November 5, 2009

Fred Farrugia ~ a brand exclusive to Sephora

Fred Farrugia is my love brand!

As a very petite ("skinny" ~ *rolls eyes... why do people always call me that?) makeup artist, i always hated the heavy aluminium makeup case I had to carry to shoots.
When I 1st saw this design, I was so swooned.
How can such great quality makeup be presented in such genius packaging and when I held them stacked high in my hand, I immediately sighed a relief at the thought of no more heavy cases for me! I could actually bring my entire collection of foundations, concealers, to eyeshadows and blushes, lipsticks, brushes in such compact travel friendly weight!
I am going to show you how light and storage saving space-friendly it is as well!

Before you go crazy at the pigments the award-winning brand gives you, you must know this brand is made in paris!
The ex lancome artistic director created this in his house. And made it available to us exclusive in Sephora!

Even the lipsticks are in cake form.
Everything is compact in cake form, very concentrated formula, you only use a little.
And it blends so easily, giving you second skin perfection! Almost like airbrushed!
I love such vibrant colors in makeup, thats why I am not a bobbi brown fan.
Sorry but I luve COLORS! The more the merrier.
Colors bring my heart to dance!
They make me happy because I luve black so much the colors pop out of the dark side.