November 27, 2011

adrian wu ~ up & coming Canadian Fashion designer

Call him kooky call him quirky.

He pushes the boundaries and challenges the society.

adrian wu - spring/summer 2012 - 'creatures of the photons' from Adrian Wu on Vimeo.

More about him

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November 26, 2011

A side thought..

after watching the drama "In Time With You"
some things came to mind.

This girl very arrogant & headstrong, not the innocent sweet girly girl
yet can be your best friend, lover & confidante, mentor...anytime.

You love someone, but cant love that someone.
Both of you love each other but dont dare to make progress towards love relationship from great friendship, for fear of changing everything thats nice and good abt both of you.

Then there are admirers and suitors around you.
You just cant seem to communicate well about your ideals, dreams & aspirations...
and always feel tired after quarrelling and meeting them.

And one of you may have a boyfriend or girlfriend who cant seem to understand you or what you want, cos you are simply too headstrong.
Yet the more they love you or rather are just given too much, invested too much in the relationship (could be time or money) and would be wasted if leave now.
So they clung onto you and would listen to you as long as you take them along with you to wherever you are going.

Is this real love?
When we are watching dramas, we can spot this immediately and would say " they should get together!"

But in real life, especially for yourself, your own love life,
you dont see it as clearly. But its not easy to see it too.
Alot of times, the other party gives in to you, gives you the freedom you want and you also dont wish to hurt the someone. But think of it, the hurt is eternal and to both of you as long as you are together, hearts are somewhere else.

If you are in this, what would you do?
Will you get married to a man who seem to be everything good on the surface, and to everyone he is the perfect marriage material...but you don't love him as much as you wish to because your heart isnt there with him?

Or would you choose to pursue your heart, and risk the friendship, for the possibility it might turn out he also feels the same way for you??

Watch this and you know what i mean.

When Cheng You Qing says:
"I really dislike my current repetitive routine (admin) and I also want to know how far and what else I can actually do. Here's a rare opportunity. If i give up, I will regret later.
I want to prove myself."

And i think i got my answer.

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November 22, 2011

PictureBook : Look du jour on 22nov

7.1.2011 Lundi
The royal blue 
Le voyage begins...evoking your senses
~Using Sleek palette colors

9.11.2011 Mercredi 
Come forth, the bold trendsetter

~Using Nars colors

10.11.2011 Jeudi
Hush hush...& keep some secrets.

~ Using Nars & Too Faced colors

11.11.2011 Vendredi
Lavish me as always...

~ Using Smashbox colors with taiwan lashes

14.11.2011 Lundi 
Hot now: Ebony locks ;)

~ Lips using Bareminerals Pretty Amazing "Fearless"

15.11.2011 Mardi
Teach a person how to makeup & she gains a new lease of life! ^_~ gk

~Using colors from Tokidoki Xmas 2010

16.11.2011 Mercredi 
Opulent splendour of visual seduction awaits...

~ Using Sephora & Shu Uemura colors & lashes

17.11.2011 Jeudi
L'automne 2011 : The wilful contradiction - bold flaunt

18.11.2011 vendredi
Kiwi Blended with juicy strawberry lips : Delight in au eclectic green with envy

~ Using Sephora colors

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Tutorial on Warrior purple eyes

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November 15, 2011

You'll never guess how old this woman is

what an inspiration she is!

This woman may look like she's in her 20s, but don't be deceived. She is living proof of why women invest so much time and money on their looks. 

Says STOMPer Molly:

"Guys, if you still can't understand why your girlfriends are investing so much time and money on their looks, this Japanese woman is living proof as to why it is all worth it.

"Meet Masako Mizutani, a housewife from Nagoya. She may look like a 20-year-old, but that's actually the age of her eldest daughter. Believe it or not, Masako was born in 1968 -- which makes her 43 years old. She is also the mother of two kids. 

"So how does she manage to still look this stunning? 
She spends five hours a day taking care of her skin. And if you think plastic surgery has anything to do with her looks, you'll be surprised to know that she's all natural.

"Masako, who has appeared on many magazines, have become the idol of middle-aged women in Japan.

"Here are some tips from her to help women look younger:
  1. - exercise regularly, get enough sleep and don't smoke
  2. - eat fresh, healthy food
  3. - have a balanced diet and 4 meals a day in small portions
  4. - Drink lots of water and fluids as water helps wash off toxins and keeps your skin healthy
  5. - Apply lighter make-up and shades as you grow older
  6. - Apply vitamin E based cream or lotions on body to keep skin soft and supple
  7. - Always apply sunscreen if you intend to stay out in the sun
  8. - Follow the cleaning, toning and moisturising regime every night before you go to sleep.


Also to add,
9. Do what you love or love what you do. You have only one life. Please yourself before you can truly please others. If not, you are deceiving both yourself and others and how long more do you want to carry on this? All your life? 

10. Age is only a number. You can be 44 years old but felt like a 20 year old. Why not? Many things are usually all in the mind! The youthful looking ones are the ones who never look at their age and start worrying. They are nonchalant about it.

