July 6, 2016

Mary Kay Singapore's 1st ESSD!

ESSD Success Story (www.marykay.com.sg website featured story)


Because of a lipstick, I walked into Mary Kay world. 

Overworked & lost, I resigned from Ernst & Young Audit Supervisor job to follow my dreams. I joined Sephora as their Chief Trainer travelling to Paris & Asia Pacific for 4 years. Much a workaholic with no life, I went freelance as a professional makeup artist. Entrepreneurship was lonely with competitors & no mentors. I chanced upon Mary Kay through a popular beauty magazine & attended my mentor's fun skincare class. I fell in love with its unique go-give culture & started conducting my own small classes after MK trainings! In 8 months, I debuted as a sales director, picking up leadership skills & earning free trips including Dallas, Hongkong, Hangzhou. Duplicating Mary Kay simple system, I helped Mary Kay produce 5 wonderful sales directors (they achieved it with their vision & commitment!) & even earned Mary Kay Singapore's 1st Pink Office in town & Singapore's 1st director to achieve Top Director's Trip to dream destination Budapest Hungary with my amazing unit leaders' performance! Today I also became Singapore's 1st Independent Executive Senior Sales Director, enjoying an increasing 5-figure monthly income. Time & Financial freedom used to be delusive & I'm now living my dream. Yet, the biggest paycheck is the paycheck from the heart. When a beauty consultant sends me her updates of how she shared the dreams, helped another woman look beautiful, when a customer excitedly texts me to share her skin improvements & happiness, that's true satisfaction money cannot buy. I live for that! 

My life motto: Dream BIG & GIVE more!


~ Love, Gel

July 4, 2016

What's a Beauty Career with Dreams?

🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻I'm recruiting part/full time beauty consultants (housewives, mommies, office ladies, lady bosses, HR personnel all welcome! 🏆FREE Trainings step by step all provided! 
✌🏻️I will groom U into my next sales directors! Are u next?
*P.S. 2016 is half gone! Stop pushing back ur beautiful future. 

👠Unhappy with ur current job? Do u feel u deserve more pay & bonus at work?
👠Do u desire a higher quality of life? 
👠Have u ever pondered on starting ur own business? 
✈💜I always wanted more free me-time, more 👫👨👩👧👦family time, more travel, unlimited income potential $20k above, more relaxed environment filled with laughter & love in my work place. 

🚦If u like me, was at crossroads, disillusioned at ur life, lost for directions, low in savings, crave time & financial freedom & true happiness at ur work, PM me for ☕️🍷coffee/tea! Lets make things happen! 💥💥💥💥

July 1, 2016


你打工往往是 --> 薪水不够、工作压力高、人际关系复杂双面、没有发挥潜能的机会。再多给你十年,结果还是如此。
我改变的勇气来自于内心期待~ 过着美好豪华的未来⛴🏠🏡🏌
我用一年从0经验的化妆师成为Sephora Paris 的亚洲主培训师,离开Sephora University,用了8个月当上MARY KAY督导2013,开始有美丽,有生活,有快乐的玫琳凯事业!今天,我在全Mary Kay Singapore最高的职位 ~ 执行业务督导 (Executive Senior Sales Director), 团队最大规模的 #QueenofEaglesFamily 



👸🏻👸🏻👸🏻女王的人生有你主宰! 今天开始!
Join my exploding #QueenofEaglesFamily!!! We all welcome U! (真的写了正个早上!)

October 19, 2015

I started on my Invisalign Journey to Perfect Smile!

"I have My Chanel Bag in My Mouth!"

Growing up, I always wished I had perfect straight teeth like my sister! But everyone would compliment that my 😁teeth gave me that cute Jap face! 
I love to smile & they always say my smile can light up the darkest places. 

Until watching THE global makeup video I 📷filmed on E! Entertainment for Sephora, i made up my mind! And so my #Invisalign journey began~ 

No, I didn't choose Invisalign because it's MORE expensive (cost: $8-10k) than traditional braces. Over that Chanel bag. 
I didn't choose #veneers cos that's too shortcut! 

