January 30, 2011

10 things you need to get done before CNY!

Here's what.

Many of us dread the idea of spring cleaning. The image of hair bunned up, sweat dripping, hands in glove...well isn't all that pretty. And the grey (y my fave color?! =_=) dust that's flying around as u wipe cause u to sneeze nonstop doesn't help as well.

U know what??

The idea & image aren't that pretty..yes, given that u just think about it. Thinking is the hardest part. & of cos u r thinking the actual process of work itself!
However if u think of the end result- ur room clean, free of dust, well organised, spick & span, smelling good - may be a better encouraging image!
Try that!
I picture myself with lesser stuffs stuffing my drawers, boxes, cupboards, cabinet, wardrobe, I felt so driven to get to it!
So I put on my mask, took some plastic bags & get to work!

Right! So 10 things to do before cny!

1) Clean the room
2) Donate some clothes
3) Reorganize wardrobe
4) Clean the table
5) Throw away unnecesary papers & mags
6) Review ur files in thumbdrive, hardisk drive & laptop
7) Paint the room & living room
8) Wash laundry
9) Repay ur debts
10) Discard expired makeup & skincare

Do at least these & have an awesome rocking new year, luve!

*With no false lashes

Makeup by gelainza using Too faced & Bareminerals colors

xoxo, beauty editor gk

January 28, 2011

4 LOOKS for UD15 24/7 pencil set





These 4 looks are designed for the launchpad @ION.
Which are to be recreated by my MUAs for 3 weeks! (Isnt it too long??)

luve the pencil set!
Its $160, for 15 full size pencils & a sharpener! Each pencil calculates to $10 each (UP$30)
Totally luve it!

~ xoxo, Beauty Editor Live Your Dream

Love ya

~ xoxo, Beauty Editor Live Your Dream

January 25, 2011

CAT EYES ~ what every girl wants to learn but never know how!

What every girl always wanted to learn but never know how!
Cat eyes can be black or colorful. Black defines while colors are playful!
Provocative yet sophisticated at the same time, it is so versatile it can be worn by everyone
- from office ladies, sales/service personnel to party girls.

List of liners! (in blue = preferred)


Liquid liners
Smashbox limitless liquid liners
Sephora Doe eyed liners
Hourglass caligraphy liners
Urban Decay liquid liners
Sephora Long lasting eyeliners
Pop beauty one liner

Gel Liners
Smashbox jet set liners
Pop Beauty one pot liners

Pencil liners
bareMinerals big & bright eyeliners (with sharpener)
Smashbox limitless eye liners (with sharpener)
Pop beauty Cat eyes
Urban Decay 24/7 glide on pencils
Too faced Foiled liners
Sephora flashy liners

Sephora IT Angled liner brush
Sephora Professional angled liner brush
Urban Decay Angled liner brush
Smashbox Bent tip liner

1. Apply your desired eye colors 1st.
2. With mirror tilted 45 degrees, line eyes close to lashline, starting from centre of lid outwards, ending with a flick.
3. Check that both eyes are the same angle and length. Your eyes should appear lifted, more alert! Now go ahead & wink at that hottie @_~

~ xoxo, Beauty Editor Live Your Dream

January 24, 2011

Vanilla Skulla Shoes

Shoe Label Designer : Gelainza Kong

All my shoes are created from this humble white canvas material (remember those school days??) and art materials such as lace, ribbons, fur, feather, etc!

From this plain canvas..

To... works of art.
Each artpiece retails at SGD69.90.

Where to Shop:
Vanilla Skulla Shoes now known as House of Jiang by Gelainza


Ash grey vanilla
Gelainza in paris eiffel tower
A entangled love triangle
i want to fall in luve... skull & doll

pout glam..
lovekills slowly
dancing shoes
if fairies are real
sweet pink & gold

~ xoxo, Beauty Editor
Live Your Dream

January 20, 2011

My Travel Checklist


1) Sephora travel eye makeup remover
2) Boscia smoothing facial polish
3) Soap&Glory cleansing wipes
4) Sisley rose toner (travel)
5) Caudalie vinoexpert moisturiser (tube)
6) Libote sakura eye cream (tube)
7) Loreal sunscreen SPF50 (tube)
8) Hourglass mineral primer (sachets)
9) Missha BB cream (tube)
10) Urban Decay concealer (stick)
11) Too faced amazing face compact foundation (to set makeup)
12) Amazing cosmetics powder set
13) Anna sui liquid eye color
14) MAC shadow brush
15) Too faced glamour to go palette (eyes, cheeks)
16) Faux lash (1 pair)
17) lash glue
18) Bareminerals brushes
19) Hand mirror
20) lip balm
21) hair brush
22) Toothbrush & paste
23) Hair shampoo (travel)
24) Soap&glory Clean on me shower gel (travel)
25) Contact lens spare & specs
26) Solution & case
27) Cotton pads & buds
28) Tissue


1) 2 tank tops (black & white)
2) denim shorts/ jeans
3) 1 loose tee & mphosis black pants (pyjamas)
4) Shades
5) Cap
6) Sweater (if weather cold/ cold nights)
7) Flip flops
8) Watch


1) Hp charger
2) Travel charger
3) Passport
4) Booking itinerary - airticket & hotel (2 copies)
5) Locks
6) Extra bag

~ xoxo, Beauty Editor Live Your Dream

January 12, 2011

my eyes only see you..happy pastels in spring2011!! U make me happy!

