June 26, 2011

Head to Toe Clari-fied!!!

I'm a happy girl now.
  • Becos I'm finally in a holiday mood.

  • Becos I just bathed, shaved & scrubbed head to toe. (if I have a 2hour deep tissue sensual massage with sandalwood & bergamot now, I would fly to double happiness land!)
  • Becos I am on leave tomorrow.
  • Becos 2 more days I'll be talking to you in Paris, the city of Love & lights.
Hope I meet someone to love & who love me. Hahaha
  • Just had a spa treat! Head to toe is silky smoooothie like my fave starbucks matcha frappe!!!
U read that? Surprise!


Here's why.

I cleansed my face with Clarisonic face brush & Boscia purifying gel (great for those combi oily girls!) The smoothness starts! Luve it!

Then I switched to the body brush onto the gadget.

Clarisonic Body Brush

Squeezed onto brush head some of the golden-beady Refining body polish (came with Clarisonic plus set) & started to go on my feet up my legs to my thighs and back of my knees. Ticklish! It's addictive!!! ;)
Then up my abs, bod, and to my shoulders, upper back and to lower back, then to my arms.

On the scrubby mood, I decided to also try Soap & Glory Scrub Actually (inspired by movie Love, Actually) and felt the heating sensation! Scrubbed and scrubbed! Shiokness!

Clarisonic Refining body polish & Soap & Glory Scrub Actually

Washed off all these gold & pink beads!
And smooth on body gel and started to shave! It's so much easier and cleaner without cuts & nicks which I used to get when I shaved! (Did i tell u that my bro also using Clarisonic to cleanse his face b4 he shaves! He loves it! ;)

Then I'm done!
I'm so smoooth head to toe & loving it!!! ^_~ *glee

U girls who love self-pampering must try it!!! You'll have enviably smooth beautiful legs & shoulders when you bare them this summer!

2 rings bought yesterday!

Of cos, i'm charging up my Clarisonic, she will follow me to Paris for 2 weeks!

Cleansed face helps smooth makeup on!

Yes i luve hats!!! I am a mad hattress!

my current twitter profile pic!

xoxo, Gelainza

Makeup Artist

"Don't be afraid of trying out new colors, mixing 2 or 3 colors together to form a new color. As a makeup artist, you make up what you don't have. "- Gelainza

~ xoxo,
Beauty Editor Live Your Dream

June 22, 2011

Love You

嚴爵 – 好的事情

都是因為你 我一直漫步 

誰給誰束縛 誰比誰辛苦 

好的事情 最後雖然結束 
感動十分 就有十分滿足 
謝謝你 是你陪我走過那些路 
痛 是以後無法再給你幸福 

好的事情 也許能夠重複 
感動時分 就算紛紛模糊 
不要哭 至少你和我記得很清楚 
愛 是為彼此祝福 

誰給誰束縛 誰比誰辛苦 

好的事情 最後雖然結束 
感動十分 就有十分滿足 
謝謝你 是你陪我走過那些路 
痛 是以後無法再給你幸福 

我們都傻 - Rainie


~ xoxo, Beauty Editor Live Your Dream

June 20, 2011

Leoparded summer!

Training on all things summer tomorrow & Tuesday so looking the part is part of the job done!!!

When I'm training seasonal collections, it's like doing press days all over again...alone..!

One thing faux sure is faux fur on my nails!! Teehee~ leopard print nail patches!!!

All NEW from Sephora summer!

Looks like Easter eggys...

Its so efficient & superior quality its done in 10mins less!
Super easy! ;)

Then on my toes!

Then still have some more left from this pack...

Paste everywhere!!

On my thumbdrive, laptop, sleek palette, typo pen...

Sexified my belongings!

Also available in 7 other designs ~ so pretty & sexy for this Summer and Fall!

This is the French dentelle (lace) version! ;) Pretty eh?

Can't wait to start the new week!

"Forget the past cos nothing u can change about it.
Look towards the future cos everything happens there!
Embrace the present cos something someone exists here & now. "- Gelainza

xoxo, Gelainza

June 18, 2011

Don't shortchange the next one


Silly child, do believe, u are loved.
When love comes, open ur arms & embrace it without the past burden. Forget abt the past hurt & pain, and believe the next one u will find happiness.
Silly child, believe in happiness.
It is there.

xoxo, gk

Live a dream

A friend of mine shared this link on FB...when life disappoints you, it's your choice to live it up!
and I watched it...
i am moved. So touched. I cried. Tears of sadness and pride at the same time for this guy.
He belongs to the stage on classical performance. Such bass and magnetism in his voice quality, put him in a classic suit black and white, he looks the part already!

Sung Bong Choi: "I don't sing very well, but when I sing, I feel like a different person. I just want to be like other normal person."

His exceptional hair-raising incredible bass voice quality, a voice that can move millions of audience..... la classico! 6 million views now and wayy to gooooo...
More imptly, he rise up against all odds since being abandoned when he was 3 all those pain he went through to where he stands today. *cries
I wish him all the best!

~ xoxo, Beauty Editor Live Your Dream

Fuchsia Lane Fall 2011 Shoot

Did a shoot with Vivienne in April/May....
Her Fall collection, L'AMORE which means Love in italian, embellishes all about lace, flowers and chiffon, evoking the fluttery and romatic feeling of falling in love..

Remember this shoot above? Makeup is created and done by me! Totally luve this collection which was showcased for ION Art Gallery and fashion show in 2009/early 2010! There were 8 different looks of different feel to each dress and makeup style!

This below is the Fall Winter 2011 collection.

Creative Direction and Styling: Vivienne Lin
Photography: Gary Ong
Make up & Hair: Gelainza Kong
Model: Kel Yap
Photography Assistant: Kok Shen

In fact we helped style about 12 pieces that day!
Yet everything went so smooth and happy that its a wrap pretty fast!
Kel is easy and nice to work with,
Viv is organised and knows what she wants,
Gary was making it all work with his love,
and of cos, me making Kel beautiful and edgy!

~ xoxo,
Makeupby Gelainza
Beauty Editor Live Your Dream

June 15, 2011