{Traditional braces vs Invisalign}
I easily chose Invisalign for 3 main reasons:
1) Avoid ulcers
2) Image: Look less like an adolescent
3) Won't get veggies stuck in between

1 year on, as compared to traditional braces, #Invisalign is a tad slower. Instead of metal on the teeth, I have 12 little resin attachments to my teeth. 
During mealtimes, I must remove my "aligners" (retainers alike) before I can eat. Initially it was such a disruptive new thing in my snack-loving life. Optimum wear 22 hours but I still scrape through daily with 18hours! Now I'm so used to it, part of me. 

👑👸🏻Beauty Bonus: My face became slimmer O! Haha
And yes 1 more year to go! 
#reengineeredlife #perseverancepays #ilearnpatience #onelongpost #icouldblogthis #buttoolazy

July 26, 2015

Bangkok Travel Diary

Bangkok here i come!!!

Love Bangkok for the cheap everything hahahaha ;p

Bangkok had always been an awesome getaway for Singaporeans cos of its low priced everything & 2.5hours flight away! 

Spent 3 full days in Bangkok to 

10 foods you must eat at Bangkok:

1. Annette Ice cream sticks just outside Platinum Mall! 

2. Ice Manias at Union Mall 
I chose the green tea rum raisin chocolate chips chocolate sauce combo! 
Minus the choco chips, everything is perfect! 

3. Mango Tango @Siam Square Soi 3
We had a full dinner after Ban Khum Mae & headed over for this refreshing heaven! 
It's packed with people although it's quite late already. 

Cool ambience I love it! 

4. Hello Kitty Sanrio Cafe @Siam Square One
Waffles & ice creams! Plus everything pink! 

5. After You Cafe 
(Siam Square One) 
The hottest coolest hangout place seen here really popular for couples, friends & family & u gotta go early to queue! 
But it's not too long a wait. 
The Shibuya honey toast with ur chosen toppings are well worth the wait! 

Crispy on outside soft moist inside.
And the servings are very generous with 2 scoops of ice cream. Great for two to share! 

6. Crabmeat wonton noodles
(At a roadside stall, at Thong Lo station outside Soi 38) 
Bangkok is famous with its roadside stalls & this crabmeat wonton Mee is my first! It is surprising easy to love with the fresh crabmeat & egg! The noodles portion is very small. Suggest to eat this for high tea snack time! 

This one we found just by walking the streets outside Union Mall & was served by this Thai Chinese family who are really hospitable & friendly. Generous portions of 6 wontons, lean pieces of char siew & again the noodles are soft & can be finished in 1 mouthful if ur mouth is big! Haha 

7. Ban Khun Mae
(At Siam Square Soi 3)

It's a huge restaurant & a lot of Singaporeans know this I guess. Cos we met many inside. 

The prices are very affordable & that HUGE fish is only S$14.65 (360baht) & I had so much happy moments savoring the whole of it to the last bits of bones, not sparing even the cheek flesh my fave! 

And the other fave is the fried mushroom! Oh my god! I could eat this everyday!!! 

Gotta try! 

We had the chef recommendation chicken satay too. It's kinda too much for me cos my tummy filled with fish. 
But the flesh is tender & char grilled to just nice. 
Don't like the sauteed kangkong (spinach they call it) as the plate is mainly stalks rather than leaves. 

8. Fried rice with Juicy Shrimps
(Centara watergate hotel plaza top level) 

I like my fried rice kinda moist & soft & this is just right! 
Cleared the whole plate, what do u think?
Plus there was Kpop dance practice by the school girls as side entertainment ;) 

9. Lee Cafe
(Suvarnabhumi Airport)
This is a restaurant of over 30years & served international food from western to Thai to Chinese. 
Couldn't resist the Tom yum goong lobster & it's soo worth it!! For its price S$14, definitely more than thumbs up! 
The lobsters are huge & the soup I'm missing it now! Not too spicy & we finished till the last drop! 

