September 29, 2010

Korean Beauty 노민우

easy layered cardi over tank tops, skinny pants/jeans... in neutral colors.

dressed in all black and model-ish, almost teary eyes, red lips.

In absolute beauty the face is, his graceful long fingers are what I notice in this 184cm tall & slender guy with nicely lined soulful eyes... the way he managed to wear the role's emotions as his own skin makes him totally a 'changed' man from his own personal rock life is impressive. Looking through his past pics, he's really cute! Some pics reminds me of my all-time idol Kimura takuya and in some pics he really looks like vaness wu. Luve best when he is rocking in his tied back straight hair, BLACK tank tops & jeans and all the chains, skulls, metals, rock smoky eye makeup and skull rings... they are SO ME!!! So its easy for me to fall in love with that kind of style. Probably just so used to it as I used to have a rocker boyfriend and always luve their individualistic dont-care-less attitude that is so rare these days! His smoky eyes, very japanese rockgetup, (invited comments from people that he looks so gay... but to me, its a beauty. 'Gay' is an overrated term, overused and overabused. To me, gay is beauty too. If Korean guys all look gay & are so popular, then it means that our audience really luve this look! But if he looks gay but he is straight, its a bonus, no?) his clean healthy face in this drama definitely wakes up my passion to make up guys now! My hands are itching to do so! But lately not keeping in contact with guys so much... and recalling I used to always love shaping my boyfriends' eyebrows, faces & some lip stains...but now i don't have bf so no subject, anyone wants a shot at it? ;)

===>>> Read on for one of his interviews after the No2 ranking drama, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho...

No Min Woo plays “Park Dong Joo” in the SBS drama “My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox” but is often referred to  as “Teacher Dong Joo”, mainly by the drama’s main character Gu Mi Ho (Shin Min Ah). 

In the interview, No Min Woo seemed to have a cold. “After three days of shooting all night starting at 6pm,” he told the interviewer, “time goes exceptionally fast. It feels like we began shooting yesterday and all of the sudden the broadcast is ending for that night. You lose track.” This is an occasion for all actors. 

‘Girlfriend’ has created a wide variety of talk. When viewers see rain in sunny weather, they immediately think “Ah, Mi Ho” and wonder about how expensive the soda Mi Ho loves ends up being. Whenever the characters even eat, viewers go “ahhh, delicious.” However, “King of Baking, Kim Tak Gu” viewers still hold around 10% of the audience. “It’s a lie if you don’t desire ratings,” says No Min woo. “but the ‘Gumiho’ ratings are good. So it’s a nice atmosphere.”
Dramatic from the beginning, the audience has many different opinions on Park Dong Joo. “Seem mysterious rather than be driven by a motive, maybe that’s what I wanted to do. Also, vegetarians don’t always only have contact with people who only eat meat. I like people going ‘what is he doing with her?’ I liked that aspect. Maybe next week, we will emerge stronger.”

Dong Joo will have to face with Mi Ho what he faced with Gil Dal soon. Just like Mi Ho, Gil Dal wanted to be a human and was betrayed by a “different killer”, a man. Dong Joo couldn’t help but love Gil Dal and now has guilt in his heart. 

Dong Joo’s attitude is different with Mi Ho because this time he can’t let the past repeat itself. “At first, I was like the owner watching the game from afar. But gradually began to worry about Mi Ho. In addition, it turned out that Mi Ho was a part of Gil Dal. I don’t want Mi Ho to meet the same pain.”

No Min Woo had to dig deeply to find the lonely and pulled feelings of Dong Joo. Even one month of not seeing anybody close was enough to find that. “Pasta” didn’t have feelings like this.

“Looking back at the nature, body, tone and everything changed after Pasta. I was even 7kg lighter. ‘Pasta’ was about a man who had grown up rich. During the break, I took a bit of a downgrade from life. Above all, I just wanted to clear and keep my mind clear. Dong Joo is a character I have never met. So I learned to make faces, keep sharp angles, etc. I also stood a bit more upright. Just like ‘older characters’ would. I already wonder what character I will be taking on next.” 

