November 5, 2009

Fred Farrugia ~ a brand exclusive to Sephora

Fred Farrugia is my love brand!

As a very petite ("skinny" ~ *rolls eyes... why do people always call me that?) makeup artist, i always hated the heavy aluminium makeup case I had to carry to shoots.
When I 1st saw this design, I was so swooned.
How can such great quality makeup be presented in such genius packaging and when I held them stacked high in my hand, I immediately sighed a relief at the thought of no more heavy cases for me! I could actually bring my entire collection of foundations, concealers, to eyeshadows and blushes, lipsticks, brushes in such compact travel friendly weight!
I am going to show you how light and storage saving space-friendly it is as well!

Before you go crazy at the pigments the award-winning brand gives you, you must know this brand is made in paris!
The ex lancome artistic director created this in his house. And made it available to us exclusive in Sephora!

Even the lipsticks are in cake form.
Everything is compact in cake form, very concentrated formula, you only use a little.
And it blends so easily, giving you second skin perfection! Almost like airbrushed!
I love such vibrant colors in makeup, thats why I am not a bobbi brown fan.
Sorry but I luve COLORS! The more the merrier.
Colors bring my heart to dance!
They make me happy because I luve black so much the colors pop out of the dark side.

September 16, 2009

10 Things I Learned From Makeup Artists At Fashion Week

I always believe one should keep learning new things!!!

1. Black eyeliner + deep brown shadow smudged on top = easy "smouldering" smoky eye

2. Primer makes shadow last longer, but it also means you'll have to work a little harder to blend. In a rush? Just neutralize lids with concealer. It'll still give shadow something to grab onto, while cancelling out redness.

3. Want a liner that lasts forever, even under show lights? MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Eyes, Urban Decay 24/7 pencils, and Givenchy Magic Kohl.

4. Going for drama? Connect liner at the outer corner of your eyes in a V-shape. Want something softer? Try a C-shape.

5. In a hurry? Dior Forever foundation requires minimal blending, sinks right into skin, and whether you use fingers or a makeup sponge, still looks awesomely flawless.

6. Tone down any lipstick by adding a tiny (important! TINY) dot of concealer on top and bottom lips, then blending.

7. Made a booboo? Smeared your own liner? Overdid it with foundation? A makeup sponge used as an eraser will make just about any beauty error go bye-bye.

8. Pump your lash curler 3 times, rather than clamping down on lashes and holding.

9. Fresh out of styling prods? Give slightly damp locks a squirt with hairspray and no one will ever know.

10. Press, don't sweep shadow onto your lids. Keeps the pigment truer to what's in the box, and makes makeup last longer.

.~*~. so make me look like a princess!

August 8, 2009

Airbrush Perfection

aft watching this video,
i am more than hooked onto this concept of makeup!!!

on model Amber Chia

Airbrush Makeup vs Liquid and Minerals

i'm totally sold!!!
love this... Temptu SP-35 Price: $80.00

June 16, 2009


> Place faux lash on your eyelid to measure the length for your unique eyes. It shouldnt be too long unless you like the droopy marilyn monroe look!
> Cut away the excess with a sharp cuticle scissors.
> Squeeze out some glue or transfer directly to lash bone, one lash at a time.
> Wait 12secs and blow 2 times at the glue.
> Place faux lash as close to own lashes as possible to look natural, gently press on both the ends for 5 secs to secure.
> Draw eyeliner along the lashbone to conceal the lash bone.
> Then do the next side!
> Take your favourite mascara and coat both your original and faux lashes together.
> Curl the lashes with shu uemura eyelash curler!
Voila! You are done! Look pretty & flutter away!

U can apply eyeshadow now.

Note: Eyeshadow application can be b4 or after, doesnt matter.
However, if u are a beginner, i would suggest wear faux lash before eyeshadow becos if u make a mistake, u can remove lash and re-do. If not you might smudge the eyeshadow on your eyelid.

THE BEST lash glues touted by the pro experts,

1. DUO eyelash glue (available at sasa/mac S$16.90-$18.90, lasts about 35 uses.)
DUO is the world's best selling surgical grade lash adhesive, made in the USA.
Available in clear and black. Both are perfect.

** Extra insider tips!:
~ Ideal also for adhering small, neat dressings to scalp and facial wounds, boils, and adhering other body parts, such as moustache! ;p
~ alert all cross dressers!
~ Because the tube opening is quite big, u can squeeze the glue on your palm, and then use any brush end to transfer the glue to your eyelash bone!

2. Body Tools eyelash glue (available at S$9/tube, lasts about 25 uses.)
This small tube of USA-made glue which seems ubiquitous, is usually seen sold together with faux lashes of premium quality such as Make Up For Ever, M.A.C, body tools faux lashes, and other professional cosmetics.
One of the most amazing glue i've used! It can hold very heavy outrageous lashes the whole day without drooping of falling off!
I order a dozen from my source everytime my stocks are running low because i use them on customers, models, brides and myself!

** Extra insider tips:
~ The luminous bluish white glue turns a little blue to indicate that it is time to stick them to ur skin!
~ Has a fine applicator to directly apply to faux lash.
~ Receive it as your free gift when u sign up for my makeup classes in June and July'09!