Many people today incl customers at bubble tea shop can't help exclaim, "I like the way u do ur eyes!!! So pretty looks like an ad!" awww ....thanks! Smiling from my heart, replied, "oh it's from @Sephora!" painting is for my enjoyment for your viewing pleasure. Thanks for viewing ^_~
Always gleeful game for NEW playthings!
When I was a kid, everyone play with barbie,polly pocket & snap. I have my lipsticks & blushes to play pretty. & I play for hours. #practice

 spring 2011 duos & nail polishes ~ one shots
 new long lasting eyeliners ~ gorgeous matte, shimmery & gliitery textures to choose from!

 face chart done for this look!
Get The look!

~ xoxo, Beauty Editor
Live Your Dream

Spring 2011 into action!

Hello peeps!

Today's beauty update:
Soap&glory Training with the sweet Marie!
Spring2011 press event at southbridge jazz @7atenine with the editors, makeup artists after soap&glory training with the sweet Marie! ;)

Happy pastels!!!
face chart created for the look!
also included bottom lashes! Luve it!
Makes me feel like walking the flower garden... ;)
with marie!!! Such a sweet frenchgirl who stays in London!

Always enjoyed the Press days becos its socialising! Haaa networking.... in fact that is always something I like! We shall see~
"Beauty is a standard you decide to set for yourself one day which stems from the desire only you yourself can create & pursue. There is really no ugly women in this world if you just work a little harder enough."
~ xoxo, Gelainza

Beauty Editor
Live Your Dream

January 8, 2011

Burlesque goes on...

Some people say 2010 was a year of Burlesque.

Like its for Dita Von Teese.

Christina Aguilera's latest debut movie "Burlesque" starring also Cher, where she steps into the City of Dreams, LA. One day, she stumbled upon a Burlesque bar and performance was on. Immediately she was mesmerised and her heart is flying out to meet it. She wants to be a burlesque! She knew that is her destiny. To express.

Smashbox collaborates with Sony Pictures to create Smashbox Burlesque collection launched in Jan 2011.
Click this link to watch behind the scenes of the making of this smashing look!

Out in Sephora stores already!!! Check it out!

~ xoxo, Beauty Editor Live Your Dream

January 6, 2011

God's walk-in-makeover-room

If God is an innovator, he will invent us a walk-in-makeover-room, instead of walk-in-closet. Walk in naked& out with ur programmed look! Paypal will deduct rental fees of clothes & makeup accordingly. Nothing is for ever. -#gelainza

xoxo, gk

January 5, 2011

Beauty university

Hihi babes!
It's a drizzy day with the sprinkle down since 6pm. If u noe me, u noe Nice chilly weather is to my liking!!!

And I like to say this to everybody i meet...
...if I have the power to control the education system, I will delete "Literature" AND put in "Beauty School" as a COMPULSORY module in high school/college/ polytechnics & universities!
Or perhaps added into our ART classes!!! ;) good idea eh?
I wld Luve to be a school teacher then.
Draw on paper
Draw on faces
Draw on wood
Draw on canvas

Geography/ literature has given me no direction/meaning in my career or life...srsly.

In the module, I will teach you all the makeup fantasies you ever have secretly or openly!
Makeup has no boundaries. Leave it to the widest imagination & possibilities and let them unravel its beauty before you. Sooner or later, you will be hooked to the feelings of being prettier and people want to talk to you more than before!

As Nathan Johnson (ANTM) famously said,
"I think makeup should be taught to women in high school. So many ladies have no idea what to do with color. They apply it wrong, or stick to the same 3 colors or worst 1 color for their entire life!! "

I totally agree hands & feet!!!

Unsettling for me to look into a weirdly made up face or a blank unmade face. I cant help but stare.

Yesterday I was at Watsons to get mosquito patch and I asked a girl for help in the crowded shopat far east. She looked up & scared the whole wits out of me! She has 2 wiry thin as cockroach legs, black brows almost going to meet in the centre!
I wish I could tell her & help her.

Girls, what u prefer?
Q: Would u like ppl to tell u nicely when ur brows (or anywhere) looook like cockroach legs OR not at all cos u'll be hurt?

I would luve an answer.


xoxo, gk