November 21, 2010

Sephora Smiling Skincare

Hihi babelicious,

This week's STAR: Sephora smiling skincare

Reviewing this range is PURE delight! Looking at it also a joy!
Why? Read on to know why!

I won't talk abt smtg I have no special feelings for.

My skin first experienced a smile when I was in Paris Sephora university in training for this skincare! This training takes 1/2day very elaborate going thru the new high-end fragrance, the new potent formula, the strict long process of quality control, the blindfolded panel of me falling deep deep deep in love with it. If it is a guy, I wld hav bore him a child! Too exaggerating? Haha dats how much I luve tis!

This is skincare that makes ur skin smile and sing again...

Do u know?
Smilers regularly use their smiling & laughing muscles called the zygomatic muscles which mobilize other muscles and gives a natural lift! Can u imagine now? If u r smart, u will know the consequences.
Smiling= non surgical botox lift!
It's free!!! It's FOC!!! it's painless! It can be done everyday and a smile can be given to others too!

How cool!! Let's now thank God for his ingenious brains!!!

Do u see the link now?
Constant smiling
- keeps facial features in place
- fights against sagging
- keeps lifting our face hence fights gravity

Look at a smiling & frowning person. Who do u like to spend time with?
The smiling one is always radiating beauty, life and positive ions! Go stick to her!! Rub off some magic with her around!!!

The frowning and frantically angry person is someone u don't want to go near, she sucks ur energy away. Go away!!!
Look at her, doesn't she resemble a crow? Telltale sign? She has crow feet.

I like simplicity & colors. Colors make us happy and feel like a child again. A child smiles easily and does not judge. A child dares to play and be adventurous. A child is not afraid to fall. A child is always happy & curious. A child always euphoric! That's why I luve feeling like a child! I function best when I feel like a child!

This full range is color-coded. Again. Yes. Sephora goes back to who she is. Back to why she is famous for.
Dominique Mandonaud our founder created 365 lipsticks, 1 for a day. Colors are a part of out DnA. Our bath range is abt colors & still our best selling sku today.

Our new IT brushes are color coded for ease of selection and also meant to excite our senses!

Colors calm or excite our senses, this is psychology.

Orange refresh us.
Purple is relaxing and luxurious.
Pink is cheerful n young!
Green is fresh and clean.
Blue is like water and ocean.

This is exactly how we choose our colors for each simple range.
If u are craving for some clean relief, go ahead and pick up the green colored products.
If u like relaxing/ anti aging, choose purple!

Easy right??

Blue: makeup removers& cleansers
Green: toners & scrubs
Pink: hydrating
Purple: anti aging
Orange: body

Applying skincare is more than just patting it on face!

Take some time to pamper ur self and allocate me-time.
Massage the product on palm 1st and then massage onto face activate the product ingredients to take effect and optimize product absorption.

Stay tuned for part 2 if u want skin soft & smooth!

xoxo, gk

November 3, 2010

How to not create puffy eyes with the right makeup & colors

Yo skullas,

On a side note, if u are madly obsessed with skulls like me & follow my beauty blog, u are a fellow skulla! Hello & welcome to my world of skulls, beauty, makeup and accessories addiction!

I'm often get asked how to reduce puffy eyes with eye cream & makeup. One of the most popular requests, how to look lovely sweet in pink eyeshadow like the koreans without puffy eye effect?

On the streets I see alot of disasters. Not to mention, i understand its early in the morn and mistakes do happen. But still, that is an invalid excuse for showing the world ur puffy eyes!!!
Like a feminine pad, it should be hidden and concealed unless u are talking abt iPad!
I don't care, puffy eyes are never in!

I still see women not knowing that their makeup habits and colors they chose made them look like their eyelids are pregnant! The highest cases happen in the early mornings under the bright sun@9-2pm omg!

Alright I am not ur boss and this is not reprimand, more like revelation for you.

So what colors are mad taboos when worn alone?

1. Frosted pearlised blues, yellows, oranges & pinks worn alone.
2. Plum shades
3. Pink of any shade worn alone

xoxo, gk