And I finally had my Phad Thai & this is the first time with Crabmeat!!! Oh my god! This is just heaven! I polished the plate yet again! 

10. Fresh Coconut 
What's Bangkok without coconut & Phad Thai? 
And it's the scorching heat u wanna combat with this coconut! 

Browsing the past trends that still remain current!

E! News Asia: Summer 2012 Fashion Police 3D designs, feathers, lace...dreamy, pure, innocent intricate designs fluttering around the cute dresses by Louis Vuitton ~ xoxo, MakeUpByGelainza Beauty Editor Live Your Dream

April 29, 2015

Inspiration Video : 1st ESSD Yan Qianfu (NSD Chen Fa Ling's son)


I get inspired from many things & especially recently more men in MARY KAY! More men are now open to beauty industry! Mary Kay enriching women & men lives!!! Come talk to me if you are a man who also wants a piece of the ever ENORMOUS EVERGREEN beauty pie!!!

Acne has led him this far.
And he's onto becoming the first Male NSD!!! ;)
Be Courageous!

"Simple things repeatedly done
Repeated things do with your whole heart"

Your Only Job Scope: Hold Skincare Classes!
In Mary Kay, I can see my future, 3 years, 5 years of my life from here!

~ xoxo, MakeUpByGelainza Beauty Editor Live Your Dream

Say BYE BYE to Stubborn Cellulite!

Cellulite BYE BYE!!!
Admit it: EVERY GIRL OR WOMAN HAS CELLULITE. It’s a case of mild or serious!
After years of research, Mary Kay Inc finally launched its signature patented cellulite gel for women!
• Scientifically proven to reduce visible stubborn cellulite
• Help prevent new fat cells from appearing!
• If you love wearing shorts, short skirts & anything showing Ur thighs, massage this gel religiously morning & before sleep!
• No “uncomfortable hot” feeling when applied. Absorbs fast!
• Has spa-inspired refreshing grapefruit scent. Hmmm….
• Dramatically amazing results!!!

Current promotion: BUY Cellulite Gel Cream GET FREE Cellulite Massager!
> PM me for details.

~ xoxo, MakeUpByGelainza Beauty Editor Live Your Dream

Mary Kay Singapore is 6 Years old!

Our Mary Kay Singapore is 6 Years Old! 
I’m thrilled & uber excited for its “brighter than stars” future it upholds. And coincidentally, as Mary Kay celebrates its 6th year in Singapore, I celebrate my 3rd Year in Mary Kay Singapore! I joined this amazing & caring company in March 2012. 
 This wonderful beauty company with a heart is founded by the legendary Greatest Woman Entrepreneur of History, Mary Kay Ash back in 1963, 52 years ago! Being voted by millions as “Forbes’ 100 Best Companies to Work For” & “Top 20 Global Consumer Brand Loyalty” is no accident. (The only beauty company in the Top 10, with #1 Amazon, #2 Apple, #3 Facebook!) http://www.businessinsider.com/brand-loyalty-customers-2011-9?IR=T&op=1 Mary Kay till today stands by & lives by its 4 solid core values. 1) Golden Rule : Do unto Others what U want Others Do Unto You. We always consider if it’s a win-win for both parties. 2) Balanced Priorities: God First, Family 2nd, Career 3rd. When you put ur life in perspective & give time to your most important things in life, Ur career will naturally soar high. We saw many high fliers left their jobs to pursue the simple life. Because all we want is to know that our lives do matter to others & impact lives. 3) Go-Give Spirit : Give without expecting returns. We go the extra mile to help another person who is of no direct interest to us. 4) Make Them Feel important : make them feel special & give them attention &
 A company with such values no doubt earns the title “Brands that Delight” & has long loyal following for many more 50 years to come! 

~ xoxo, MakeUpByGelainza Beauty Editor Live Your Dream

March 25, 2015

Thank You Mr Lee Kuan Yew


Thank you for loving your country & hence we have Singapore! We are proud of being Singaporeans for all that you had built for us! 

