February 27, 2013

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum

Hi everyone!
Here's my beauty product review of Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum.

Recently I have been using this ANR eye & face serum for 2 weeks now...

I really like Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum's light texture. Its not heavy or thick or rich like most eye serums and goes on my skin pretty well & absorbs quickly! It's too early to see a huge difference yet although i felt my eye area looks smoother & felt slightly firmer around the eye contour. I am currently using it under my own anti-aging eye cream and it's working well together! ;) 
I will continue to use it and will update results after 1 month of application. 

As for the Face Serum,
it has the similar lightweight texture like the Eye serum but more fluid-y.
After 2 weeks of using it, I noticed my laugh lines aka expression lines around my lips has seemed lighter and less obvious. If you have concerns like powder caking in the expression lines, this booster serum might work in reduction of the lines, hence the caking up issues.
I felt that makeup stayed on longer and better the next morning and skin looks more radiant and supple tone.

haha now I can camwhore more with more beautiful skin!

If you are looking to boost your current skincare routine, you may want to incorporate the face serum by applying it before your serums. It helps accelerate your anti aging routine!

As compared to Lancome Genefique, I feel the ANR is slightly easier to absorb due to the lightweight texture! 

Thanks Cozycot & Estée Lauder for giving me this wonderful opportunity of reviewing the product and would love to try more of ur products!

Leaving you with more photos!

~ xoxo, MakeUpByGelainza Beauty Editor Live Your Dream

February 26, 2013

POWER BROWS on KISS92 FM Radio & Video with Maddy!

Hey guys!

KISS92 FM Radio LIVE chatting & makeup demonstration on Maddy!

Teaser Alert!
Its tomorrow ladies! ^_~
HOT ON AIR! I'm on KISS92 FM, the hottest radio station tomorrow morning 6-10AM "Morning show with DJ Maddy"! Catch Ms Gelainza Kong, Professional Makeup Artist, Beauty Guru & Image Trainer, LIVE chatting about the  every girl MUST know : "POWER BROWS!" The IT look A-lister celebrities & supermodels are wearing boldly on their faces off-duty, on red carpet & on the runways! Watch how I transfer this look on Maddy in the makeup video uploading on Kiss92 website! And FREE makeup classes to be won! ;) Don't miss it!

On my way to the station at Toa Payoh
This is for the ladies! Tune in to the hottest radio station, KISS92 FM wednesday 8:00 AM on "Morning Show with Maddy" and catch me LIVE chatting about the LATEST HOTTEST MAKEUP TREND every girl MUST know how to recreate!

Appearing as Chief Trainer at AVENUE IMAGE...

Arrived! ;) 
waiting for Nadirah to fetch me up

Saw this handsome powerful magnificent eagle figurine at the lobby! YOU all know how in awe I am about eagles and they mean something very important to me! And my Unit name is Queen of Eagles!

SIGNIFICANCE OF EAGLES: "Clear Vision, Swift Action & Good Results"


THE STUDIO where we did our recording! LET'S ROLL!!!

On Monday morning 10AM, I was at SPH News Centre KISS92 Radio Station studio doing a recording with my old friend, DJ Maddy and sharing about tons of makeup tips!
As you know, I am very excited whenever you ask me about makeup. I am someone who you can even wake me up middle of the night, asking beauty questions and I will tirelessly enthusiastically answer all your questions! ;)

I had so much FUN recording!
Its an impromptu look "POWER BROWS" we decided to ride on! The IT look all A-lister celebrities & supermodels are wearing on their faces off-duty, on red carpets & on the runways.
Nadirah & KISS team video-ed me transforming Maddy's face with the Power Brows WOW!

Are Power Brows going to stay or go? My personal take on this trend is gonna be as long lived as the ultimate Smokey Eyes & Nude Makeup on the runways too!


Power brows, as many didn't know, can make you look suddenly YOUNG, almost erasing 5-8 years off your face! Wow! What an easy anti-aging method, ladies! Oh it isnt just for the ladies!
I personally love thick brows on guys cos I think its really sexyyy!

And you know what? The classic style icon, Audrey Hepburn is the ultimate representation of this look way back then in 1960's. Doesn't she look endearing?

Since Spring 2012, we see lots of repeats in this trend on all the fashion shows and we can't say enough! Cara Delevinge, IT supermodel has brought it back to fame again and many celebrities too!

I always teach this in my makeup workshops, sharing with the ladies, the "1950s overly plucked, highly arched brows" are so DATED passe and oh please, kindly "bring your brows out of the house"!

Brows frame the face like photoframes for the pictures. It anchors your facial features and add strong dimension and impression, making a positive impact with people you meet. People will find you more trustworthy & steady with a pair of nicely groomed brows. Well image you may argue as superficial, guess what? The subconscious mind is at play all the time!

If you are in the sales industry or need to meet people & negotiate deals, definitely brows are your anchors to succeed in power of persuasion!

At the recording, I also shared about

  • how to line your eyes with the surefire easiest technique
  • how to apply blush and not look like a clown or puffer fish
  • why using a primer is so critical to look fresh all day!

These are all recorded on VIDEO too!
You can watch it on Youtube or the link from KISS92 FM website videos. ;)
The stuff that make MAGIC!

With my old friend, DJ Maddy Barber! 

Doesn't she look fresh & young like the days in "SPIN" loccal drama years ago? She is such a darling you know! Absolutely LUVE her!!! ;)

Avenue Image collaborates with KISS92 to give away 15 complimentary workshop passes worth $200 each and also launching a GRAND LUCKY DRAW prize in conjunction with International Women's Day!
Listen in and find out how to WIN and earn yourself a WINNING IMAGE course!

For this & more, check out KISS92 FM Website, facebook & best of all, make KISS your Number 1 favorite station to listen on the roads & at work!

~ xoxo, Make Up By Gelainza
Beauty Editor
Live Your Dream

February 23, 2013

GD Genius with Sungha Jung playing in background "That XX"

oooo.... ;) GD!!! Sungha Jung is also here! Awesome how Youtube gives birth to so many stars such as Michelle Phan & Sungha Jung! All famous because they are abundant passion and keep doing what they love doing! ;) ~ xoxo, MakeUpByGelainza Beauty Editor Live Your Dream

February 19, 2013

E! Entertainment News Appearance (now till march 2013)

Sharing on the "Red Carpet Tips & Hottest Looks Now" and demonstrating how to accentuate beautiful Asian Eyes!

Look #1: Hair pulled back with bright pop orange lips
From runway to real way, we show how easy it is to just add that freshness & energy instantly to the face!

Look #2: Smokey brown eyes with a twist of Passionate Purple
Instead of the boring black eyes, we re-created the sultry smokey eyes with a flick of purple at the corner in cat eyes effect! Totally sexyyyy!

Video Link Here ---> Red Carpet Trends on E!

For this & more red carpet looks, keep watching E!