Shin Min Ah and No Min Woo and the rest of the cast will often refer to each other as their characters name on the set. Through tone, No Min Woo was able to become Park Dong Joo. “I would have to really open my eyes on a sad day and learn to portray emotion in a tense or very concentrated sense. It’s really surprising because I’ll have dreams about being in the drama. The first time I read the script, I got goosebumps. The last 13~16 episodes are important. I don’t want to leave the cast.” 

No Min Woo, Mi Ho, and Cha Dae Woong (Lee Seung Gi) are expressing love in many different ways in “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho”. “Focusing on a love triangle is a thrill. In the end, nobody knows what will happen. Have questions and keep watching, you won’t be disappointed.” 

“Dong Joo will eventually meet death” has been a lot of the predictions. “Since playing the role of Dong Joo, I had less mood swings. I even react more calmly in every day life. If Mi Ho is happy, then it doesn’t matter how Dong Joo is.”

“My Girlfriend is a Gumiho” is a 16 episode series.

Translation credit: lovexskyline
Source: Omona, Newsen

~ tres chic by GK

September 28, 2010

Skincare skincare skincare!!!

Hey babes!!!

I used to think skincare is just cleanser, toner & moisture cream.
Until one day I wash my face and look in the mirror clearly, with the sun shining on my face, I saw my laugh line on my left side of face!!! Never so clear I see it!
From then on, I use eye cream, serums & moisture cream everyday except saturday. I always leave a day off with no makeup, no skincare to let my skin just breathe on it's own. I instinctively felt my skin ask for it. I thot It was just the lazy me talking. Until I heard from a celrbrity skincare expert that it is true!!! ;) OMG!!! If he thinks that way, that makes me a skincare expert too! Haha

There are a lot of theories out there and we all have different skin types, lifestyles and hence different skin needs. So observe ur own skin, see the symptoms and consult a skincare expert her opinions if u are unsure.

Generally everyone needs a makeup remover, cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer, eye cream daily and Weekly scrub & mask. However it's good to sometimes allow ur skin work on it's own too. Our body is such a genius system, it can function on it's own and produce what we need.
Somehow ur environment may influence what u put on ur skin. For eg, most people will feel dehydrated nearing autumn when it gets colder & wet. So apply more hydrating skincare.

Serums I luve:
Libote intensive serum
Ole truth serum booster
Rexaline hydraforce

Moisture creams I luve:
Bliss triple oxygen + vit C cream
Libote moisture cream
Kose sekkisei

Boscia smoothing facial polish
Clean & clear scrub
Bliss facial polish
Sephora dual action cleanser scrub

Masks must-haves:
Bliss triple oxygen mask
Laneige water pack
Anna sui moisturizing mask

Makeup removers:
Sephora eye mup rmr
Boscia makeup breakup

Products that I alternate and use depending on my skin needs that day.

Keep listening to ur skin just like u keep listening to ur heart. Soon u will pick up the right signals and the right tasks!

xoxo, gk

September 25, 2010

Clarisonic ~ Clearer, cleaner, younger skin

I can still remember the good news of Clarisonic coming to Singapore, after hearing about how marvellous it can make the skin feel and look, how awesome it cleans so well, I have been dying to try it!
Finally when i got my set home...i still remember i came back from a bbq with my colleagues and was feeling super greasy oily all over!

These are my tweets:

Then I just gave my 1st time to #clarisonic plus! ;) How did u guys create such a genius baby?? My skin feels pillowy delicate now! cradling it in my hands I wish it can do more than just deep cleansing haaa!! So ticklish when I use it on my.. Nose! Cute! ;p
If I can try clarisonic opal... Hmmmm... Heard it's efficient like Botox in diminishing fine lines & expression lines!! I soooo need it!! 
Beauty tip: try gg back to basics when u r experiencing blemishes. Think: R u cleansing 100%? @Clarisonic cleanses 6x better than tradl methods.
Nothing vibrates like clarisonic sonic techonology! It's godsend wonder everyone MUST try! Save up all ur spa facials fees & buy one, baby
And then...the press day came. I was supposed to bring my set back. It was pouring mad!!! Even heavens was crying for me!
yes the feeling is heartbroken. U dunno.. I am even crying now! The few days of satisfaction are was 4days sampling.

