recharge my training battery, energy from my fellow trainers in other parts of Sephora & share experiences. I need that exchange of energy & learnings, humans all need to belong to a community, & isn't that how facebook becomes No.1 website? Everybody needs to "like" things, people & beliefs & share their stories!

God, give me some love, energy & bring all the positive energy, thoughts, people back into my life!
I am grateful for how my family loves me.
I am grateful for how my gifts have got me where I am & that I can walk away from here to where I belong & can freely express myself & shine max!

xoxo, gk

Why didnt I think he is this good looking before?

The perfect guy all women are looking for today. The perfection in features, body & attitude.

Did u ever suddenly think your guy friend or a certain celebrity disappear after a while & suddenly appear, looking much more perfect...leave u wondering why u hadn't noticed it before?

More people are getting everything from facelifts to liposuction these days. And it's the so-called less vain sex who is helping to drive those plastic surgery numbers up.

How many?
Men underwent more than 1.1 million cosmetic procedures in 2010 -- both minimally invasive and surgical -- accounting for 9.9% of all cosmetic procedures last year.

(In 2010, 13.1 million people overall underwent plastic surgery, up 5% from the year ago period, according to the ASPS.)

So what did he do?
The bulk of the 10 fastest growing male cosmetic procedures were surgical, which reverses the previous trend of growth in minimally invasive treatments, such as Botox, according to the ASPS's findings.

After nose jobs, the top male cosmetic procedures by volume were eyelid surgery, liposuction, breast reductions and hair transplants.

As facelifts and nose jobs topped the list, men are indulging in some of the most expensive plastic surgery procedures out there: The average cost nationwide for a facelift is $6,231, while a nose job costs $4,306, on average, according to the ASPS.

That compares with $2,884 for liposuction and $3,013 for a male breast reduction.

Why he did it?
Men have a new attitude toward cosmetic surgery than historically.
They want a younger look!

Ann McMahon, a clinical psychologist based in New York City, says, "In our culture, younger is better. And "lines and jowls are not [considered] attractive in our culture."

More men are undergoing plastic surgery "because of the economy specifically: There just aren't as many jobs out there. They're saying, 'Anything that will give us an edge, why not?'"

It used to be that "the older men in business had more stature," McMahon added. "Nowadays, it's not the same. Look at the technological age we're in: It's all about youth and speed."

The influence of celebrity culture is another factor influencing the rise of male plastic surgery,
Haeck says. "The 'man's man' is also seeing celebrities undergo various procedures, so it's become more socially acceptable."

Will u ask ur man to do it?

Perhaps the side effect is we have more good lookers on the streets which enhances the aesthetics factor of our world, why not?

If u dare to go under the knife, why not?

*shudders... The thought of pain is excruciating..punctures my courage to do anything like that.

If anything else fails, Photoshop & makeup still run to rescue! ;)

xoxo, gelainza

Just received fresh from Korea


So happy to meet yve on Friday & gotten these!

• skin79 bb cream in hot pink (full size)
- my current fave bb cream which is both matifying & high coverage in small amount!
• skin79 bb cream in hot pink (travel size)
• skin79 sue hydrating mini set (sample)
- a systematic high moisture line that strengthens moisture barrier
• skin79 white reviving skin radiance mini set
• baviphat apple magic lip tint
• baviphat peach magic lip tint
- utterly irresistible lip tints in fruit shaped like toys & smell so yummy!

The look I wear frequently these days!

Get the look:
- urban decay sin primer potion (as base all over eyelid to browbone)
- urban decay 24/7 eye pencil in ransom (lower lashline, 1/4outer corner)
- tokidoki robbery eye shadow palette in LA gun (upper eyelid smoked out)
- pop beauty faux lashes in brigitte bardot
- NYX jumbo white eyeliner to blend (inner corners)
- NYX round lipstick in louisiana


Outfit of the day:
H&m long grey tank top with mini pocket & buttons
Littleredheels checkered black
Long silver necklace forever21
Black lace bangle h&m
Pazzion black studded heels