January 7, 2010

Ethereal minimal look

If you are afraid of the heavy makeup look, try my dab-sponge method! Dab a pea size liquid foundation with a blending sponge onto only areas needing coverage. :) then blend a little lipstick on the cheeks & lips! Tada! Complete minimal look!

I have been spotted in this as-if-no-makeup look for entire last month- to my 2day dentist appointments, to my bro's BMTC graduation and min's bday!
Okay, min's bday, my skin was totally bare becos I wore glasses & lots of hydrating skincare!

2notti monster nieces caught in a tumbling act. Mr happy is min and we were celebrating her bday wch is today! That little bee over there is truly spoilt! Needs some spanking! Carrying both of them, one 17kg, one 13 kg was easy for me, I can even swing them around but I can imagine my sister handling them alone! It must have been a crazy!

xoxo, gk