Beauty Editor's personal FAVE is Body Tools!
Love the gorgeous bluish white liquid, and fragrance free, it becomes very tacky and adheres to my skin securely, even after night's clubbing sweat! Coolest ever!
Removes easily with eye makeup remover. Luve it must have it!

June 10, 2009



Our pretty makeup goodies do expire and past their use-by dates too, just like we do. (oops!)
Its sad.. but its time to part.And give way to NEW PRETTIER ONES!! ^o^


1. Now bring out ALL YOUR MAKEUP STASH,
obediently sit down on the floor,
and start looking at them like you never done before!

2. Open one by one, take a sniff...
if they give off an unfamiliar odour,
Dont think so much, just throw throw throw!

3. If they don't smell, (perhaps ur pretty nose is on leave that day?)
you STILL throw if your

* Cleanser/toner >1 year
* Moisturiser/serums > 1 year
* Makeup bases > 1.5 years
* Oil based foundation > 1.5years
* Oil-free foundation >1 year
* Solid soap cleanser > 1 year
* Lipsticks/glosses > 1-2 years
* Mascaras > 3months (SHORTEST!)
* Loose powders > 2 years
* Eyeshadows > 2 years
* Blushers >1.5 years
* Cream blushers > 2 years
* Eyebrow pencils/ eye pencils > 2-3 years
* Liquid eyeliners/eyeshadows > 2 years
* Mineral makeup > 1 year

4. As for makeup TOOLS,
* Brushes ~ wash thoroughly every 2-3 months
* Sponges/ puffs ~ wash weekly, change monthly



Nasty tinies called Bacteria breeds in your makeup, your food and every consumables.
As the product gets into contact with air, your skin and other substances whatever you might touch, bacteria is attracted and allowed to breed wherever they like.

Its better to be cautious than to have sudden breakouts due to expired makeup on your face right? So breakup with ur 'old' makeup already!

I recommend that you can use my mother's method. Use a black permanent marker fine tip ~ Write down mth & year on the bottom of your makeup on opening ceremony day, ie. 06/09 for jun09. Trust me! I personally tink its a flawless idea!! So start practising it!

Also ZIP it up!
You can keep all those makeup and skincare you hardly use, in a economical ziploc bag (for hygiene reasons), can prolong the life span!

okies... that's all for now!

Hope u benefit the article!

June 7, 2009

The time is NOW

What is it that you'd really, really like to see happen in your life, but have not thought about it in a really, really long time?


U deserve a better life!

.~*~. so make me look like a princess!

June 6, 2009

Book your makeovers!

Personal one-on-one makeover/class:
Learn from the makeup expert how to apply basic natural to advanced fun makeup that highlights your personality, draws out your most attractive feature & creates your signature style!

One-on-one 60mins Makeup Class $200

Group/Corporate classes available!
Recreate a look, inspired from runway to everyday!

Learn how to look flawless, from skincare to primer to foundation, concealer, powder, eyeshadows, eyeliner to your kissable lips! ~ limited seats of 15


~*~. so make me pretty please!

Himegyaru (princess) makeup!

This look is the all time favourite of all japanese and caucasians as it look natural yet very alluring!

Everything looks soft and pretty dolly.

Brown hair, brown brows, brown eyeshadow, peachy or pink blush, loads of dolly mascara, light nude gloss.

Book a makeover with me to look like this!

BE DOLLED UP! Makeup workshop


Calling all makeup fanatics, newbies & junkies!
Time for a beauty transformation & beauty networking event!

"Often than not, a beautiful face is the result of using the right technique rather than using the most expensive or popular product!" ~ gelainza

The long awaited workshop "Be dolled up!" 

Event Details:
Date: 18- 19 July 2009 * Time: 7pm to 9pm.
* Location: YMCA Studio 1

Session 1 : Complexion Makeup 
18 July 2009 @11am-1pm

What you will learn:
~ how to know your skin type, find the right shade for your makeup base, foundation and blusher which differs from person to person.
~ how to apply them professionally and correctly with the right sponges and brushes, in the right strokes to achieve a flawless complexion.

~ how to apply & blend blusher in the right direction without looking like a punched doll.
~ how to use blusher/bronzer to contour and slim the face shape.

Session 2 : Color Makeup 
Sunday 19 July 2009 @11am- 1pm

What you will learn:
~ to draw eyeliners like a pro using eye pencil, liquid eyeliner or cake eyeliner, looking doll-eyed, staying smudge-proof.
~ how to choose eye colors that suit your skin shade, skin type, personality, image or that desired look.
~ how to apply mascara correctly, put on faux lashes, whether natural, dolly or dramatic, and what is the best lash glue in the market, securing your lashes intact even if you party all night long!

Workshop fee consists of:
* a free makeup shopping consultation (worth $50)
* a free compact blush (worth $30)
* a free instant 12-month membership to bedolledup girls (where you will enjoy year-round VIP discounts 10% off professional products.)

Workshop Fees:
For 1 session - $120 per pax (Fri 10th or Sat 11th - Pls indicate)
For both sessions - $100 per pax
Bring all your friends along!

LIMITED spaces available for booking now.
Contact G at