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November 14, 2011

Injections or Makeup?

Sharing an article I stumbled upon on makeup vs surgery. These celebrities looked better after surgery definitely. But have some overdid it? 

Make-up Artist Reveals Celebrity Plastic Surgery List

By  on June 22, 2011

Artists depend on their looks to make money and take extreme measures to showcase their best side to the public. When certain artists were accused of plastic surgery in the past, they credited make-up artists for their improved looks. While filming program Trendy Master<教主來了> in Thailand, renowned Taiwanese make-up artist, Ray Chen, shared insight on how people can become more beautiful and revealed a list of Hong Kong and Taiwanese celebrities who had received plastic surgery, which included Raymond Lam (林峯), Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明), Leehom Wang (王力宏), Barbie Xu (徐熙媛), Dee Xu (徐熙娣),AngelababyCecilia Cheung (張栢芝), Fan Bingbing (范冰冰), Elva Hsiao (蕭亞軒), Fish Leung (梁靜茹) and Jolin Tsai (蔡依林).
Angelababy Had Extensive Plastic Surgery
With over ten years’ experience as a make-up artist, Ray Chen has worked with Cartier, Piaget, Dior, Agnè s b. and other international brands. He had first-hand contact with artists in their “nude” skin and applied make-up on superstars such as Alan Luo (羅志祥), Lin Chiling (林志玲), Leehom Wang, Bianca Bai, Barbie  Xu, Dee Xu, Lisa S. and Rainie Yang (楊丞琳). Ray identified that Fan Bingbing’s facial features have been enhanced via plastic surgery, “Fan Bingbing received double eyelid surgery and had her chin altered. Currently, many people who are interested in plastic surgery set Fan Bingbing’s face as their ideal target.”
Ray continued, “Fish Leong’s eyes, nose and chin were altered. Angelababy had the most extreme make-over. Whatever features she could alter, Angelababy had already done so. Her [original] face has worn away!”
Currently facing marital strife, Cecilia Cheung was identified by Ray as receiving plastic surgery. “Cecilia received [porcelain veneers] for her teeth and got botox injections. Her breasts are too perfect and do not meet the normal ratio where typically, a woman with big breasts possesses large upper arms as well. Her upper arms are too thin. There are only two possibilities: either breast augmentation or liposuction on her arm.”
Barbie Xu’s Extreme Facial Changes
Currently plagued by rumors of a third party in her marriage with Wang Xiaofei, Barbie Xu received plastic surgery on her face. Ray noted, “Barbie’s face underwent significant changes. This was not achieved through alteration of [facial bone structure] but through botox instead. You can see that when Barbie appears on camera, her face appears ‘frozen.’ This is due to frequent botox injections. Facial bone surgery would require a one-month recovery process, however botox only requires one week.” Ray revealed that Barbie’s face looked dramatically different before and after make-up use. “Each time she applies make-up, she needs to draw two lines around her eyes. Each line needs to be dragged out very long.”
To catch on to the wave, Amei (張惠妹) received injections to alter her chin. Ray said, “Her suddenly pointed chin was achieved through the use of Radiesse shots. Radiesse is considered a relatively hard dermal filler, providing better, long-lasting support.”
Raymond Lam, Huang Xiao Ming, Leehom Wang Altered Chins
Ray also revealed that Raymond Lam, Huang Xiao Ming, and Leehom Wang also have secrets to hide. Ray commented, “Raymond Lam and Huang Xiao Ming altered their chins. Everyone looks for the same excuse, claiming that they had car accidents previously. How come everyone who has a car accident has a scar on their chin? The same thing happened for Huang Xiao Ming and Leehom Wang in their ‘car accidents.’”  Ray was not against plastic surgery. “It’s not a big deal to get plastic surgery. However, some artists maintain that they never received plastic surgery and claimed to ask doctors to examine them, without willing to produce X-rays; then you know what is happening.”
Elva Hsiao’s Horrifying Face
Ray noted, “For example, Jolin Tsai looked prettier after plastic surgery. On the other hand, Elva Hsiao’s face is quite horrifying after alterations. The top part of her face is quite high and the lower part is also high. Jolin and Elva received the most extensive plastic surgery in the entertainment industry.” Ray referred to the addictive nature of plastic surgery. Perhaps Elva Hsiao, who once admitted receiving double eyelid surgery, may be an example.
Ray noted that numerous artists go on an overseas vacation and appear more beautiful after returning home. Obviously, plastic surgery occurred while they were on vacation. “Make-up artists’ skills are not that magical!” He stressed that when applying make-up for artists who were plastically altered, there was a need to exercise caution [in the pressure used on the face].
Natural Beauties
When asked which artists possessed the most natural beauty, Ray said, “Zhang Ziyi (章子怡)and Patty Hou (佩岑應) should be natural beauties. At most, Michelle Reis (李嘉欣)received injections, so she is considered a natural beauty as well. Mike Ha (賀軍翔)andJerry Yan (言承旭)look extremely different before and after make-up. In real life, you will not notice them unless they put themselves together nicely.”
Ray Chen’s shattering expose on celebrities who received plastic surgery circulated widely online yesterday. Currently filming with Ray in Thailand, host Lawrence Huang (黃小龍)returned to Hong Kong last night. On the phone, Lawrence said, “I serve as witness that Ray did accept such an interview and he did make those comments.”
Source: Appledaily
Jayne: Ray Chen is using his experience as a celebrity make-up artist to determine which stars received plastic surgery. While I do agree with the majority of the list, I wanted to point out that I think Michelle Reis had some work done on the tip of her nose to refine it.
Also, I think Leehom Wang did some minor eyelid lift to his eyes to give more “fire” to his eyes and make him look more alert as opposed to her early look when he was younger. Didn’t know about his chin work.
Huang Xiao Ming is considered the Chinese male epitome of beauty. Surgically enhanced or not, he’s beautiful!