Then i thought I have to part with my clarisonic.... and then the dearest David gave me a set. He said, with all the rest, I must at least have one for myself. So I gave his set to me, saying go try it and see the difference on ur skin after 3 months and then some... and the rest is history. 
I have my baby clarisonic every night. The vibrations I somehow find very cooing... I feel so happy after I use it every night... its a love ritual.

An overnight charge will last you 30 minutes. Means 30 times. If you use it twice daily, it would last 2 weeks. Usually I charge it for 6 hours straight and it will indicate full charge with all the lights in front lit up.

Cleansing is the 1st step of skincare regimen, yet the most neglected and treated with disinterest.
This is going to change from now.
Cleansing is the most important step and the 1st step to prepare your skin.
If your skin is well cleansed and free of dead skin cells, dirt, makeup & impurities, your skin is able to receive the benefits from your serums, masks & moisturisers, eye creams you apply.
Do you ever had that time when you felt that your moisture cream is not working as well as before? Thats because your skincare is not penetrating deep enough. Due to the layer of dead skin cells.
You need to rid them by efficient cleansing and let the glow radiate through.

I suggest you remove your makeup with makeup remover if you dont want to stain your brush head so fast. Another reason is because cleansing is unlike makeup removal. Makeup requires some oil to fully dislodges the makeup we put on our face especially since nowadays we are talking about super lasting makeup, makeup that wont smudge, waterproof, stays put whole day. So common sense says, we need to use makeup remover to remove the makeup. Then cleanse the face with a cleanser.
Clarisonic is a tool that removes remaining traces of oil, dirt, makeup and impurities from our pores to prevent clogging and which leads to whiteheads, black heads, acne!
Becos Clarisonic removes 6 times more makeup than manual cleansing, simply sonic technology allows 300 oscillations in one second, it works more efficiently. We cant move our hands 300 times in a second, can we?
With makeup so lasting, you need a powerful cleansing gadget!
And girls with gadget are just cooler! ;)

~ tres chic by GK

September 24, 2010

The perfect hottie

Lately watching:
1. Personal taste ( starring lee min Ho)
2. Playful kiss ( starring Kim hyun joong)
3. My girlfriend is a gumiho ( starring no min woo)

Why are Korean dramas although not teary-weary like before, they still tug at our heart strings... Or rather our tv & network cables?
The key lies in the perfect lighting and makeup and then foolish idiotic girl next door female main lead who wins over the hot rich smart guy, competing with the hotter stylish but often evil scheming female stars. The plot seems to be the same with the girl & guy started being hostile / nonchalant or hate each other, to becoming increasingly meeting each other coincidentally everyday n falling in luve!

Oh well.. Most of them are adapted from japanese animes!

If there is only 1 thing to learn from our Korean stars?
The skill to draw eyeliner so discreetly we call 'waterlining'. Aren't u amazed why these hotties look so perfect- now STARE at their eyes.

Their perfect skin perfected by little (pls, not thick!??) foundation/powder and pink reddish shaped kissable! Wooo..
Those who know how to use makeup available to them as readily as us girls WILL WIN heads down over the rest! And they also learn about lighting and sculpting... ;)

Add beige/ camel/light grey/pink long cardis over white chest baring tank tops or black on black,
Or dressed in long black shirt & fitted pants,
Or loose sweaters...
paired with skinny long pants that stop just above ankle,
Feet clad in long pointed shoes or white or grey keds,
And carry a tote! Leather or canvas! Oh so in luve~~

Oh oh add a simple diamond earring stud and a simple or chunky silver ring. Hmmm...

You got it! THE STAR is born!

HAIRstyle makes a lot of difference too. A hairstyle can change your charisma, personality and image others see you.
You can be wild, crazy, sophisticated and sleek, confident and sexy, or innocent boyish girlish.

If you know or see a guy looking like this, PLEASE CALL ME. I am looking for him for more than 1000 years now.

It's not that difficult right? U guys say what I ask for a guy is too much, u see, it's all spelt out, it's NOT difficult or elusive or fantasy at all. I just need to go to Korea or grab one potential one and makeover him!

The perfect picture
No min woo! I am obsessed... He can pass off with the charisma like scorpios. In this show.
But Why? geminis are so intriguing to me... they played big roles in my past.

There! My perfect hottie!

xoxo, gk