February 1, 2015

$8 Makeup For Success Workshop (worth $108/pax)

Who should attend: Professionals, working office executives 

Workshop Outline: 
- how to conceal dark circles, flaws & fatigue signs
- apply foundation base/CC Cream that even skin tone & last longer than 12hours
- define monolid eyes & draw eyeliners & MORE..

💋Success Dates: 
•12Feb Thur @3-5pm
•25Feb Wed @3-5pm
•4Mar Wed @3-5pm
•7Mar Sat @11am-1pm / 2-4pm

Venue: International Plaza #13-08 (tanjong pagar MRT) 
Trainer: Ms Gelainza (Former Sephora Head Trainer) 
Email to --> gelainzakong@gmail.com with Ur full name, contact number to reserve a seat for you & your friends!

$8 KPOP Makeup Workshop (Value: $108/pax)

Dear KPOP fans & friends,

This workshop is designed specially for YOU! 
Learn how to rock ur makeup like the KPOP Superstars such as the hottest Girl Group 2NE1 & KARA! 

Quickly register for ur seat NOW! 
Limited seats available up for grabs!!! 

Date: 3 Feb 2015 Tue
Time: 7-9pm
Venue: International Plaza #13-08 (tanjong pagar MRT) 

Email to --> gelainzakong@gmail.com & make payment via ibanking/ATM transfer before confirmation. 

Many thanks. 

Your Makeup Trainer

September 14, 2014

Envy or Achieve?

Looking upon others' achievements, do you envy them? 
Or do you secretly wished that you could one day be like them? Then decide the next minute, you are not as smart, rich, less problems, less commitments, skilled etc as these successful people and continue with your own monotonous life.

Every one of us is special. Life is short. If you have been thinking and admiring all the good things people own and wish you can be like them, then stop postponing your greatness. 
If you don't even make ur first step, you never really know.

Start anyway. 

August 25, 2014

My Invisalign Journey

Today is exactly 1 month since I embarked on my Invisalign journey! 
Extraction of 4 teeth & wearing my first set aligners. Already 2 sets (which means 1 month) have been completed. 

Doctor added attachments to my teeth...so now got little bumps on my teeth! Looks kinda weird if not gross really, feels abit bulky (like I'm eating something in my mouth) & now it feels much tighter with my 3rd set of aligners. 

He said those attachments are to move my teeth easier next time, might even turn it around if need😱 sounds scary but anyway...got to do means got to do right? Trust him anyway. 😊

He attached the "tooth-colored" stuff to the molars & canines that need movement & closing up the tooth gaps eventually. 

He's ever so assuring so I just gotta focus on the final positive outcome! 
He told me not to be conscious about it & just be natural! ;)
Hahaha I will try my best man! 

And yes! I just confirmed with him- he told me it's 18weeks to perfection! So it's actually 1.5years for this journey, in the name of vanity & beauty. I know it's worth it. 

So 14 weeks more to go! Woohoo~ baby, fighting!!! 😍👏👏👏


July 26, 2014

2 Hour Natural Korean Makeup Workshop $18 (worth $200)

Dearies, If you like to learn how I did my Everyday makeup to achieve a "Korean-ised" Makeup Look, Here's a great offer for YOU! Sign up for the 2 Hour Full Hands-on Makeup Workshop where I am going to shoe & teach you step-by-step how to achieve the final look, including application of the hottest makeup item - CC Cream & why is it so popular, how to draw your Korean Brows & How to Choose the Right Pink Lipstick for your Skin Tone!

Tutorial - Online Event Management with the ticketing solution from XING EVENTS

~ xoxo, MakeUpByGelainza Beauty Editor Live Your Dream

July 24, 2014

Makeovers by Gelainza

Some of the makeovers I did for shoots & campaigns for clients. ;)

Makeovers by Gelainza

~ xoxo, MakeUpByGelainza Beauty Editor Live Your Dream

June 12, 2014

Japan ITOH Collagen Drink Review

Collagen is like diamonds.
Every girl loves it! 