~ xoxo, MakeUpByGelainza Beauty Editor Live Your Dream

November 13, 2011

Cupcakes Love

If you love all things sweet & cupcakey,
check this out!

~ xoxo, MakeUpByGelainza Beauty Editor Live Your Dream

PictureBook : Lookbook of wearable art

18.8.2011 Jeudi 
Look deep into my mystical are invited ;)

19.8.2011 vendredi
Ethereal flora garden of dreams

21.8.2011 Dimanche
Catch me in vintage neutrals! (it's a weekend!)

23.8.2011 Mercredi
In fogs of soft smoke, the deep stirs in her sleep

25.8.2011 Jeudi (Thursday)
L'ete romantique (Romantic summer) in the golden sands 

30.8.2011 Mardi
The devil is in the details...& the details are in the liner & lashes with a hint of violet!

2.9.2011 Vendredi
Strawberries & cream! Yummy ;) wearing matching pink skinnies with embroidery details from 2002! 
Makeup using Sephora eyeshadows (did I mention they contain green tea antioxidants??)

26.10.2011 Mercredi
Purple reigns in edginess

29.10.2011 samedi
Carrots & lemons meet at sunset ;p 
(all using Urban Decay colors!)

31.10.2011 Lundi
Coming up in smoke & flames

1.11.2011 Mardi
Sometimes, simplicity is sweet.

2.11.2011 Mercredi
let you guess ~
(hint: lower lashes are painted)

03.11.2011 Jeudi
Tantalising Teals + Giddy Golds & do you also see hints of my current fave color, electric blue? ^_~

4.11.2011 vendredi
Smokey brown eyed golden girl : this look takes me <2mins!
My all time saver when I'm in a rush ;)

5.11.2011 Samedi
Absolute childlike curiosity in my whimsical imagination 
~ Using paperself lashes (sephora) & nyx matt lip creme (smoochiezz)

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Fashion Buffet : All You Can Fit!

Victoria Lomo @9, Haji Lane
who stocks clothes from China, Taiwan & Korea for this event.
More of marketing stunt than profiteering from this gig! COOL!

Fashion buffets are popular in the states.

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November 5, 2011

Kinda relief today!

Somehow I feel calmer & know where I am heading.

The route to a place of faith & knowing.

Knowing my worth is to the world where I hear millions of applause & cheers & hugs who come from me sharing my gifts with you, the world.

My gift of making people look & feel more beautiful.
My gift of seeing the beautiful person you can be.
I have the eye of seeing deeper into you.
To delve deeper & see what people can't see...
And people feel happier & more confident because I could see that of them.
I will share the gift.
Heaven gave it to me.

Gift (definition): Be given and to give.

Everything flows when I am at peace with who I truly am.
When I share.
When I am myself.
I inspire others to be themselves.

xoxo, Gelainza
Heaven's child

November 1, 2011

Today's Quote

"Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else."

- Judy Garland, was an American actress and singer best known for her role as Dorothy in the "Wizard of Oz".

"If God had wanted me otherwise, He would have created me otherwise."

- Johann von Goethe, was a German writer and polymath.

"Nothing reduces the odds against you like ignoring them."

- Robert Brault, is a freelance writer.

"Don't play small! Stand up! Take charge! You are doing yourself and others a disservice by catering your actions towards how you think others will react. Instead, just be yourself, exactly as you are. When you are simply being yourself you will attract everything that is in alignment with who you truly are. You will be shocked to see who drops away. Their absence will leave a space for new and amazing relationships to enter your life. Just be you, and let everyone else do what they may. You are not what others believe you to be, you are what you know you are and nothing else. Just be. You will be rewarded for your courage with a life that reflects your true essence instead of an invented identity created to "please others". Ahhhh, doesn't it feel good to just be!?"

- Jackson Kiddard, author & polymath.

Sent by a dear friend to my email. ;) thanks to whoever shared this! Bless you & your loved ones.

xoxo, gk