As a girl reaches 22 years of age, the dermatologist shares that the skin collagen levels drop drastically. 

Our skin starts losing the bounce, firmness & suppleness that collagen gives. We start losing beauty...day by day.
Hence many girls frantically buy up the collagen drinks & supplements in the store. Are u one of them? Do you wish for beauty from within?

When it comes to supplements, whether it's beauty or health, I am lazy except for my daily vitamin C tablets cos it's yummy & chewable! Either it has to be tasteless or it has to taste like fruit, then I will continue to take it regularly to see any results! 

When I saw that the ITOH 100% Pure collagen (NEW PRETTIER PACKAGING!^^) is in powder formula, I can't wait to try it! 

PLUS, its also HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by my favorite TAIWAN beauty variety show

"女人我最大" Kevin teacher!

Approved by FAO & WHO - hence safe to consume! 

Based on the 12-week clinical studies conducted in Japan & France, it has shown to:

  • Increase skin moisture level
  • Reduce fine lines & wrinkles
  • Improve skin suppleness, smoothness & radiance
  • Strengthen joints
  • Promote muscle flexibility
  • Healthier hair & nails

BONUS: Promotion! 
"Each pink box comes with a contest form with GRAND PRIZE to win A PAIR of return trip to THE BEAUTIFUL OSAKA JAPAN worth more than $2000! "

Each box comes with 21 sachets. 
Weight: 2000mg 

• Made in Japan 
• Main ingredient: Collagen peptide
• Health supplement 
• It's colorless & tasteless! 
• 0% fat, calorie, sugar, oil, coloring or preservative 
• It can be added to anything. Yes I mean ANYTHING! 
• Can mix with hot or cold beverages, soups, coffee, tea, milk, juices, drinks, salads, anything!  (But don't cook it to keep its benefits!) 
• 100% Fuss-free! 
• PLUS super loaded with dissolvable collagen 

So the first day I added 1 pink sachet into my homemade oatmeal porridge and started stirring. It really dissolved quickly! ^_^ due to its low-molecular particles.

And I ate in a slurp! Yummy! 

>> Recommended to drink 3 sachets daily. Can be taken before or after meals. Best time is before sleeptime! ;) 

Trying to pose like the model on the box! 

So I added to literally everything I drink or eat with my meals! It's super convenient right?? All u need to do is to bring ur sachets out! When u order a drink from anywhere, simply add it to any juices, drinks hot or cold you want & it won't change the original taste of it! I love adding it to my Yakult at night when I had too late a supper or dinner! 

The thought of smoother, firmer & more supple skin looking skin makes me sleep so much better at night! Of cos you still need to do your skincare! 

My preference is to add it to healthy natural food such as yakult, oatmeal, juices, tea to retain its health benefits. ;) 

Here's my face after 7 days of drinking up the whole box! 7 days is still too early to see any obvious results. But I like the idea that I have been loading up on collagen everyday! My goal is to drink till I look like a baby! 😝

Hear this babes! I'm giving away a full box of ITOH 100% collagen powder to my LUCKY blog reader! Anyone is welcome to join! ^_~

All you need to do is 
-->> simply email me ur full name, ur age, contact number & why u like to try it to gelainzakong@gmail.com by 18 JUNE 2014 & then I will select the lucky girl on 21 JUNE 2014 and announce the winner on this blog or IG to come collect your prize of a complimentary box of collagen! 

Who wants samples???
CozyCot is currently giving away 2x sampling sachets for each of my readers (limited to first 200 readers redemption only). Simply sign up now at http://www.cozycot.com/content/itoh-100-pure-collagen-special-promotion!

Come join the beautiful people at ITOH x Cozycot Launch Event for even more exciting deals! 

The details of ITOH 100% Pure Collagen Launch Event are as follows:


Venue: Level 1, Cathay Cineleisure Orchard

Date: 20 – 22 June 2014

Time: 12:00 pm – 8:30pm

Get Sure-Win Lucky Dip with every purchase of ITOH 100% Pure Collagen!!!